Urgent: E-Cigarettes Under Threat – Here’s how you can stop the ban!

Commissioner Dalli, author of an anti-ecig EU bill.
Although Dalli was forced to resign for alleged corruption, his directive could still force ex-smokers back to tobacco cigarettes.


 An EU Directive drafted by an EU commissioner since forced to resign for alleged corruption (seeking bribes from manufacturers of safe alternatives to cigarettes in return for editing the tobacco directive) could go into law unless we stop it.

The Directive will mean a ban on electronic cigarettes cartridges and juice with a nicotine content of over 0.4%. 0.4% is not enough to satisfy the needs of smokers switching from tobacco cigarettes to safer alternatives.

That’s despite the fact that many scientists believe e-cigarettes could be 99% or more safer than tobacco cigarettes, while the UK government Nudge Unit believes the device has the ability to save thousands of lives.

Smokers who can’t or don’t want to quit will no longer have an alternative, and surveys suggest that over 60% of e-cig users would return to tobacco cigarettes.

Meanwhile, the MHRA is shortly due to decide the fate of electronic cigarettes. One of the biggest dangers is that they will insist on regulations that existing companies/technology can not meet. This could also mean an effective ban on electronic cigarettes.

Cause for hope:

Cause for Hope

There is already cause for hope. I know of a number of vapers who have written to their MPs/MEPs and have had a positive reaction such as this one:

As a member of the Parliament’s Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety I will do everything in my power to make the arguments and convince other MEPs of the foolishness of diluting nicotine solution to the point of uselessness.

I would also encourage you to raise awareness among others in the vapourizing community. The internet offers considerable opportunities to draw the attention of a wide audience to the issue and to contact your elected representatives quickly and easily. If you have not already done so I would encourage you to write to your MP and request him to raise the matter in Westminster, and persuade other e-cigarette users to do the same. If we bring to the attention of the public, the political world and the media the strong arguments in favour of e-cigarettes as a harm reduction device and the number of lives which can be saved through their use, we have a very strong chance of winning the argument.’

With very best wishes,

Martin Callanan MEP
Conservative Member of the European Parliament for the North East
Leader, European Conservatives and Reformists Group

Clive Bates (former director of Action on Smoking and Health)  also tells me that vapers writing to the Medicines and Health Regulatory Authority (MHRA) have had a big impact on the consultation.

But we need to reach as many people as we can. Here’s what Clive had to say:

 “Politicians do listen, but not if no-one is speaking up! Don’t leave it to others – it’s the voice, experience and concerns of ordinary voters/vapers that really sway politicians, not the views of experts.”

But time’s running out:

Red alarm clock isolated on white

The crucial date for the consultation is the 25th February, when an EU parliamentary commitee will meet to discuss the directive.

What to do:


If you are an e-cig user: 

Write to your MP/MEP. It’s easy and free to find out who your MP/MEP is – just visit Write to Them and enter your postcode.

For tips on what to say and how to say it, visit Clive Bate’s excellent blog on the topic.

If you are a retailer:

Write to your customers, and tell them how to contact their MP/MEP – many happy users of electronic cigarette do not even know of the threat, or of the actions they can take to stop a ban.

26 thoughts on “Urgent: E-Cigarettes Under Threat – Here’s how you can stop the ban!”

  1. If you ban this product you should also ban REAL Cigarettes as they are more harmful, and of course they wouldnt dream of that as they line the pockets of the coffers, Parliament is full of money taking hypocrites

  2. Its taken me years to get my wife off the rollies where she had a constant cough & allways breathless.
    Since she’s been on the vapers she’s a new woman no longer coughing & smelling like an ashtray & now comes over the park with me & the dogs!
    Now some idiot in Europe is trying to tell us we have to go back to the cancer sticks!
    I wish someone had the guts to get us out of the EU!

