An Ephysema Sufferer’s Experience with E-Cigarettes

Debra recently left a comment on our suggest a blog post competition suggesting a post on how e-cigs can help people with emphysema. We asked her if she would contribute, and she has very kindly answered our questions about how she got emphysema, the devastating effects it has had and how she feels e-cigs have helped. 

Tell us a bit about your background:

Debbie, before emphysema.
Debra, pictured before she was diagnosed with emphysema.

I am a 40 yr old single mother of 2 wonderful sons oldest is 19 and youngest is 11. At 18 I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I had 4 surgeries over the course of 1 month. I remember my mom saying:

“Well now you need to quit smoking!”

I asked my surgeon if I had to. His response was smoking has nothing to do with your particular cancer but it can give you lung cancer. The time I spent in the hospital for my surgeries my nurses got to know me pretty well. They showed my how to disconnect certain tubings and things and gave me permission to go out to smoke without asking them. I was also diagnosed with asthma in my teens but cant recall any real asthma attack just coughing spats. I had my first case of bronchitis at 11 by my mid 20’s I was told I had chronic bronchitis – I was not aware chronic bronchitis was a form of COPD. I thought it just meant I was more susceptible to bronchitis. I have also suffered from allergies for as long as I can remember.

How and why did you take up smoking?

I began sneaking puffs of my mothers cigarettes when I was 12. It didn’t take long and I was buying packs from a gentleman whom back then would sell them to the local kids for $1.00 per pack. Before school after school and in the bathroom at school I was smoking. I got caught by my mom at 13 and she gave me permission to smoke as long as my father didn’t find out. I can’t honestly say why I began smoking. I think it was more of a curiosity thing at first and developed into a dependancy issue later. It wasn’t for the cool kid factor, back then it wasn’t a stress reliever but it developed into one later on, it wasn’t my crutch but again it did turn into my crutch later on. I just enjoyed smoking.

When were you diagnosed?

A recent picture of Debra.
Debra today.

In October 2011 I developed what I thought was a bad cold that within days developed into a scary cold. I couldn’t stop coughing, was wheezing, lungs were making crackling noises, my face was almost purple, I was dizzy. So I went to my primary care doctor on october 7th. Over the last year people had made comments on my face being red but my blood pressure had always been good. This visit he said:

“Debra you are very, very sick and need to be in the hospital.”

I explained it wasn’t possible as a single mom with pets I had to be home to care for my children & pets. 4 times he insisted. almost begged me to go to the hospital. He did make me promise if I worsened to get to hospital asap, perscribed an inhaler, antibiotics, prednisone, and a nebulizer for breathing treatments.

That night I could barely breathe and did go to the emergency room and was admitted for:hypoxia and copd exacerbation. The next morning in the hospital a pulmonary specialist called in by my primary care saw me and explained I was having a pretty severe copd exacerbation. I didn’t know what any of that meant – an exacerbation means a worsening of copd – sometimes short term sometimes lasting months, sometimes permanent damage sometimes temporary damage. When I was discharged from the hospital it was with more inhalers, steroid prednisone for 3 weeks and breathing treatments via my nebulizer every 6 hours. 10 days after my discharge I was back in the hospital.

This time the emergency room doctor ran a ct scan he suspected a pulmonary embolism-the results were paraseptal & centrilobular emphysema. I received this diagnosis 2 days prior to my 40th birthday. The emergency room doctor also informed me I broke a hospital record and they could not understand how I was still sitting up talking. My carboxyhemoglobulin levels were 32%! my prior hospitalization days earlier my carboxyhemoglobulin was in the 20% range. He explained the level at 32% is what they would find in someone unconscious in a fire! A normal non smokers levels are 1-2% smokers can go as high as 12-15%. Definition of carboxyhemoglobulin: Carboxyhemoglobin (British English: Carboxyhaemoglobin) (COHb) is a stable complex of carbon monoxide and hemoglobin that forms in red blood cells when carbon monoxide is inhaled or produced in normal metabolism. Large quantities of it hinder delivery of oxygen to the body.

