Images of a Kanger pro-tank, Aspire clearomiser, SMOK VV battery and UK eliquid.

Take A One Minute EU ECig Survey For 3 Chances to Win 4 Great Prizes!

Silhoute of a vaper on an Eu flag. Reads: EU Ecig Survey.

Update: Thank you so much to everyone who took the survey – we had a massive response in a very short time!

The survey is now closed. The winners are Peter Cobb, Michel Finney and Nuria Mary. All winners were randomly selected using

You can see the final results in infographic form here:

7 Huge Consequences of An Ecig Ban

The EU commission has been pushing for regulations which will amount to a ban.

But few attempts have been made to measure the consequences of a ban.

Can you help out by taking a quick survey?

The survey is simple and easy to complete, and should take just one to two minutes of your time.

Three Chances to Win Four Great Prizes

Images of a Kanger pro-tank, Aspire clearomiser, SMOK VV battery and UK eliquid.

Plus, you’ll also get THREE chances to win all of the following:

  1. A Kanger Protank
  2. An Aspire Bottom Dual Coil Clearomiser
  3. A Smoke VV Spinner Battery (see a review here) plus charger
  4. A Selection of Three HALO UK Steeped Eliquids

The survey will be closed when we have sufficent replies.

Click here to take the survey!

We need to get as many responses as possible to the survey, so I’d really appreciate if you could also help by sharing this post!

EU Update: Important Links

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15 Scientists Protest Against Scientific Errors Used to Justify an EU ECig Ban
The EU Has Mistinterpreted My Work On Ecigs (Dr Farsalinos)
Please Do Not Distort My Words To Justify Your Policy (Dr Lynne Dawkins on the EU Ecig Ban)
Flawed Science, Irregular Procedured, Unlawful Measures (Clive Bates, former director of Action on Smoking and Health, on the EU Ecig Ban)

And not on the EU but still important:

A Review of 8000 Observations Reveals No Evidence Ecigs Pose A Health Risk

If you know of any other important links (I’m sure there are lots!) which should be included here, please leave them in the comments.

Ban Update

With the EU failing to publish an official update on their position, we are still confused about where the EU stands.

But two key points are:

1. The EU’s position that ecigarettes should deliver a regulated dose of nicotine. 

ECITA are not sure what the EU means by this, but the technology to delivery a set dose of nicotine with every puff has not yet been invented.

In addition, it is completely against the way people both vape and smoke. People take the right amount of nicotine for both themselves and the current state they are in. By delivering a regulated dose of nicotine (if it proves possible) ecigaretes could become useless for current users.

2. The Continued Possibility of a Ban On Refillable E-Cigarettes

One of the stranger possibilities to come out of the compromise between the EU commission and the EU parliament is that if three countries in EU ban refillable ecigs, they will be banned in the whole of the EU. See Clive Bates’ guest post: Making Sense of the Proposed New E-Cigarette Regulations on the Save Ecigs blog for more details.

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5 thoughts on “Take A One Minute EU ECig Survey For 3 Chances to Win 4 Great Prizes!

  1. You be the judge I mean isn’t it obvious that the victims of the smoking addiction are now deemed insignificant if they think outside the mainstream of failed quit methods. It is well known the patch, gums, lozenges and all those legal Big Pharma vaporizers containing nicotine (up to 4mg) not to mention chemicals we can’t talk about that produce negative thought like suicide from Chantix. Another taboo would be to mention local children viewing such adult behavour. After all children do mimic don’t they? Hmmm guess that is the only reason we still don’t stand up for the children under 12 picking tobacco for the tobacco industry. We are quick though to ban asbestos which is directly linked to many cancers. Oh….lets sell it to Africa instead since we are already down there digging up their diamonds and gold as if it were our own.

    I’m ashamed really. Ashamed I turned into a smoker back in 67. Ashamed I have all these liberties to simply speak out …LOUD….if I have to. Ashamed in my leaders of great nations that I believed were a good example for the entire world of those who simply are not educated enough to know what they have of true value. Nelson Mandela once said: There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than in the way it treats its children. My generation, myself included have failed terribly and I ‘m here still to yell it out if I have to…’s time to fix this Corruption, Deception, and worst of all Complacency that we embrace while projecting to the world how civilized we are.

    In closing, know this…I’m a 64 year old single dad with two teens living at home with me now; that has advanced emphyzema and was given 3-6 months back in June 2013 if I don’t do chemo or targeted radiation on my severely damaged lungs caused from smoking. It took me til September to finally decide to try an electronic cigarette with ( 1.2mg) of nicotine. I have not had to have a tobacco cigarette since. I quit smoking. I now VAPE. Lucky me, it’s the only four letter world I threw out here even though I’m really pissed at all the negative attitude thrown at the victims of those giant corporations society so much embraces through ignorance and complacency. With my time left with my children this will be my means of paying back for what I owe to those who are still suffering from bad choices. Don’t smoke. Thank you.

    1. Thank you James….if you do the math you will notice I’m still here…no chemo , no radiation, no drugs! Almost forgot….no one in the medical field ever offered me a better alternative either. I’m still recoiling from the facts I have experienced as I had no idea our health care system; is not what it seems. Yes I feel better and I’m still alive to do so……because I found better alternatives. Thank you for asking James. You reminded me of how fortunate I am today. You have a great day too 🙂 VAPE OUT LOUD

  2. I would never have been able to stop smoking with help from my Doctor, ie., patches, pills, sprays. BUT with e-cigs I have been smoke free since 17 August 2011. I was a heavy smoker for 55 years. I’m 70 now and am stocking up on e-cigs [just in case]. I defy anyone to seperate me from my e-cigs. I honestly believe they are probably prolonging my life. x

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