    1. I think that in general writing to MPs tend to have more weight unless you can get serious numbers behind a petition, simply because it is so easy to sign a petition while writing takes more effort and therefore shows you are more serious about it. If we are going to do petitions it is worth liasing with other activists to make sure we are not duplicating efforts – I’ve asked around to see if there are other petitions.

  3. After smoking since i was 15 , 30 cigarrets per day this is the only thing that has stopped me, i now smoke e cigaretts which are much healthier, and as a nurse of 34 years experience would urge any-one else to do so ..for the good of their health . This saves tax payers millions in not having to treat smoking related illness . The UK needs to stand up for human rights as an individual country, how dare Europe tell us what we can or cant do , if the UK goverment have ANY sence they should realise the facts for what they are , not to bow down to the EU . DISCUSTING !!!

  4. James, thank you for this post.
    We should do EVERYTHING we can to stop this EU mess. Writing to MP is good, signing the petition is good

    Btw I haven’t seen any other petition. My signature doesn’t count because I’m not a citizen/resident of UK, but I’ll make sure I tell everyone I know about it. I’ll tweet it, face it, forum it and plaster a link to it all over my website.
    Everybody, let’s do everything we can. This has gone too far. To put our health in the hands of a bribed politician and his corrupt buddies. Don’t let it happen!

  5. This just drives me crazy why can’t we be left to make up our own minds like those who smoke tobacco. I was refused an operation because i smoked tobacco changed to my vapour and had my op 3months later with the docs. blessing. I will send emails letters and anything else i can think of to my MP, and all friends and family.

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  7. Does anyone have any specific wording for a letter to my MEP? I want to make sure that I have all the salient points in any letter I send. Thanks

  8. Feckin Lunatics, a far safer bet than tobacco, just cos they can’t get their greasy paws on the tax. Start an E petition

    1. Nothing wrong with petitions, but you need a LOT of people to make a difference. If we could get 100,000 it would be worth it. But letters to MPs and MEPs are already making a difference – lots of people have already had replies, some promising to oppose the directive.

  9. What hippocrites these people are trying to ban e cigs. Since they were first in use they could have saved thousands of lives already by people not ingesting the tar from tobacco. Thousands of children and people could have had the risk of second hand smoke taken away. We just have to hope that there is somebody “in charge” who will support NOT banning e cigs.

  10. I sent this to my MP, I dont know if he knows or cares, but its about all I can do (I’m off to find a years supply of juice now)

    “Dear Steven Pound,
    Over the past several years, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have given up smoking cigarettes.
    I have not smoked since March 2011.
    I have done this through the use of E-Cigarettes or more properly, personal vaporisers.
    These contain nicotine (optional), food grade glycerine and flavouring.
    I understand that the EU is considering a ban on the sale of “e-cigs” and it is quite obvious that the tobacco industry is behind this despite a massive rise in their profits
    (The Telegraph on 28th October 2012 said “Over the past 5 years, investments in British, American Tobacco (BAT) have grown by 130pc, while Imperial Tobacco is up by 44pc …)
    This seems totally obscene and I fail to understand why the EU is not attempting to ban cigarettes.
    The UK is attempting this by price rises and tax increases
    (I don’t really as, I quote, “In an unprecedented move, EU Health Commissioner John Dalli has resigned after an investigation connected him to an attempt to influence EU tobacco legislation”.)
    I am writing to you as my MP to ask you what your views are on the proposed EU ban and whether you will actively oppose such a ban.
    I have no problem with more research, tighter regulation and even taxing e-cigs but attempting to condemn people to continue to kill themselves and others though smoking cigarettes seems the height of cynical folly.
    I am an ordinary voter and have no connection to any manufacturer or supplier of e-cigs
    I am simply a much healthier voter.
    Many thanks,

  11. Okay, I’ve just signed the petition, but it doesn’t automatically update. It stated 81 signatures ( surprisingly few ) before, and 81 after I’d signed.I don’t wish to sound paranoid,but if it doesn’t update when you sign, how on earth can we tell if it’s working correctly.

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