Tobacco smoking (through carbon monoxide inhalation) raises the blood levels of COHb by a factor of several times from its normal concentrations. Definition of hypoxia: Hypoxia when the blood fails to deliver oxygen to target tissues. My lungs were so damaged that the oxygen was not getting into my bloodstream and the carbon dioxide was not able to reach my lungs to be exhaled.

As the level of carboxyhemoglobulin rises in copd, the higher the level the more severe your exacerbation/condition is. Apparently, as explained to me in my condition/s my vessels alveloi bronchi etc are scarred and damaged to the point that the exchanges of oxygen & carbon dioxide is being prevented in my lung tissues/vessels.With the hypoxia it caused secondary polycythemia. It is a vicious progression. I had had a few years of shortness of breath, and noticed it worsening. But…as a smoker I didn’t complain to my doctor. I knew the answer would be stop smoking and you will breathe better. Since October every time I’ve weaned down my prednisone dose my lungs have gotten bad and I was right back on the prednisone.

How did the disease affect you?

Image showing development of emphysema. Emphysema is irreversible and degenerative. No cure, just treatments to control symptoms. In the morning I do a breathing treatment on my nebulizer – Duoneb is my medication that goes into it, a Fluticasone nasal spray to keep allergies in control so they don’t flare up my lungs, 1 hour later I use symbicort inhaler, 1 hour after that I take flovent inhaler. If my lungs are acting up just a tad I have to do my breathing treatment every 4 hours, if not I do it 2 or 3x a day. At 3pm I use a spiriva inhaler, evening about 8-9pm my breathing treatment again, 1hour later symbicort again, 1 hour after that flovent again. I have to carry a rescue inhaler when I leave home. If I am having a flare I also have to schedule in prednisone 4-6x a day.

I see my primary care doc at least 1x a month if not more. I see a pulmonary specialist. It seems my days are scheduled around medicine dosages. Financially – between doctor visits & medications it has destroyed me. If it’s humid I cannot go outside because I can’t breathe, if the pollen counts are up I cannot go outside, more often than not my lungs are tight and make it hard to breathe so I cannot go out. Most days I am exhausted due to the lack of oxygen circulating in my blood, sweeping my floors leaves me breathless and I have to stop my daily cleaning and do it in short spurts. The worst affect it has had on me is the guilt I feel. My children & loved ones have to watch me with this disease..

The guilt comes in because I CAUSED THIS BY SMOKING! My mother always rode me to quit smoking, my 19yr old son began asking me to quit smoking around 10, my 11 yr old son has been asking me to quit smoking and despite those who loved me asked me I continued to smoke. Now I have to live with the guilt that I caused my emphysema/s, given the repeated flares/continued exacerbation since october I’ve gone downhill and my kids have to see this.

Going to go do the dishes my 19yr old son said:

“Mom go sit down, your face is purple. I’ll do the dishes.”

It hit me really hard when I asked my 19 yr old to go the store for me to get me a pack of cigarettes, I was having a bad day and going out in the humidity would have been worse on my lungs – his answer:

“Why? So I can help you kill yourself?”

My heart broke right than and there.

That same weekend my 11yr old son spent the weekend with my ex inlaws, when grandma brought him home she took me outside and told me he had been sad and they asked why. He told them:

“I wish my mom wasn’t so sick, I’m scared she’s going to die.”

My nasal spray inhaler, and 3 of my 4 lung inhalers contain steroids – due to the amount of steroids I am highly suseptible to anything – so I have to be careful not to get a cold which means avoiding sick people-shopping can make me sick and back in the hospital if I catch germs….also it causes loss of bone density so now I get to take a boat load of calcium & vit D and bone scans to make sure my bones arent loosing to much density. I have to get a flu shot every year and pneumonia shot every 5 years because the flu or a case of pneumonia can kill me.

How many times did you try to quit, what methods did you use, and how did they effect you?

