Four extreme anti-smoking tactics that STILL failed.

The anti-smoking movement is hoping to stop smoking through policies such as:

But despite the protests of smoker’s rights groups, these are nothing compared to what anti-smokers did in the past:

Imprisoning smokers

A spanish prison in the Middle Ages.
Prison at the time of the inquisition was no joke.

The first person to smoke in Europe, Rodrigo de Jerez,  also became the first victim of the anti-smoking lobby, jailed for several years by the inquisition.

Torturing Smokers

A man tied to a post receives corporal punishment.
Only masochist smokers enjoyed this era.

Czar Alexander whipped smokers and slit their noses.

Killing Smokers

A man kneels before his executioner.
The anti-smokers of the past used methods today’s zealots can only dream of.

Shah Shefi poured hot lead down the throats of tobacco sellers, while the Czar Alexander decapitated repeat offenders. Turkey, Persia and India also killed nicotine users. (More recently, Banzhaf of Action on Smoking and Health argued smokers should be treated as murderers, making them liable to capital punishment in some states.)

Sending Smokers to Hell

A scene from Dante's journey to hell.
In the Middle Ages many people thought excommunication meant going to hell.

His Holiness Pope Clement VIII  threatened excommunication to anyone who smoked in a holy place.


Whatever authorities tried, people still smoked.

A smoker from the past.
Nothing could stop smokers smoking.

So perhaps it’s not surprising that the smoking rate  in Scotland has risen, not fallen, since the smoking ban was introduced.

Maybe it’s also now time to tell smokers who can’t give up nicotine, but would like to be healthier, about low risk but very enjoyable alternatives such as e-cigarettes and snus.

What do you think?

Will tax rises, graphic warnings and smoking bans succeed where  prison, pain, torture, death and the threat of the hell have failed? Or will we continue our vices, no matter how much the fun police tries to stop us?

5 thoughts on “Four extreme anti-smoking tactics that STILL failed.”

  1. This is a bit extreme! I found the punishments appalling, however, sending a person to hell, is not man’s job. That belongs to God. Those lawmakers obviously hadn’t read their Bibles, nor heard the gospel message.

  2. A Catholic once told me that Catholics believe that, at least at certain times, the Pope speaks with the voice of God. I believe in modern times excommunication isn’t supposed to mean people go to hell, but I am no expert.

  3. Thanks for your reply! Being a Christian, that part concerning excommunication touched me very deeply. Discussions welcome, but perhaps rather by email:)

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