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The Vaping Blogs That Vaping Bloggers Love

10 E-Cig Bloggers Share Their Favourite Vaping Blogs

Have you missed any good e-cig blogs in the past? I know I have. And what better way to find great vaping blogs than by asking vaping bloggers themselves what they read.

To keep things fresh, I’ve invited different bloggers from those who kindly contributed to our 2015 ecig predictions post. We’ve also managed to get the female perspective this time! Many of the bloggers here are also my friends from the vaping blogger’s community, Vaper’s Block.

(BTW, I did ask bloggers not to mention us, because – a. if you’re reading this you already know this blog and b. it’s embarrassing, but some bloggers have!)

I am sure this list won’t catch every good blog out there, so do share your recommendations in the comments at the bottom!


Visit VapeMeStoopid.

Being an advocate and blogger, I end up reading quite a few different blogs from all around the world to stay up to date with what’s happening. Since I am American, I try to keep up with what is happening with ecigs in the states. To do that, I read The Vaping Militia’s website. The Vaping Militia regularly posts calls to action about local and state regulations, proposed laws, and bans on vaping. I think it is important to pay attention to what is happening in the states because they are moving ahead faster than the UK or EU when it comes to regulations and bans. The Vaping Militia is also funded by donations and you can become a member for a pretty reasonable price. They send you a pair of pretty awesome military style dog tags to show you are a member.

Finally, Lorien Jollye’s blog, “The Exit Door Leads In” closes my top 3 most read blogs. Lorien has become the face and voice of vapers throughout the UK, not because she set out to be, but because she really gets what we are going through as ex-smokers. Plus she really hates that smokers, are still being demonized by the media, public health, and tobacco control. She doesn’t blog often but when she does, you are not going to be disappointed.

Klaus Kneale, ECigAdvanced

Visit ECigAdvanced

I regularly read bits and pieces from nearly 20 vaping sources but I have a couple special spots I like keep an eye on.

Jacob Sullum is a regular contributor to and primarily focuses on the US’s expensive yet ineffective war on drugs. He occasionally turns some of his attention to how vaping is being unnecessarily hampered by overzealous anti-smoking policy and perspectives. Even when not talking about vaping, his stuff is worth reading. It will simply make you smarter about the politics affecting our world.

Reddit’s Electronic Cigarette Subreddit isn’t exactly a blog, but it is a great source of stories and perspectives in the community. Often, this community is the first place to catch news in the industry and the quickest way to find out what the community cares about. I visit daily (or more accurately at times, hourly).

Finally, (and I’m sure you might get others suggesting these too) I can’t possibly over look the value of blogs from Michael Siegel and Carl Phillips. Both are experts in the field of tobacco and its public health consequences. Both lend balanced expert perspectives to an industry constantly attacked with misleading and misunderstood science.

Chris Price From ECigarette Politics

Visit ECigarette Politics

My job is separating the facts from the commercial propaganda, organising the results, and creating ideas for others to use. To identify the facts takes a bit of digging, so research and commentary by scientists and the well-informed are where I go. Some health resources are also of interest to me. I’m completely uninterested in establishment views, which are usually ten years out of date. Most of my vaping info comes from the 100,000 posts a month on ECF. I haven’t included many of the indispensible resources such as Phillips’ Anti THR Lies or Bates’ Counterfactual as they are known to everyone.

Kings Fund – An independent health-related resource with a lot of NHS-related materials. You can knock the NHS if you like (I wouldn’t), but if you know somewhere better, get thee hence. Lots of pressure on it now, and it is interesting how it adapts to the digital age; although already rather late in that respect. One thing UK gov or health services will never be is pro-active, they are always playing catch-up.

Epology: How Many Premature Deaths Have Been Averted by ECigarettes Already  – A brave punt by Phillips on how many extra years of life expectancy (aka ‘lives saved’) ecigs are already responsible for. Hope he’s right.

Ecita Blog – Devlin does a good job for the trade, and there is always something useful to be found here. (Oliver Kershaw) – Kershaw is one of the original vaping advocates from 2007 and still at it. If you want to know what’s really happening and who is doing what where and why, he will know – it’s just that he can’t print 99% of it 🙂

Tobacco Truth – Tons of interesting stuff from Rodu, leading authority on the oral pathology of tobacco consumption and all-round THR hero. Specialist in oral tobacco issues.

North Atlantic Weather – This page is the current North Atlantic surface pressure chart. It tells you what to expect when we go sailing today, which is obviously quite important. It will also act as your guide to how it’s best to go to a good data source (and learn how to interpret it) rather than get a 4th-hand opinion using the wrong data anyway (“Don’t worry, we don’t get hurricanes in England”). There probably isn’t a better lesson than that.

Dick Puddlecote


Without doubt the most admirable quality of vapers is their collective grass roots commitment to spreading information. In a relatively short space of time in the long game of public policy and perception, so many blogs are springing up that it’s often difficult for someone like me who runs a business to keep up with.

I do my best but find myself turning first to three staples which offer news, analysis and humour on matters e-cig respectively. Steve K’s e-cigarette news keeps me abreast of the vaping stories I mostly miss while I’m working and is often a Godsend for identifying the source of any particular day’s Twitter discussion when I catch up later in the day. For deciphering the implications of policy and legislation announcements on UK vapers from the EU, Westminster and assorted anti-vaping quangos and lobby groups, Clive Bates’s blog is a must read for anyone with an interest in how political machinations can and will affect the everyday experience of people who choose to vape.

But for pure amusement and savaging of tobacco control industry nicotine-haters via the medium of ridicule, the Redhead is a bookmark or RSS add which no-one should miss out on.