I tried to cut down the amount I smoked with the goal of reduce to none-that didn’t work out well, it seemed I might have cut down 1 or 2 cigarettes a day than back to a 2 pack a day habit. I tried cold turkey after about 6 hours I gave in and bought cigarettes – tried both those methods many times.

When Zyban first hit the market about 12 years ago I tried that – lasted 3 days and my ex husband brought home a carton of cigarettes and said smoke every one of them – because I was so moody and having bad withdrawl from cigarettes and begging him to let me stop the zyban. I tried the patch twice, last time was october 2010 – my grandmother died the year prior due to lung cancer and I promised her I would quit smoking. So on the date of her death I tried the patch for the second time. Both tries with the patch I smoked with it on and within a day or two I ripped it off and gave up. In fact I still have nearly a full box from 2010’s attempt. My attempts to quit smoking probably total well over 30 tries or at least half hearted attempts over the years.

How did you hear about e-cigs, and when did you switch to them?

In October when I got out of the hospital the second time an online friend asked where I had been and I explained what was going on. She told me her husband smokes e-cigs. Her & her husband gave me a link to a website, told me what to order and how all this stuff works. I never knew such a thing existed, I did see commercials in the middle of the night on tv but I thought yeah right, another money making scam. My primary care doc prescribed xanax to calm my nerves and said cut down on my smoking, my pulmonary specialist said quit NOW. I guess since primary care said cut down until you quit I took that as I can still smoke… I didn’t believe I had emphysema at first. After all, I’m only 40 isn’t emphysema an old persons disease? Plus isn’t it supposed to develop gradually? WRONG! November my pulmonary specialist ran more testing including a pulmonary function study – he compared my lungs to that of someone 60-70 yrs old.

I had been on and off prednisone and everytime I weaned down my lungs would flare, on top of the inhalers & breathing treatments. He explained in some cases such as mine – I had shortness of breath for a few years not severe but enough for me to notice, that was emphysema and I didn’t know it. Sometimes such as my case it can hit you hard and furious then its diagnosed vs gradual progression. I than realized I really do have emphysema. My pulmonary specialist explained the only way to slow or try to slow its progression is stop smoking – and use all these medications I’m on to treat the symptoms and try to keep my lungs from flaring.

I saw an e-cig in a gas station and bought it, figured $20 investment let’s give it a shot. It was ok, but not quite what I needed. The website my online friends had referred me to was expensive and out of my budget. I began researching the internet and it opened a whole new world. I found some black friday sales and bought 2 kits and some juice. I’ve used e-cigs since. I didn’t totally quit smoking yet… I did make it a week without smoking on the e-cig and had no moodiness, no craving for a cigarette none of the side effects I noticed with my other quit smoking methods. Then…. the one battery I bought died out, and the second kit I used the 2 carto’s that came with it and didnt have back up. The fist one, the battery that died I really liked so I didnt bother to get more cartos for the 2nd kit. Well..I went and bought a pack of cigarettes and they tasted horrible. I’ve since purchased a couple more e-cigs and used them to gradually reduce the amount of cigarettes I smoke.

My primary care & pulmonary specialist think it’s a great way for me get of tobacco cigarettes.  I had reduced my amount down to a pack a day with using the e-cig, if I gave it a full hearted attempt I could have quit fully from the first day with the right set up. I ended up having a scary attack on my lungs again and said why bother trying to quit, and was back up to 2 packs a day. The end of march is when my older son made his comment about why so I can help you kill yourself, and my 11yr old cried to my ex inlaws – I was so sick and he was afraid I was going to die. So… April 8th my grandmother’s birthday and Easter Sunday I put down my cigarettes for good. I know it hasn’t been that long I did slip up one morning in that first week and smoked 2 cigarettes and they tasted horrible and I thought, how could I have done this for 27 years YUCK!

What effect has switching on you had?

