World Vaping Day

Lightning strikes the upraised hand of a man.

Move aside no-smoking day – a new contender for the hearts and, um, lungs of smokers is coming in March.

World Vaping Day aims to spread the word about the benefits of switching from smoking to vaping to millions of other smokers – many of whom will otherwise die!

World Vaping Day Needs You

Pointing finger.

There was a question mark after the title of this post.

That’s because, despite the heroic efforts of organisers such as Rolygate and Sam Munro, World Vaping Day won’t just happen – this grass roots organisation needs the support of electronic cigarette users like you.


World vaping day needs people to make the event happen.

And here are some of the ways you could help:


Share World Vaping Day!
Sharing the event is a great - and easy - way to help!

I have to admit my own help so far has been limited to one miserly article. (I intend to make amends – starting with this blog post!)

But even if you are unable to help in one of the above ways, you can still help make the event a succcess by spreading the word.

Here are some ways you could share the event:

  • Tweet
  • Plus one
  • Facebook
  • On forums
  • Email friends

Need more ideas? Check this out: World Vaping Day – Get Involved!

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