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Hacked Off Vapers Start Their OWN Political Party! Will you vote for them?

Can you imagine being so hacked off with a government that you start your own political party to protest? A group of UK vapers, frustrated with EU attempts to ban electronic cigarettes, have done just that. I caught up with Dave Hallam and Alan Beard, two of the organisers, over Skype. What’s the name of […]

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Revolving nicotine molecule.

E-Cigs Safer Than Smoking Say Scientists

In a new paper five scientists, Professor Polosa, Professor Brad Rodu, Assistant Professor Caponneto, Research Fellow Maglia and Assistant Professor Raciti, argue the case for electronic cigarettes. Professor Polosa also kindly agreed to answer some questions we had about the study. In the paper the authors highlight the  apparent safety and improving quality of electronic cigarettes, as […]

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Unstoppable, the anti-e-cig movement, taken over by Vapers

Who’s unstoppable? Is it the EU anti-smoking movement, which also wants to ban legal alternatives to far more dangerous cigarettes? Or is it the vaping community, which is using the EU funded facebook page to – loudly – share their story and demand their right to vape. And which is also helpfully suggesting some improvements […]

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EU Consultation on Smokeless Tobacco

Well, shall we? The EU is asking for opinions on whether we should kill smokers. Or they might as well be doing. In the latest law to be considered by the body, the European Union are considering banning all smokeless tobacco throughout Europe. That’s despite the fact that smokeless tobacco is a safer alternative to […]

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The New Threat to the Electronic Cigarette

A new danger threatens the electronic cigarette. The threat comes from a body which is already almost certainly responsible for the early deaths of thousands if not tens of thousands of smokers. This organisation allowed smoking to remain legal while banning a product which scientists maintain carries no additional risk of smoking diseases. The product? […]

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