Switching to the e-cig won’t remove all the guilt I feel that I made myself sick and my loved ones ,expecially my children, have to watch me this way but my loved ones are happier I am not smoking, it’s helped me mentally feel better that I am not smoking cigarettes anymore nor will I ever again smoke another. With the emphysema, chronic bronchitis I will always have some tightness and pain in my lungs-but with the e-cig it is a lot less than it was with cigarettes. In fact, my breathing is slightly better already. I know I will never breath normally with the emphysema but the fact is breathing is easier with the use of e-cig, and I feel it will improve the longer I am away from cigarettes.

What is your motivation in sharing your story with us?

I want to get my story out to as many people as I can and went into alot of detail because I want to help people learn about e-cigs and the true dangers of smoking cigarettes. I’m hoping my story can save someone hopefully a lot of folks from getting a diagnosis of emphysema or lung cancer. Most people look at emphysema as an old persons disease that comes gradually-as you’ve all read it isnt always that way. My grandmother was diagnosed with lung cancer – and 3 weeks later she passed away. She smoked right up until the day she was told she had lung cancer.

I took care of her when she was ill, I was her special person and she was mine – she never told me what to do but she did say:

“Sweetheart, you need to cut down.”

I replied:

“Nanny, I will quit I promise but now is not the time.”

Now was never the time…..

Now I have emphysema & have to take all these inhalers, breathing treatments and medications for the rest of my life because I never thought it was time to throw out the cigarettes…..

If you are smoking cigarettes NOW IS THE TIME before you recieve a diagnosis of emphysema or lung cancer…. NOW IS THE TIME so you dont have to spend the rest of your life ill and full of guilt while your loved ones watch you decline in health … NOW IS THE TIME or you might spend all day taking madications scheduling shopping around pollen counts, humidity, and when there are less people going to be there afraid to catch germs because a simple cold can land you in the hospital or kill you….. E-cigs are the easiest, best way to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes!

Disclaimer: Any opinions expressed in the interview may not those be of the Ashtray Blog. People with emphysema should take medical advice before switching to electronic cigarettes. 

Further reading

Morjaria J. B E-cigarettes in patients with COPD: current perspectives Int J Chron Obstruct Pulmon Dis. 2017; 12: 3203–3210. Published online 2017 Nov 1. doi: 10.2147/COPD.S135323

37 thoughts on “An Ephysema Sufferer’s Experience with E-Cigarettes”

    1. My dr told me i had early signs of emphysema three months ago. I hear myself wheezing sometimes but since reading your story im definitely going to stop smoking. It has scared my 66 year old body. A pack lasts me about 4 days but my problem is that i like to have one cig with my 3 beers a day. It just seems like that goes together but also make me think i really need to stop drinking. Good luck.

  1. Absolutely wonderful story.

    Good luck Debra, and for God’s sake, don’t be tempted back to smoking…..EVER!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing what must have been a very difficult story to write. Take care and all the best for yours and your childrens future

  3. Dear Debra, I am so impressed with your blog, humbled by your clarity and honesty. I think we smokers are very good at deluding ourselves, it is one of my big problems anyway. I am deeply sorry for what has happened to you, you have had massive hurdles to overcome, and I think the time is here that you see how proud you should be of yourself. I too have been through very difficult times, and use this somewhat as an excuse for smoking – how deluded is that, as it really just increases my concerns, worries and costs as well.

    Thank you for your inspiring story, all the factual detail you have included, and I hope I can follow in your footsteps. I am now using e-cigs and I like them, though not exclusively as yet.
    all good wishes to you and your family

  4. Thanks for sharing your story Debra. I too have to accept that there are things that I can’t change back but, like yourself, I have some determination this time round.

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  6. Hi Debra,
    Thanks for sharing your story with us,i also need some advice. my wife stopped smoking normal cigarettes 5 months ago and started smoking e-cigs on my suggestion, but now she is struggling to breath. she’s been to the doctors and has been told that she has mild emphysema, but none of the meds seem to work for long.Even washing her hair puts her out of breath.We have been to the doc’s today and now she has an appointment for an ECG and blood test.The thing i can’t understand is when she was smoking she could exercise and do her line dancing and yoga with no problems and no shortness of breath but now she can.t hardly do anything. Could it be the E-Cigs. I am wishing i never suggested them. Regards Michael

    1. You wife could be reacting to the ingredients in the e-liquid. There are many variables as to what is causing her difficulty with e-cigs. Check out the E-Cig Forum. They have done all of the research. If ecigs cause worse, SNUS might be a better alternative for her.

