Silhoutte of vaper on EU flag. Reads: "Fight for your right to vape."

EU Vapers In Last Ditch Attempt To Save Ecigs

Silhoutte of vaper on EU flag. Reads: "Fight for your right to vape."

The EU has rejected electronic cigarettes today, despite a majority of UK MEPs voting against it.

While some compromises have been won, from 2016 we can expect the following:

  • a likely ban on refillable ecigarettes
  • ecigarettes to deliver a consistent dose of nicotine, despite the fact the technology has not yet been invented
  • a limit on the amount of nicotine in ecigarettes, despite the fact ecigs deliver less nicotine than cigarettes

Along with many other restrictions which will limit the appeal of ecigarettes and extend the dominance of large tobacco and pharmaceutical companies.

I’ve been talking to one of the biggest manufacturers of ecigs in China. While they are trying to develop an electronic cigarette which will comply with the regulations, they say its simply impossible to build one which can deliver a consistent dose of nicotine.

And worryingly, out of 14 applications for a medical authorisation in the UK, not one has yet been accepted.

EU Vapers Fight Back, But Need Your Help

Vapers have often complained that they have not been give a voice.

But as vaper activist David Dorn says, there should be:

“Nothing About Us Without Us.”

But there is a mechanism to ensure that vapers do get heard, and it’s one that EU vapers are determined to take advantage of.

The European Citizens Intiative allows citizens to take part directly in making laws.

And a European wide vapers group, the European Free Vaping Inititiave, is gathering the signatures needed.

Now, this is not just another ecig petition – if it succeeds, vapers could have a real chance of being involved in the legislative process. 

There’s only one problem –  one million signatures are needed.

That’s not many compared to the amount of vapers in Europe, but many people are still not aware of the risks to ecigarettes or the movement to stop restrictive legistlation.

Currently, the UK is lagging behind the rest of the EU in signing the citizens initiative.

Let’s change that!

Two Ways You Can Help

There are two ways in which you can help.

1. By signing the citizens intiative 

Two minutes of your time should be well worth the possibility of saving ecigarettes 😉

2. By making sure as many people know about it as possible.

Share it on social media (you can also support the EFVI on Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook), and ask your friends who care about vaping to sign.

Because vaping is worth defending. 

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13 thoughts on “EU Vapers In Last Ditch Attempt To Save Ecigs”

  1. How dare they tell us what we can and can’t do. It is our right.. They say smoking is bad for you, and the health service spend billions on medication for smoking related cancers, yet take away the one thing that is helping a lot of people to give up!!!! Disgusting, since we have join the EU we have had more ridiculous laws than I can count.

    1. It hasn’t happened so far. The best expert on ecigarettes, Konstantinos Farsalinos, was not allowed to give evidence in committee, and as far as I am aware no assessment of the impact on vapers has been made (which is why we did this survey:

      The legislation seems deliberately designer to give the impression that ecigarettes are still legal while making it virtually impossible to design an ecigarette which will be a satisfactory alternative to cigarettes. Big Tobacco, with their huge budgets, might manage to design some sort of cigalike, but certainly ecigs as we know them today will be gone.

  2. Thank you, James. As for EU, I didn’t expect much good from that address anyway. So, let’s keep on. Shared everywhere and signed, of course.

  3. Come on vapers – we’re not going to take this lying down, are we?
    OK, another battle lost but this war is far from over yet!!

    As James says above, the EFVI is NOT “just another petition” you are being asked to sign, it is a method of using the EU’s own mechanisms to force them to get this whole shambles re-examined. It really is seriously important that every vaper who hears about it should sign up to this. Ask all your family and friends to sign up too, if you can – these are the people who really know how much difference vaping can make, after all.

    Europe-wide it needs a million, but the UK only needs to reach just under 55,000 signatures to hit the “qualifying threshhold”. This is a TINY percentage of us – less than 4%, in fact, if there really ARE one and a half million vapers in the UK now.

    Right now there are more than twice as many vapers from Germany signed up as there are from the UK! Check the progress of how we’re doing so far here: which shows the current picture of our progress.

  4. Thanks, Wendy, the key is to make more people aware of it. I’ve asked EVFI if it is possible to have some leaflets prepared for retailers to print out in their shops.

  5. Totally agree, James – and leaflets to hand out to people now there are so many more shops where people are getting their vaping supplies in person sounds like an excellent idea. I’d even print some myself if someone can put together a succinct description of what this is about and why we need to get the Eurocrats to look at it again – it isn’t easy to explain to people in a couple of sentences! Can you suggest to EVFI that having a pdf to download on the website would be useful for people like me to use as well?

    I’ve been vaping since late 2008 and can sympathise with anyone who may be feeling they have ‘petition fatigue’ because I’ve totally lost track of just how many I’ve signed myself since then, but I kind of feel that this one is a little different.

    So many people have fought so hard to prevent the lunacy of the TPD being framed by the terminally (or corruptly) ignorant but despite everything it has just been steamrollered through anyway. Now we know the shape and size of what we have to fight against, we need all European vapers to come together and concentrate their efforts in one main place and for my money this one is it.

  6. Conspiracy. The Goverment are losing out on the pounds they were gaining when we were all smokers. Now we have switched to a cheaper, healthier alternative, they are not happy…. costing them a fortune.

  7. I think it’s also connected to pharmaceutical companies, who both make profits from nicotine cessation products and fund many of the organisations who campaign against ecigarettes, and the large tobacco companies who would like strict regulations on ecigarettes in order to remove competition.

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