Why the EU will ban electronic cigarettes

Snus is considered by many scientists to be vastly more healthier than cigarettes.

Snus, a vastly safer alternative to cigarettes.

The only country where Snus is legal, Sweden, has the lowest lung cancer rates in Europe.

In the UK, the Royal College of Physicians estimates “that regular snus usage is 1,000 times less harmful than smoking cigarettes”.

Logo royal college of physicians.
British doctors are keen to see Snus legalised.

But the EU has banned it – again.

A previous director of ASH UK has called the ban a:

  contradictory, illogical law on tobacco which leaves cigarettes legal while snus, which is over 100 times less harmful, is banned.

Pharmaceutical companies manufacture smoking cessation aids such as nicorette and suicide drugs chantix/champix.

smoking cessation products

The profits from these products, most of which have a lower success rate than quitting cold turkey, are threatened by alternative to tobacco cigarettes such as e-cigarettes and snus.

E-Cigarettes Will Revolutionise the Face of Tobacco Smoking and Could Pose a Threat to the Smoking Cessation Market

Pharmaceutical Industry Report

Dan Hannan, a UK Conservative MEP, maintains that the EU is run by lobbyists, including those from pharmaceutical companies.

A Swedish newspaper has argued that the EU lied to justify it’s ban:

The European Commission announced that most member countries are saying a firm no. But DN’s review shows that there is in fact strong support for making snus freely available on the market.

SourceNewspaper Translation

If the newspaper and the MEP correct, e-cigarettes could very well be the next alternative to smoking to be banned in Europe.

The result?

An early death for many of the smokers who would otherwise have used electronic cigarettes.

A grave stone.

What can you do?

The EU is already reviewing e-cigarettes.

If enough people show they care, the EU might just reconsider banning e-cigarettes.

Click here to join thousands of other e-cigarettes users in signing a petition to keep e-cigarettes legal and available in EU. And share the word with other people who have benefitted from e-cigarettes.

Note: Thanks to David Atherton for sending me the link to the YouTube video above.

9 thoughts on “Why the EU will ban electronic cigarettes”

  1. The hardest part about quitting smoking is the habit of taking a drag off of a cigarette, inhaling and exhaling – in my case blowing smoke-rings. I don’t think the pharm co’s get this. they think it’s only the nicotine. But it’s not.

    Gum and patches don’t help with the physical act of smoking. You can’t smoke the gum. You can’t smoke the patch (well, since its flammable you probably can, and there’s probably morons out there who’ve tried).

    E-cigs are the only viable alternative for people who enjoy the act of smoking. I quit tobacco cold turkey using e-cigs and haven’t been sick in over 2 and a half years. Not even a cold. That has to count for something.

  2. Some prisoners have smoked the patch! Actually, they boiled the patches down first to get the nicotine and then tried to make homemade cigarettes with the results.

    Glad to hear you have found a satisfying alternative, Scott.

  3. Good article to read, very hard article to block quote 🙂

    At least I’m not alone in my paranoia over the actions of the FDA here in the US.

    On a side note, I wish I could also report a reduction in colds like some of my fellow vapers. Alas I’ll have to remain content with just the other benefits of e-cigarettes.

  4. Petition signed, hope everyone else who reads this does the same. Currently showing 8,870 signatures so assuming this started yesterday (5th Dec 2011) it is growing nicely so far. Power to the people!!

    Bad luck on the cold, James. I am lucky enough to be another who has seen a significant reduction of colds, coughs and all sorts of sneezy snotty ailments which I formerly suffered from regularly, prior to becoming a vaper a little over 3 years ago. Best of all, when I do contract a cold I no longer need to fear acquiring a cough which would then last until about next May.

    1. Thanks Wendy – alas, I still seem to catch colds (maybe I don’t vape enough – will up the intake!) I think the petition has been going a while, but the more signatures we get the better.

  5. There is no denying that e-cig have changed my life. Why don’t they understand that it will save so many lives and help the health system? I have been vaping for about 1 year now and I would never go back to normal cigarettes. I feel cleaner, healthier and I do not smell of smoke. My health is much better now. I can walk and run longer than I have ever did in my smoking days

    I have signed the form 🙂 Free the vaping experience.

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