Apsire NX75 Giveaway & Tutorial

Aspire NX75-Z Review and Tutorial

Solidly built, compact and brimming with features, the NX75 is an exceptional little mod for the price.

With removable batteries and upgradable firmware it should outlive many alternative devices, and the 75 Watts it delivers will satisfy all but the most power-hungry of vapers.

Find out if the NX75 is right for you with the ultimate NX75 tutorial, click here to purchase or check out all our vape mods here.

Win an Aspire NX75-Z E-Cig Box Mod!

Thank you to everyone who entered our NX75-z giveaway.

Congratulations to the winners, who are:

Becky Thompson
John M Coulthard
John Turner


What’s in the box

  • 1 x NX75-Z mod
  • 1 x Micro USB charging cable
  • 1 x User manual
  • 1 x Warranty card

Aspire NX75-Z What's In The Box

Key Features

  • Adjustable wattage From 1-75W
  • TC Mode (100-315°C/200-600°F) supports Ni200 Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel (SS316L only) and it also has TCR mode
  • Minimum atomizer resistance (Wattage Mode and TC Mode): 0.1ohm
  • Maximum atomizer resistance (Wattage Mode and TC Mode): 3.5ohm
  • Customisable Firing Button Profiles (CFBP) allow for heat ramp-up (power curve) to be fine-tuned
  • Variable Voltage Mode
  • Bypass (‘mechanical’) Mode
  • Child Lock
  • Auto Screen Rotate
  • Customisable screen name
  • Stealth Mode
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Low Battery Protection
  • Atomizer Short Protection
  • Overheat Protection
  • Reverse Battery Protection
  • Over Charge Protection
  • Zinc Alloy construction

ASpire NX75-Z Design


The NX75 is a neat, compact and classy little mod.

The design is really understated, just a simple box with rounded edges and slightly raised (and accurately colour-matched) buttons. Even the Aspire logo is subtle and only really visible when the light catches it.

The sturdy battery sled is a joy to use, the screen is nice and bright and the USB charging/upgrading port is nicely positioned on the side of the mod. Coming with a spring-loaded 510 with steel threads, the NX75 is available in a choice of four colours – black, silver, white and red.


The screen on the NX75 is excellent for several reasons. It is quick to switch off when idle (after 15 seconds) which will help to conserve battery life, and crucially there is then no delay when firing from ‘sleep mode’.

When you switch the mod from left to right hand the screen flips instantly, and it is easy to read even in direct sunlight.

Despite an extensive list of modes, settings and options the NX75 is still relatively simple to navigate, thanks to the 5 responsive buttons and a well designed menu system. It offers a wealth of custom settings usually only found on more expensive (DNA or YiHi equipped) devices, and everything can be set on the mod itself without needing to plug into a laptop to use external software.

It does have the usual 10 second cut-off for the Fire Button, but even this can be adjusted by the user. After pressing and holding for 10 seconds you are given the option to set the cut-off to anywhere from 5 to 15 seconds (use + or – to select then press the fire button to save).

Aspire NX75-Z

Wattage can be adjusted from 1-75W in 0.1W increments, and power delivery seems to be very accurate. It’s worth mentioning that to get the full 75Watts the coil resistance needs to be between 0.2–0.9ohms.

The removable battery is great for extending the life of the mod, but also handy if you’re going to be without access to a charger for any length of time. Simply carry a spare battery or two (in a protective case of course!) to swap out when needed.

The child lock will be an attractive feature for some, although it can be a bit fiddly to turn on and off quickly. The standard lock function works well, but both hands are needed to operate it. Sometimes it is more convenient just to turn on stealth mode with 3 quick clicks of the fire button and disable the other buttons that way instead.

All settings are remembered when removing and reinserting the battery sled, and the various protection features (short circuit, low battery etc) seem to work well.

Aspire NX75-Z navigate the menu

Navigating the menu

Unlike the more familiar 3 button system (or less common 4 button system) the NX75 has 5 buttons; Fire, W, T, + and -.

At first this looks like it might over complicate things, but if anything it speeds them up a fair bit. For example, it minimises the need to lock the device to enter different sub-menus, and enables adjustment of two separate parameters at the same time without entering and exiting different menus (such as in CFBP mode).

Locking and Unlocking The Device

To Lock (and Unlock) the NX75 press the Fire button 5 times. To turn it off completely, press and hold the Fire button for 3 seconds when locked. Turning it back on is the same as unlocking it – 5 clicks of the Fire button.