  7. Hi Michael
    I am sorry to hear about your wife. I can only share what my experience is-some medications work well for some folks and some dont. Everyones copd-emphysema case is different and responds to different treatments. Before my hospitalization I had shortness of breath but I could accomplish alot more. Once hit with an exacerbation sometimes things are worsened permanently, a minor cold could cause permanent damage in already damaged lungs. I love hot showers, but they have become a thing of the past-the steam/humidity I cant breathe. She could try a warm shower and leave the bathroom door open so the humidity/steam doesnt build up in there. I do that and have a window airconditioner in my bedroom which I make sure is running to help reduce the humidity caused by the shower.

    If she is using premixed e-juice some folks are sensitive to the pg in the juice. I’m not sure if this is a common sensitivity or not. You could order juice with a lower or no pg content.

    I hope your wife is feeling better.

  8. Ive been off the cigarettes for 7 months now, I smoked my last one on 30th Seotember. I used nicotine replacement gums as my much needed alternative and with as much willpower as I could find “having tried so so many times before” I managed to stop. My partner also did it with me but we became increasingly fed up with the gums. 2 weeks ago he suggested to me that we try the ecigs as an alternative to the gums. I was extremely concerned as I felt we had broken that habit but I agreed. Well, I love them, they are just like smoking but without all the harmfull side effects, ” I hope” I also have COPD and have known for a long time that if I want to see my grandchildren grow up I need to STOP… So I just hope I have not set myself up for a fall now after doing so well. I seem to have gained a slightly irritating cough in the last couple of weeks, something that seemed to have lessened since stopping, Nothing too bad and hopefully it is not connected to the ecigs because if it is then its going to feel like I have to try and give up all over again. I also worry that maybe they are not helping my COPD. I do realize however that they are far less harmfull than cigarettes.

  9. Hello Debra – I’m sorry about your emphysema but am very happy that you found e-cigarettes helpful in stopping your smoking of real tobacco cigarettes. Continued best of luck and good wishes to you.

    Last year, in January 2012, my younger brother passed away due to complications of emphysema. He was a week shy of his 42nd birthday. He had been diagnosed with emphysema in 2006, although I’m certain he had the disease for at least three years prior to his official diagnosis. He was constantly coughing and out of breath but refused to see a doctor about it until 2006, which was when he was diagnosed. He had smoked for close to 30 years, and tried patches & medications to help him stop smoking – all to no avail. At his worst, he smoked over 4 packs/day. None of us had ever heard of e-cigarettes at the time of his death. I really wish we had.

    I myself am almost 49 and have been a 2 to 3 pack a day smoker for 35 years. I just learned of e-cigarettes two weeks ago at my favorite tobacco shop. So along with my regular cigarette purchase I also bought a disposable e-cigarette. I liked it fairly well, so the next time I went there I bought two rechargeable e-cigs and several cartomizers (which contain the nicotine & the flavoring of e- cigs). I used the e-cigs regularly along with my tobacco cigarettes for about a week. Until yesterday, when I ran out of real tobacco. Guess what? I still had my e-cigs and am having ZERO nicotine withdrawal symptoms, unlike every other time I’ve been forced to temporarily quit smoking. Like in 1995 when I was a pedestrian hit by two speeding cars, breaking my neck, shattering both shoulder blades, broken ribs on my left side, broken pelvis, two badly crushed legs, and a badly lacerated spleen which had to be removed. I was in the hospital for four weeks and in a nursing home rehabilitating for five additional months. I was unconscious for the first week after my injury after which I gradually woke up and was taught to get out of bed and into a wheelchair within about two more weeks. Remember, my arms were badly broken in both shoulder blades and I couldn’t lift a 16 oz. wrist weight. Seriously – I could not lift 16 ounces! But I sure as heck could clamber into a wheelchair and very slowly make my way to the hospital entrance, where I could smoke like crazy! And that’s exactly what I did. It’s the ONLY thing I had though about since awakening after my injury. Sad, but very true.