Honourable mentions: The beautifully written but once-in-a-blue-moon postings at The Indefatigable Frog, and not always vape-related but always sound libertarian lifestyle goodness written by vaper Chris Snowdon at Velvet Glove Iron Fist.

Vaping Point Liz

Visit Vaping Point

The blogs I follow, keep me sane! If I just read the press – there is very little good news and a person could feel downhearted. It’s the bloggers I follow that are my emotional pick-up. I always read the comments too. There are really good blogs that wonderful people slog at daily. They certainly make MY day!

And lastly – to see what the anti-vaping/anti-smoking crowd is doing currently and not really uplifting there is:

Nathan from


I first started vaping at the end of 2008, and there really weren’t many vaping blogs around. It has been amazing to read all the various blogs born out of people’s passion for e-cigarettes that have evolved over the years. Seeing all those blogs gave me the courage to start my own blog Now that I’m a blogger, I feel it’s important to follow many of the most popular vape blogs and I do. Here are some of my favorites:

One blog I have followed forever is His newsletter is a great way to stay up to date on the latest vape news. Now all his news is posted at ECigarette News and his other content is still on his main site at

Another one of my favorite blogs is EC, the blog for They cover the latest e-cigarette studies with in-depth postings and create some amazing articles. I strive to produce the same high quality content on my site.

This last website recommendation isn’t a blog, but I think it’s a super cool resource. Steam Engine has wonderfully useful tools like an Ohm’s Law calculator, coil wrapping calculator, battery drain calculator, mod range calculator, and e-juice calculator. Good stuff!

Morten from The Vaping Giraffe

Visit The Vaping Giraffe

2014 was my first year as a blogger myself, so of course I’ve been reading a lot of vaping blogs last year. There’s a lot of good stuff out there that I’ve looked to for inspiration, for news and for quite a lot of fun.

One of the first vaping blogs I discovered was The Counterfactual by Clive Bates. His constant debunking of junk science and myths, his well written critiques of the WHO and other anti-vaping agencies and his use of common sense to attack the ANTZ was a great inspiration for me last year.

Another blogger that caught my attention in 2014 was Dick Puddlecote, who has spent a lot of time last year pointing out the anti-vaping lies that hit the media and revealing the immoral tactics of Tobacco Control. As I said, there’s a lot of good vaping blogs out there and probably a lot more that deserve a mention here, but the last one I wanted to share with you is Red Head Full of Steam by Joanne Lincoln, who has been, as the title of her blog says, “coming down upon the opponents of vaping with great vengeance and furious anger…”. I’d like to add “… and a great deal of humour and sarcasm” to that title. Her latest post (as I’m writing this) is a good example of why: Bandaids “lure kids into NRT” say experts.


Visit Keyzy’s Ecig Blog

My favorite ecig blogs? Great question!

I have several that I keep up on. Most of my favs are the guys who keep it simple. I want the news, facts and links in as few words as possible. If you have to write a novel for a sentence worth of info I am probably not subscribed. Time is precious, let’s not waste it.

In the last few years many new bloggers have come out. Of course I read The Ashtray blog, because you have to love James Dunworth but also Emily Lowe. She is cute and funny and very entertaining.

I enjoy The Vaping Giraffe, he is quick to put out and always has the latest info. I also read Ecig Advanced for Klause Kneale. He is very informative and pretty professional. I must also include Bogey with Vapers Voice and Alex Carlson [Alex blogs on The Vaping Militia]. I wish I had time to read them all. We have so many talented bloggers in our community. I’m just happy to be a part of it.

Gareth Witty from VapeDog

Visit The Vape Dog

So the nice people over at ECigaretteDirect asked me what blogs I watch and read for the ever changing world of vaping. So here is my top three that I use all the time and of course to read these and to keep up to date I use the Feedly service and Chrome extension on my devices.

At No 1 its The Ashtray Blog

Yes I know what you are thinking but I do use this all the time. The team over at Ashtray Blog keep this blog very well updated with information, news and even give aways so its always being checked on from day to day. To me this is my main news source and one I really recommend you follow.

(I did ask people not to include this blog, as readers will obviously already know us, but thank you anyway, Gareth! – James) 

Also a lot of information about using vaping and ecig devices can be found here as well. Always written in a friendly way and easy for beginners to understand and is always a pleasure to go back into the older stuff and read up as well.

And at Number 2 its the Spinfuel News Blog.

Now I know SpinFuel is USA based but the guys over there really keep the finger on the pulse and have great posts chock full of info. I find lots of information about the legal side can be found here and it can give you some very advanced stuff that could affect the UK side of vaping.

And at number 3 is Grimm Green.

I know GrimmGreen is more of a reviewer but his blog really shows vaping from the users’ point of view. He includes his reviews and vlogs on this blog but also puts up some very readable content now and again.

Now I have included a 4th one as I feel this one really needs to be on EVERYONES list and that is Taste Your Juice.

Phil is very well known for his in depth reviews and working with many people to make vaping understood and even legal in many USA states. You may well think I am in the UK, I am safe but what happens in the US will affect the UK as well.

Erik Bogey from Vapers Voice

Visit Vapers Voice

There are so many great vaping blogs out there to read with wonderful information, experiences, and help. Some of my personal favorites include ECigarette Research by Dr Farsalinos. It provides a wealth of information on studies about current topics relating to harm reduction and electronic Cigarettes. This is one of my must go to blogs when some crazy story comes out claiming e-cigs cause harm.

Also, I must mention Steve K’s Vaping World and especially his news site: ECigarette News. He is always on top of the news and makes it quick and easy to find what’s hitting the net about vaping.

Last but not least is Keyzygirls Vape Blog. I greatly enjoy reading her posts as she always has an interesting perspective to share on all things vaping.

Over To You

Which is your favourite? Love a vaping blog which isn’t mentioned here? Let me know in the comments!

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