The Ten Best Electronic Cigarette Blogs on the Web Today


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I think one of the faults of this blog is that I don’t link out enough. Which is a shame because there are some super bloggers out there providing great information on e-cigs – and the search engines don’t always do a great job of sifting them out from all the rubbish out there.

So, partly to make up for that, I have selected my favourite blogs, all of which I read regularly, and all of which correspond to the following critiera:

  • not wholly commercial (it can be commercial but must have some non-commercial content)
  • is regularly updated (honourable exception made for Kate’s Vaper’s Network)
  • has quality content
  • exclusive or regular focus on vaping (with a bit of leeway for the scientist’s blogs below)

Please share your own ideas in the comments section! Also, please take the time to visit, read and comment on the blogs below 🙂

Users’ Blogs

1. Steve’s Vaping World

Screenshot from Steve's Vaping World.

A constant stream of quality, well written, well-illustrated blog posts, from reviews to guides to round up of e-cig news. I like this blog so much I commissioned Steve to write an illustrated guide to refillable electronic cigarettes (which you get for free when you sign up to our newsletter!)

Visit Steve’s Vaping World

2. SmokeScreen

Screenshot from 52 vapes of vaping.

Australian vaper-blogger Sana Nolan charts his progress into vaping and away from tobacco cigarettes with an attempt to create 52 blog posts about vaping. Keep it up, Sana!

Unfortunately this site is no longer up

3. Guide to Vaping

Screenshot from guide to vaping.

Regularly updated Guide to Vaping does a great job of providing resources for both beginning and intermediate level vapers.

 Visit Guide to Vaping.

4. The Truth About Nicotine

Screenshot of the truth about nicotine.

Vocal EK, the author of this blog, may not post frequently – but with learned, in-depth posts about nicotine misconceptions this is a good read for the serious vaper.

Visit the Truth about Nicotine

5. Grimm Green Industries

Grimm Green

Grimm Green is a fun blog, full of ever-changing and very cool graphics – as well as well-organised resources for vapers.

Visit Grimm Green Industries

6. Wisconsin Tobacco Harm Reduction Blog

Screen shot from Wisconsin Tobacco Harm Reduction Blog.

Don’t expect a very light read, or regular updates, but if you are looking for informed, cutting analysis into the world of vaping, smoking and THR this is the blog for you.

Visit the Wisconsin Tobacco Harm Reduction Blog

7. The Happy Vaper

Screenshot from The Happy Vaper.

Although infrequently updated, this is a nice, relaxing video blog which feautures revews, often in the background of a walk in the English countryside. More recently there has also been a video summary of Vapefest 2011.

Visit The Happy Vaper

Scientists’ Blogs

8. The Tobacco Harm Reduction Blog

Screenshot from smokles.

A team of scientists blog about tobacco harm reductions, snus and electronic cigarettes. They don’t blog as frequently as they used to, but when they do they are full of thoughtful insights – and cutting remarks on the Antz.

Visit the Tobacco Harm Reduction Blog

9. Tobacco Analysis Blog

Screenshot from the tobacco analysis blog.

Everyone interested in vaping, tobacco and tobacco harm reduction will, sooner or later, chance upon this blog. I’m just speeding up the process.

Click here to visit the tobaccoanalysis blog, or here to read our interview with Professor Siegel.

Vendors Blogs

10. Vapor 4 Life

Screenshot of Vapor 4 Life.

Vapor4Life is a vendor’s blog, and, as you’d expect, quite commercial, but I like the way they feature users writing about their experiences switching to and using e-cigarettes.

Visit the Vapor4Life blog


Reader Suggestions

Here’s some more great suggestions left on facebook, forums, the comments e.t.c.

11. Professor Beard’s Blog

Screenshot from Professor Beards blog.

Suggested by Chris Birks and Jaded on UK Vapers. Here’s what Jaded said:

‘An informative and educative blog that celebrates the lost art of the text review and features the most amazing, almost gynaecological, uber macro photography… ‘

Visit Professor Beard’s Blog

12. The Vape Babe

Screenshot from the Vape Babe.

Suggested by Casey J Peter.

Visit Vape Babe

Vape Babe, if you are reading – what is a Pink Ming?