    But not anymore! I love my e-cigarettes. Maybe someday I will wean myself from the nicotine altogether but I will worry about that later. And besides being far better for your health, they also do not yellow my walls and make them dingy or leave that nasty lingering odor in my home or on my clothes. I’m completely sold on e-cigarettes. I only wish they had been available while my brother was still alive. God bless you Craig (1970-2012). And God bless you too Debra. I truly hope that the progression of your emphysema & COPD is forever halted.

  10. Terese Weisenberger

    I was just diagnosed with Emphysema. I am 45 years old. Have been a light smoker (6-8 a day) for approximately 24 years. Never did I think smoking “lightly” would I end up with disease. So, it doesn’t always happen to people who smoke a couple packs a day. I’m using an e-cig but I’m thinking it isn’t a good idea. I am still inhaling something that isn’t healthy for my lungs. Seeing a pulmonologist soon and am going to ask about new research on these and people with the disease.

    1. Terese Weisenberger

      On their website, the FDA states that states that “E-cigarettes may contain ingredients that are known to be toxic to humans, and may contain other ingredients that may not be safe.” They also suggest that because e-cigarette manufacturers are not required to submit clinical study data to them, the public has no way of knowing “whether e-cigarettes are safe for their intended use, what types or concentrations of potentially harmful chemicals are found in these products, or how much nicotine they are inhaling when they use these products.” The FDA is also concerned that the marketing efforts of e-cigarettes may increase addiction to nicotine, especially in young people, encouraging them to experiment with real tobacco products.

      1. The FDA has tried to ban these, but has been defeated in court several times. Their study on e-cigarettes was analysed by Professor Siegel, who found that the only carcinogens found in the liquid was thousands of times lower than those in cigarettes: I am sceptical as to the FDA’s motives, while obviously the best thing to do is quit altogether, a number of scientists have stated that e-cigarettes are vastly safer than tobacco cigarettes:

      1. They may be safer than smokes but I still don’t think they are doing anything good for people who already have any type of lung disease. Use the e-cig and quit. It shouldn’t be a person’s crutch.

    2. Hi Teresa
      My partner who is 57 as just been diagnosed with emphysema. He packed in smoking February, the only way he could do this was by replacing the cigarette with a e-cig, he said his breathing feels better but his doctor as told him he as got to come off the e-cig as the smoke and flavours though not worse then cigarettes are not good for you and it’s best to go cold turkey easier said then done. He is now gonna try to ween himself off the e-cig. Emphysema is a terrible disease and for yourself and your family you will need a lot of will power to stop smoking all together. I wish you the best of health. My partner doctor said quote- e-cigarettes give people a false sense of security

      1. Hi Tracy

        While I’d agree that e-cigs are not 100% safe, and there are potential issue around flavours, both the Royal College of Physicians ( and Public Health England ( – see introduction) argue that e-cigs are 95% or more safer than tobacco cigarettes.

  11. Hi Terese, I would be really interested in what your doctor says regarding eciggs. I’m hooked on them, I think they are great, but I am concerned that maybe they are doings re harm than good. I look fwd to hearing your response.
    Best Wishes, Susan

  12. Hi Susan,

    I went to my doctor last Monday. I asked about e-cigs. She said we don’t know what chemicals are in them yet and not to use. They haven’t been around long enough for statistics to come out on harm they might cause. Also said that it maintains the habit of smoking as we hold them just like a cigarette and see the vapor exhaled. Recommended the best way is to quit by using the patch or gum. It is hard but when I get a craving I pop a piece of Nicarette (sp?) gum. There are also Nicotine Addiction meetings which are good. Hearing other people’s stories which can be shocking will help to quit. If you don’t have one in your town, you can find them online. Hope this is helpful.


