Poll: Would you change your vote to defend your right to vape?

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Update: The survey is now closed – thank you so much to everyone who participated!

Pharmaceutical groups, and some anti-smoking groups funded by pharmacy, are campaigning against the electronic cigarette.

But pharmaceutical groups do not vote – you do!

The EU is considering an effective ban on e-cigarettes, and there are widespread concerns that committee meeting on ecigs has been rigged, with scientists who support the device excluded from the meeting.

Politicians are already aware of the concern – several have mentioned the thousands of letters received from vapers concerned about EU regulations. But is this enough to persuade them to support vaping?

So we want to know:

Would you change your vote to defend your right to vape?

Specifically, would you vote for a different party than normal to ensure that electronic cigarettes remain legal, and a million vapers are not forced back on to tobacco cigarettes?

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What other vapers and smokers said:

Kate from Vaper’s Network:

Yes, even though I don’t have a usual party that I vote for though, and even though I often don’t vote as a protest at the very poor choice we have in candidates.

Dick from DickPuddlecote.com

Sure. I wouldn’t vote for a party which advocated a ban on e-cigs, I’d rather spoil the ballot paper

John Madden from ECigaretteReviewed, with a US perspective:

 I am strongly opposed to anything or anyone attempting to classify e-cigarettes as a tobacco product and regulating them as such. I don’t care if you are Democrat or Republican. If one of your goals is to regulate e-cigs by restricting their use, I will not vote for you. E-cigarettes have been proven to be safer to use than cigarettes and are harmless to bystanders. Governments have no right using safety as in issue when attempting to regulate them. Not only can it can be extremely difficult to quit smoking if you are forced to hang around other smokers, the purpose of e-cigarettes as harm-reduction is defeated by relegating vapers to the smoking sections of public places. Money is the issue here and while that was my predominant reason to making the switch, I will vote for health, no matter the political affiliation to keep the vaping community safe from the poison so many of them are trying to avoid.’

Not everyone agreed, though. On our Facebook page, Adam said:

I would consider it if it were a party whose policies I did not disagree with, however changing political alliegance over one issue is likely to be either self defeating or meaningless on balance so it is highly unlikely that I would actually change over one issue.

While Gareth Williams said:

To be honest I am far too much of a cynic/realist to believe anything said by any politician, regardless of political orientation.

How UK parties stand at the moment:

Conservative & UKIP: Most MEPs support vaping, however we are unsure of MPs’ position.
Liberal Democrats: Reactions vary, some are very supportive of vaping but needed to be assessed on an individual basis.
Labour: Came close to banning ecigs when they were in power, most seem either undecided or against vaping.
Greens: Would like to see nicotine in ecigs banned (above 0.4% strength nicotine.)

Want to contact your MP? Use this tool: WriteToThem.

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14 thoughts on “Poll: Would you change your vote to defend your right to vape?

  1. Absolutely. My right to vape is very important. If I wasn’t able to I don’t know what I would do. I can’t go back to normal cigarettes as I now find the smell of them disgusting. If vaping is outlawed then it would mean buying on black markets which is not good.

    1. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that! I know some e-cigarette companies have planned for that eventuality, and will be moving stock and jobs overseas. Unfortunately, there wouldn’t be the same regulations there!

  2. Vaping for me is essential!!! I dont want to start smoking again so vaping must not be stopped. My home is cleaner. My clothes and belongings are cleaner. Vaping costs a lot less so im able to spend more money on the house and garden. BUT the MOST important thing is that im a lot HEALTHIER and i dont say that lightly. I can breath better. I can do more as i dont get out of breath. My skin has improved whereas before the chemicals in cigarettes made it take longer to heal from wounds and surgeries. My complexion has improved. I am also happier!! I cant stand the smell of cigarettes now and i have got a lot of people to start vaping and they all thank me for helping them. Vaping MUST NOT BE BANNED. There is no reason for it to be banned. My doctor is happy with me vaping. I wonder sometimes if the government is worried about losing tax from real cigarettes and thats why they seem to be against vaping. I have seen actors vaping in films and that has to be a good thing because they are not teasing people into smoking reallies. I say help vapers not hinder them. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not ban vaping.

  3. Yes I would change my vote. For me the right to vape is about my health and my freedom to do want I want to do, as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else. For me those two things top anything that political parties can offer.

    Governments can promise to spend a fortune on health, but what’s the point if they going to force people to return to smoking.


  5. IF vaping is detrimental to my health, then prove it or else it smacks of a corporate ‘big brother’ preventing me from voluntarily participating in something I pay for and enjoy without any factual evidence to support a ban-it’s not a religion whereby faith alone is enough-I demand proof and unbiased, independent proof at that-unequivocable-or else it’s back to the fags for me!

  6. I’ve signed up to get emails from my MP for Norfolk and written a letter asking for support for the vaping community. It was just a short note, but I’m happy to have helped in whatever way I can. Usually hopeless at letters! I hope we all get supported. It would be horrible not to have this service available for us ex-smokers. I want to remain an ex-smoker!

  7. Totally, totally agree with Christine – can’t put it any better than she did and all she says applies to me also. This all smacks of persecution; some anti-smoking groups are completely rabid in their attitude to anything that remotely resembles a cigarette. Got nothing to do with health issues now, just blind unreasoning prejudice. What is the matter with them? I am beginning to think they just can’t bear it that we have found a substitute. They think we deserve to suffer simply because we used to be smokers! I have been an ex-smoker for 5 months now and would NEVER have managed without my e-cigs. In a world full of wars, violence and cruelty can they not find something more deserving of their smug disapproval and put their energies to better use!

  8. Yes i would change my vote, because i have been smoking from 14 years old. I tryed every thing and could not stop smoking, this was the only thing that made me give up smoking. I enjoy it it is my right ,and i am fed up with goody good mp telling me what to do. Iam 59 years old, and smoked 50 cigs a day. I gave up 10 months ago. What is wrong with you people get a life.

  9. yes definatly,my whole family has giving up using vaping.the goverment only care about the revenue tobbacco makes.so it doesnt want vaping to take off

  10. My husband and I have written to our local MP to ask him to put forward to leave our “vaping community alone” we are adults and are fed up with being dictated to by un-elected commissioners. We want out.

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