13. Vape Break

Screenshot from vapebreak. Suggested by Steve from Steve’ Vaping World.

Visit Vape Break


14. CASAA Media Blog

Screen shot form CASAA media blog.

Suggested by Gregory.

Keep the suggestions coming!

Other blogs to check out

Dick Puddlecote, Velvet Glove, Iron Fist and Underdogs Bite Upwards are all excellent blogs which occassionally focus on e-cigs.

Over to You

Do you have an e-cigarette blog? Then leave your blog url in the comment – or, even better, post your own list of favourite vaping blogs, and I’ll link to it from this post.  

27 thoughts on “The Ten Best Electronic Cigarette Blogs on the Web Today”

  1. Thanks James! I am honored to be included in your list. I even found a blog or two on the list that I didn’t know about before!

  2. We have a company blog page that isn’t all about selling products, it’s more about helping beginners get started and what not. We work very closely with Blake from but our blog address is

    We aren’t competing with any of the above mentioned blogs by any means but we just thought we’d share a link to the blog, it may have a topic you’re looking for that you cannot find somewhere else.


  3. Great article! I’d also like to mention that I like reading It’s a user reviews blog, and most of the popular e-cigarette models are there. I’ve also e-mailed the owner of the site several times asking different questions that I have about e-cigarettes, and he’s always been helpful!

  4. Thanks for placing GTV on the list and recognizing what we do. It’s much appreciated. I’m not sure how the other bloggers feel, but at GTV, we feel that with the more blogs that have this useful and ‘unique’ information will only greater our chances of someone noticing electronic cigarettes. We’re all after an awesome cause and I think that’s pretty cool.

  5. I’m with you! My philosophy with this particular genre of blogs is that a rising tide lifts all ships!

    I’m almost afraid to mention blogs, because I interact with so many awesome people I’m afraid I’d leave someone out. But here’s one that popped into my head. He does a pretty good job with adding the humor to his posts

    I know it’s your blog to begin with James, but you totally belong on the list too 🙂

  6. Texas Select Vapor

    Hey there James, I thought of another great blog that you might also like to include in your great list, has a lot of really cool information. The lady that runs the blog is super cool and she covers a lot of topics there.

    Just thought I would mention that here, keep up the great work James! You are an asset to the vaping community!

  7. Steve, it seems a bit arrogant to place my own blog on my list of top e-cig blogs – but thanks for the compliment 😉 I’ve added Vape Break, please feel free to make any other suggestions!

  8. Thanks for the nod to my blog – it was a complete surprise to find out it was on the list! (I know I don’t post as much as I should, but being the admin for the CASAA Blog, the CASAA Facebook page, the CASAA Twitter account, the CASAA news page, keeping up 2 businesses, a family with young children and as long-winded as I can get, I somehow don’t seem to have enough hours in a day!!)

    Thanks for listing CASAA’s blog – I do often link to other blog posts there (including mine and Elaine’s) and also have links to interesting/related blogs in the left sidebar. The CASAA blog is the place to find out what is going on in vaping legislation and all CASAA news & Call to Actions – so people should definitely sign up to follow or get the RSS feed!

    Don’t forget Dr. Carl Philip’s blog at Dr. Philip’s is our (CASAA’s) Science Advisor and has done much to promote tobacco harm reduction and e-cigarettes as a viable option. I’ve learned a lot from him!

  9. Thanks for the comment, Kristin. The reason I haven’t linked to Carl Phillip’s blog was because he is already represented by the tobacco harm reduction blog ( and I tend to find that his smokles blog is more e-cigarette focussed than his ep-ology blog – but please correct me if I am wrong!

  10. Hi James! Love the list! I have a blog, but it’s not just for vaping stuff. I just review pretty much whatever, but this month is going to have several PV relating reviews, so I’m not sure if that counts or not… if you think it would, let me know and I can send you the link?

  11. Thanks for the suggestion, DebiMax. I read your blog with interest but I am really looking for blogs which focus solely on vaping. Will have to get you reviewing the smoker’s halo, though 😉

  12. Thank you for including the Vapor4Life Blog on your list! It’s a fun way to interact with other vapers, share tips, personal experiences, and product information.

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