  13. Hi All,

    People don’t realize that you can’t smoke while using the patch. Since the patch has nicotine in it and you are inhaling it by smoking, your body craves even more because you are increasing the nicotine in your body by doing both. Wean yourself down to a couple smokes a day before using the patch and read the directions for how many milligrams you need according to the normal amount you smoke.


  14. NRT aids have proved no more effective than cold turkey when measured over 12 months and without the additional counselling e.t.c. the pharmaceutical companies like to use in their tests. Obviously, quitting altogether is the best course of action but scientists involved in research into e-cigarettes are very positive about the safety compared to tobacco cigarettes – indeed, Professor John Britton of the Royal College of Physicians believe they have the potential to save five million British lives. See here for more scientists’ opinions:

  15. We have quite a number of people on our offshore rig that use electronic cigarettes and are liking the experience. One of the guys here has Emphysema and had been off for more than 11 months due to ill health. Since that time he has resorted to using E-cigs and is now back at work AND had to undergo regular 3 monthly lung checks which he passed with flying colours – His lung specialist has stated that they have saved his life!!

  16. Indeed James. Another user was a heavy smoker who used them solely in order to give up – He used them for several weeks and has given up smoking anything now for around 6 months.
    Yes, we are (or should I say were) well happy using them, BUT IATA has has stopped us bringing the liquids in. . Needless to say people are furious as they do NOT want to go back to smoking no matter what.

  17. I think it depends on the individual which method is best for them to quit smoking. I’m hoping not to trade one addiction for another. Don’t want to be using an e-cigarette for the rest of my life.

  18. Howdy Folks
    This is Debbie aka Debra the one who was interviewed for this article =) I check in to see how folks are doing. I hope all those whom are ill are feeling better and those giving up analogs I hope its been a successful switch.
    I asked my pulmonologist about my ecig usage-he said its a great idea and a lot of his patients use them. My pri care doc approved my usage and thought it would be beneficial due to it being water vapor. I moved in December due to my decline in health, more north less humidity and some top Aplus doctors. My new doctors agree that my ecigs are a good choice. I make my own juice so I know what is going into my juice, I am also decreasing my nicotine level gradually, or at times of high stress I increase the nicotine level. Nicotine does have some health benefits as well just not when it is burn as in an analog situation. PG mhas also been studied and they have found pg actually helps fight respiratory infections. I can say Ive not had any major colds since I ve been vaping which is highly unusual since I used to get 8-10 major respiratory attacks per year…Good luck on everything to all of you

    1. i was just diagnosed with emphysema. i went to the va and they did a cat scan and the nurse said btw you have emphysema and walking pnuemonia. then gave me some antibiotics and said good bye. im not sure what to do next but i am using ecigs now.

  19. Chris Sweeting

    What an inspiring account. I have now got emphysema after 50 years of on/off smoking but I now have an e-pipe and have not smoked for over 3 months.

  20. I am not sure of the cause of COPD emphysema in my case. I smoked pack a day for 12 or 13 years, but quit 40 years ago. I have been an outdoor person all my adult life. Coughing started last summer producing thick mucus, greenish tint to clear. I tried prednisone and antibiotics, but no change. X-rays are negative, heart lungs and blood and serum chemistries all are normal. I have lung calcification from childhood bout with histoplasmosis. I am 75 years old and retired.My current doctor directed me to which I purchase the COPD herbal remedies from them ,they are located in Johannesburg, the herbal treatment has effectively reduce all my symptoms totally, am waiting to complete the 15 weeks usage because they guaranteed me total cure.

  21. 5 days ago I received a letter from the VA indicating I have mild emphysema. I have smoked for almost 50 years. In the past I have tried everything to quit to no avail. As soon as I read the letter. I got a vape and put away the cigarettes for good. End stage emphysema is a GREAT motivation, and the vape makes it easier. I don’t want to smoke now, which is interesting. Studies show it helps with COPD patients having trouble quitting. I know it does, and I am already starting to feel better after just 5 days.

    I wish you a long and healthier life. Thank you for this!!!

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