Using Stealth Mode

To enter Stealth Mode, unlock the device then press the Fire button 3 times. This will turn the screen off and also disable all buttons except fire, which is a nice quick way of locking your controls with one hand. To lock in all the settings but keep the screen on, press W and + together for 2 seconds. The fire button will work and the screen will be on, but you can no longer accidentally adjust settings. Press W and + again to unlock buttons.

Child Lock Function

As well as a standard lock function, the NX75 also has a Child Lock.

To enter (or exit) Child Lock mode press W and – together for 2 seconds. You can then press + or – to select numbers for the lock code. The default code is 000, so enter 000 then press the Fire button.

The NX75 is now completely locked and even the fire button will not work. To exit/turn off the Child Lock, press and hold W and – again, then re-enter the code. You can change the code to your own choice of 3 digit combination by entering Child Lock mode (W and –), then scrolling through the numbers 0-9 until you reach ‘Reset’ and pressing the Fire button. You will then be prompted to enter the old code before creating a new one.

Aspire NX75-Z

Temperature Control Mode

When in TC Mode, to switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius simply press + or – all the way to the end of the temperature range and it will switch to the next automatically. As is the norm with TC devices, the atomiser needs to be at room temperature before attaching it to the NX75. The resistance is then locked in automatically.

To access and adjust TCR settings press and hold T and + simultaneously.

Press T to select wire material, W to select between Power and TCR when in M1, M2 or M3 (custom TC coil settings) and then adjust the power or the temperature using + or –.

When switching to the TC menu from the Wattage/Voltage/Bypass menu by pressing T (or attaching an atomizer when already in TC mode) you will be asked ‘New Atomizer?’. Selecting ‘NO–’ will keep the existing TC settings, or selecting ‘YES+’ will read the new coil resistance.

When in TC mode press W to return to wattage mode.

Aspire NX75-Z

Customising The Screen Name

To customise the screen name on the NX75, press and hold T and – together for 2 seconds to enter (and the same to exit) the logo settings. You can then write your own screen logo by pressing + and – to cycle through the alphabet, Fire Button to select letters and W to delete letters. You can also choose between upper and lowercase by pressing T.

Customisable Firing Button Profiles

One of the more unique features of the NX75 is the ability to programme in your own power curve settings for 3 separate preset modes (C1, C2 and C3), a feature which Aspire calls Customisable Firing Button Profiles (CFBP).

This allows the user to fine tune the heat ramp-up to suit a particular atomiser or coil. For example, a big fat Clapton might vape well at 50watts once it gets going, but could be sluggish to ramp up initially.

The CFBP feature allows you to alter the power delivery in 1 second increments. So in the case of the sluggish Clapton the wattage can be set to fire at 60W for the first second (reducing ramp-up) then drop down to the desired 50W for the remainder of the time (and maybe even be reduced to 40W after 3 seconds to minimise the risk of scorched cotton from a long drag, for example).

To access CFBP, cycle through the W menu to C1, C2 or C3. Then press and hold W again until the screen displays the power curve and CFBP interface.

You can then scroll backwards and forwards across the timeline (in 1 second increments) using W and T, and increase or decrease the corresponding wattage using the + and – buttons. Once the power-curve is set simply press the Fire button to save settings.

Aspire NX75-Z Battery Sled

Battery and Charging

The NX75 takes one removable 18650 battery, which can either be charged internally via a USB cable (maximum 5volt 2amp) or removed to charge using an external battery charger.

To be as safe as possible please use batteries with a high Continuous Discharge amp rating, especially when sub-ohming and using high wattages.

The NX75 will technically allow vaping while charging (passthrough), but sadly Aspire recommend you don’t do this. The best option is to invest in two or more 18650’s and an external charger, that way pass through is never needed and use of the onboard charging is kept to a minimum, which should extend the life of your 18650’s.


The NX75 works with all the tanks and coils we stock except for the Cleito 120. It would just about power it at 75Watts but the combination wouldn’t do either the mod or the tank justice (and would look a bit daft!).

Aspire NX75-Z What We Like

What We Like

  • Bright and responsive screen.
  • 5 button menu system speeds up navigation.
  • Accurate power delivery.
  • Sleek, subtle design.
  • Extensive choice of modes and settings.
  • Upgradable firmware and removable battery mean it should last a while (providing you look after it!).
  • Satisfyingly solid and well designed battery sled makes it extremely quick and easy to swap out batteries.

