Vapefest 2011 & the dangers of excessive vaping: An interview with Fiona Douthwaite

Vapefest Vapers at the 2010 Vapefest.

Fiona Douthwaite discusses Vapefest 2011 – and the hitherto unknown side effects of excessive vaping!!! Also check out the promotional video at the end of the interview.

When was the first vapefest?

October 2010

Who had the idea for the first vapefest?

I have been told it was a group of vapers from the UKVapers forum, who had taken the idea from one of the US Vapefests…

How many people attended last year?

Around 70 people attended last Years vapefest. This year we hope to at least double that figure.

What happens at a vapefest? 

Vapers (E-cig users) from all over the Country get together and meet up. Many know each other from the e-cig forums and its a good way to meet everyone in person, meet new e-cig users etc.

Why should vapers attend? 

For new e-cig users it will be a great way to find out all they need to know about the products available. With vendors there to give them advice.

The venue has a bar and a restaurant. There’s a raffle held and this gives everyone a chance to win some great e-cig products. One of us will go round selling raffle tickets on the day (Most likely me) and this year there will also be a free raffle with loads of e-cig goodies to give away!

We will also have a ‘Juice bar’ where we are lucky enough to have Nick O’Teen from Decadent Vapours. He will be mixing up free 5ml (Per head) of juice for everyone.

Garry Dibley will be giving away 30 box mods for the first 30 people in through the venue’s doors and Totally Wicked will be giving away 250 bottles of special limited edition Vapefest e-Liquid.

There will be vendors selling and promoting their products and I believe there will be some great bargains to be had too.

Wayne the organiser for this year has been working hard contacting E-cig vendors to take part for this years vapfest. The vendors that are taking part have given generously this year towards the raffle prizes as has Scott Bonner from…(Any money made by the raffle then goes onto the next organiser for the following year. This will then to pay for the next venue etc..)

How can suppliers help support the event?

Suppliers can support this event by donating e-cig products. And placing the vapefest website link on their web pages.

Is there any danger vapers who excessively vape will become so full of vapour that they will float away into the sky?

This hasn’t been proven as of yet. But vaping has been known to give some vapers flatulence. : )

Need to know more?

For more information about Vapefest 2011, including times and location, see the official Vapefest website.


Correction: Image above taken by Jaded.

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