E-Lager from The Drinking Angel – the best vrinking product on the net!

A can of Elager.
E-lager: Refreshingly fake!

We have been releasing a spate of products recently, but our latest and most exciting is our move into the vrinking market with E-lager.

It looks and feels just like a real can of lager, but when you hold up the can and vrink (def: to slurp vinkahol) an atomiser is activated which vaporises the e-foria liquid inside.

The resulting thick vapour tastes and feels just like a real lager, but, after swallowing, the contents vaporise away, escaping through your nostrils, mouth and other orifices.

What’s left behind?  Alcohol – with none of the fatty carbohydrates of real beer.

Side Effects

The Drinking Angel.
Our new logo!

Unfortunately, the escaping vapor does cause some side effects, namely excessive and extremely loud burping noises when escaping from the mouth, nose and ears, as well as loud farting noises, although these do carry a rather pleasant lagger-like aroma.

All side effects disappear completely within 3 years of ‘vrinking’ (the act of consuming an e-lager).

What’s included:

Can with Smoker's Angel holding two glasses of beer.
A can of e-lager.

1. Two refillable elager cans.
2. 5 bottles of E-foria e-liquid – enough to get you completely smashed 5 nights in a row.
3. USB charger
4. A manual with advice on how to vrink responsibly
5. USB charger (adaptor also available for separate purchase)

Be a responsible Vrinker!

The Smoker's Angel with e-beer!
The Smoker’s Angel getting responsibly vrunk!
  • vrinking is only for vrinkers over the legal vrinking age
  • limit yourself to one, maximum two vrinks a day if you’re a woman and two to three vrinks a day if you’re a man (or up to 10 vrinks if you are a real man)
  • don’t vrink and drive
  • never vrink if you’re pregnant
  • never mix vinkahol with medicine

Not ready for e-lager? Why not check out our range of e-cig mods instead!

12 thoughts on “E-Lager from The Drinking Angel – the best vrinking product on the net!”

  1. Can I be your salesman please, being an unemployed alcoholic I would be a wonderful advocate for using e-lager to save more money for the condems government and for alcoholics everywhere to switch to vaping thier drink. I would gladly accept payment in e-lager so as to stay vished (Adj; to be very drunk on alcoholic vapor) all the time, especially at work to prove this wonderful products efficacy.
    Will expect job offer by return v-mail. (Noun; waiting for non existant mail)
    Yours vapingly
    Vaper 1.

    1. Hi Kenny, sounds like a gr8 idea, unfortunately, we are all testing the product at the moment and are totally vished out of our minds, so am unable to reply coherently. Will vmail as soon as we are vober!

  2. Richard Hannam

    James, shame on you for discriminating. What about us folk who like a drop of wine or malt? e-vine would be divine & e-viskey could make you frisky. After all, you’ve already told us that e-smoking can actually make you horny. So, come on, let’s get with the vrinking programme.

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