What We Don’t Like

Although the mod has passthrough (vape while charging), Aspire don’t recommend using it.

The rounded edges at the top of the mod mean that even though it is 22mm across, 22mm atomisers don’t quite fit flush.


Aspire are mainly known for their excellent tanks and atomisers, but the NX75 shows they are more than capable of producing superb mods too. It packs an enormous amount of features into a neat, unassuming and classy little box.

The 75Watts it delivers will be more than enough for most, and the all singing all dancing TC, TCR and CFBP modes should keep even the geekiest of vapers happy.

The Aspire NX75-Z is available now for £42.99


26 thoughts on “Aspire NX75-Z Review and Tutorial”

  1. Hi, just got this mod, it’s been on charge all night with a brand new battery but doesn’t show as fully charged? Is there something I’m doing wrong, the screen turns off as if to say it’s charged but as soon as I turn it on there is the top quarter of the battery missing.

    1. Hi Phil, I’d have thought that the most likely issue is to be the battery. I’d test it with another battery if you have one, alternatively I’d speak to the seller about sending the battery back for testing and getting it replaced it faulty.

  2. Can anybody help me to set this mod up, I’m new to this kind of vaping and I’m sure it’s not set up right, can anyone recommend what settings I need to change to get the full potential? All I seem to get is a rank taste in my mouth like the vapour isn’t burning correctly and hardly any vape coming out after I’ve taken it back, I’ve searched all over to find some pre set settings but can’t find any!

    1. Hi Scott

      This would really be dependant on what tank and coil you have for the device, as different coils require different settings.

      To tell what resistance your coil is, take a look on the right hand side of the screen, between the battery indicator and the lock symbol is a number, post that up and we’ll try and get you up and running.

      1. It’s an aspire Celtio tank with a .2 coil, I’ve put a lot of money into this and I’m just not getting it to work properly, it’s getting really hot, it’s spitting and it’s driving me crazy! If you could help I’d be so greatful

        1. Hi Scott,

          With a .2 Cleito coil you want to run it ideally between 55-70 watts. You could get away with it being at 50w or so but keep it 55-70w to get the most out of it.

          With the spitting, could be that the coil is flooded. Try exhaling into the device to burn off any excess juice. If that fails, a coil swap usually does the trick.

  3. My mod works fine in pass through mode but it just recently stopped working all together when it is unplugged. The battery is charged the battery is good it just shuts off and won’t restart won’t do anything until I plug the USB cord in. Any help would be nice. PS this is the second mod that I’ve had this problem. I took the first one back and they swapped it out and now it is happening again this mod is only 1 week old

  4. My mod Just stopped working all of a sudden. I take the battery out and put it back in and it says asprie vo2 and then goes to a en ch screen and wont do anything. SOmetimes it will automatically just start burning juice without hitting any buttons. I have to unscrew the atomizer to get it to stop. I havent done anything to it. It happened out of no where. Can anyone help please.

    1. Hi Mike
      My mod just started doing exactly the same, did you figure out what was wrong with yours ?

  5. Jaime Castellanos

    Hello I have this Aspire NX75, love it. But today the screen isn’t turning on, I can smoke still. But the screen is completely black and I’ve tried taking the battery out and the screen just won’t work. It’s driving me nuts, it won’t even turn the screen on when charging, please help!

  6. I can’t block the buttons or change the screen on my NX75.
    All other functions seem to be working ok.
    Any sugestions?

    1. By block I assume you mean lock the buttons Mauricio? If so, hold the W and + buttons together, to lock and unlock settings adjustment.

      As for changing the screen, the only adjustment you can do to the visual aspect is to rename the device as it’s explained above:

      “To customise the screen name on the NX75, press and hold T and – together for 2 seconds to enter (and the same to exit) the logo settings. You can then write your own screen logo by pressing + and – to cycle through the alphabet, Fire Button to select letters and W to delete letters. You can also choose between upper and lowercase by pressing T.”

  7. Yes, I’ talking about locking the buttons so you don’t accidentally change the settings and I’m doing what hte manual and what you just said but it’s not doing anything

    1. Sometimes this can be due to the connection between the battery and the tank. It’s worth checking the connection is right (firm but not too tight). Usually if this doesn’t work then changing the coil can resolve the issue.

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