Are electronic cigarettes dangerous? (Movie)

With our You Tube channel recently reaching 500,000 views, I am re-releasing some of the videos we’ve made over the years.

The video is part of an interview we conducted with Professor Carl Phillips in 2009. You can read the full interview here. You may also be interested in our longer blog post on the subject: Are electronic cigarettes safe?

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Carl Phillips

Me: Given what we know about the ingredients and carcinogens contained within the electronic cigarette, is there reason to believe it could be a safer alternative to regular cigarettes?

Carl Phillips: I think that’s quite an understatement. I think there’s absolutely no doubt that it is a safer alternative to regular cigarettes. Now safe, that’s a word that implies there is absolutely no health risk from something, and that doesn’t really apply to anything. But our estimate is that it is probably in the order of 99 percent less harmful than smoking, I think there’s little doubt that it’s down in that neighborhood.

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