Wales ban vaping

Wales Wants to Ban Vaping – Here’s How to Stop Them!

Update: Welsh Health Minister Drakeford has just released ‘evidence‘ in favour of a ban.

The letter ignores the massive body of positive e-cig evidence, the opinions of the Welsh public who were opposed to e-cigs in a public consultation and the many public health bodies mentioned below who oppose an e-cig ban.

This post is more relevant – so please keep fighting for your right to vape!

E-Cigarettes may have achieved more than any other smoking reduction strategy in the history of smoking, but the Welsh assembly don’t want you switching to e-cigs.

Mark Drakeford, who another AM told me has never smoked and doesn’t understand smokers, is aiming to ban the devices in all public places in Wales.


He claims that e-cigarettes could lead children to take up smoking. But research by Action on Smoking and Health shows that very few children are using e-cigarettes, and the majority of that few were already smokers. (See our infographic: Are Ecigs a Gateway to Smoking.)

(That’s the official reason. One civil servant told me he suspected the policy, which was launched when Welsh NHS figures came out, was more to do with distracting attention away from the Welsh government’s poor performance on health.)

To push ahead with the ban, Mark Drakeford has had to ignore a long line of experts and public health bodies, including The Royal College of Physicians, Cancer Research UK, Action on Smoking and Health, The British Heart Foundation, Tenovus, British Lung Foundation, the UK Nudge Group and many others.

In fact, he’s so desperate to find support he has had to turn to discredited anti-nicotine extremists from the USA.

A Policy Sham

The policy is going ahead despite the fact that 79% of responses to a consultation were against the ban. That’s even after the Government chose to ignore hundreds of responses from vapers who signed and sent a letter we had drafted.

The same policy in Spain has lead to a collapse in both the numbers of vapers and the number of vaping shops, with one estimate suggesting  a 70% fall in usage.

You’ll no longer be able to try flavours or e-cigs in shops before you make a purchase, and you’ll no longer be able to use these in your local pub.

What can you do?

This is not a lost cause. At the last count, around 50% of AMs were against a ban on vaping, and at least two Labour AMs are rumoured to be very uneasy against a ban on vaping.

It will, however, be a close run thing.

That’s where YOU can make a difference. Writing to representatives, and telling them how e-cigs have personally made a difference to YOUR life, has proved the best weapon vapers have to fight illogical bans on e-cigs.

To find out who your representative is, click here.

Update: Vaper’s In Power have provided a writing frame to help you draft a letter/email of complaint. Click here for the blog post, here for the writing frame.

9 thoughts on “Wales Wants to Ban Vaping – Here’s How to Stop Them!”

  1. Nobel Kudelasz

    I am not a GB resident, so my vote probably would not count. However, I am absolutely against the anti-vaping policy plan, and hope representatives will consider the scientific facts against their own beliefs and preconceptions. Cheers Welsh vapers, keep up the fight, maybe open the poll for other EU-residents: this cause is ours, too, maybe we can help.

    Kudelasz Nobel

  2. This bullshit is the reason that mounting millions across the country have no respect for “authorities” who wag fingers and BAN everything they can just because they can. Ams. MSPs and MPs across the country do not THINK and jump into banning anything they can. I stopped smoking two and a half years ago with the HELP of VAPING…they should be available on the NHS and be allowed in EVERY public place…here’s the bottom line: VAPING DOES NO HARM AND HELPS SMOKERS QUIT SMOKING…got that MPs APs MSPs MEPs???????? If you want to BAN something BAN yourselves and make the country a happy place to live in!

  3. I have sent a letter to my local councillor and to my member of the Welsh assembly for Ceredigion Elin Jones AM.
    At the protest in Swansea on the 29th of May, I was the only YouTube vape reviewer present and a couple of brick and mortar owners attended, such a poor turn out. I have tried to get as much positive information out there regarding E-cigs, but the lack of actually numbers of vapers physically going to protest events is very poor. Now everyone is jumping up and down, panicking about the proposed Welsh ban. More should have done something active to fight for our rights earlier.

  4. Lets face the reality and facts….

    Vape has helped many quit smoking!
    Some people making vape is probably not to lab standard more for profit
    A lot of vape is safe and meets strict guidelines already
    Clones are made and sold which should stop in my view bad for scene
    Products are improving in quality
    Costs are coming down
    Vape has reduced profit to cigarette companies
    This impacts tax to government due to loss in sales

    In my humble opinion:
    Government will want to earn money in this area and control VAPE sales using media to suggest risk and health and scare munger us to buying their safer product I am sure they will support a large corp no dought. (blu looking likely)

    Reducing size of tanks and taxing bottles of juice so need to buy more
    This will make it hard for their new existing vape “competition” to trade unless they are smart and under a new cooperation banner come together to compete alongside them in the market place would be an ideal solution yet unlikely unfortunately.

    So much like the drug scene today will simply go underground and impact people health more so than now. They were wrong then and they are wrong now, great job with managing that.

    I’m sure that any new legislation will only achieve to put small tax paying legitiment and easy controllable businesses to an out of control under ground of juice and device scene. Deaths and injury are then inevitable to which they will claim “told you so” and push their product.

    Surely its better to support the vape stores even if with increased laws rather than put them out of business???

    Lung hits a cloud of Charlies chalk dust Dream Cream and fills the room of a thick cloud and smiles 🙂

    Rant over!

  5. Philip Darling

    I have suffered with numerous ailments, mostly relating to my smoking for the last 44 years; I tried giving up and using alternatives in the past, to no avail. Having been diagnosed as suffering early stage COPD in early 2013, should’ve been enough to make me finally stop, but no. Then just by chance a family member mentioned vaping – I had no idea what it entailed but was willing to try it. That was on August 1st 2014. I have since that date not had any desire for a cigarette – my nicotine intake has now reduced to between 0-3mg which means I fully believe that I will be able to leave nicotine behind. I vape freely wherever I am – I do not blow clouds into stranger’s faces, do not offer vaping products to minors, nor know of anyone that does, and I keep my vape gear away from prying fingers. I make my own e-liquid so that I know exactly what is in it – I have no objection to others wishing to consider this as an alternative to cigarettes, and do believe that it can be used as an aide to smoking cessation.

  6. I am simply going to repeat what I said on Clive’s blog here. The battle is far from over.

    I have to admit it, that they have finally announced the Bill has revitalised me. I have spent my time since this was first announced in April last year preparing for this day. I have been actively seeking out and meeting with AMs of all parties to discuss this very issue.

    Finally, they have announced their intentions and now (to quote a certain fictional character) the game is afoot.

    As you rightly point out, there is a silver lining. Already we have seen two Labour MPs breaking ranks in England to attack the proposals. In Wales, Plaid Cymru, Cons and Lib-Dems are united in their condemnation and want to see the evidence. I also know from talking to some Labour AMs that some of them are also very uneasy about this. They may not admit it publicly, but it is there.

    The real work starts now. The call for evidence will occur over the summer recess and we have to mobilise the entire ‘pro-ecig’ figures in the Senedd.

    FWIW, I remain confident that these measures by Drakeford can be overturned. The battle is not over, not by a long way. Everything that has happened up to now was just the initial skirmishes. The real battle is about to commence.

    It is my contention that Drakeford has really stuck his neck out on this one. As ITV Wales reported, it is very much a ‘gamble’ on his part. He has gone against public opinion (79% of responses opposed his measures) and it is make or break time for Drakeford now. If he continues of his current path, then the stakes are high. He will either succeed, or he will ‘car-crash’ his political career. Whilst I don’t wish anyone ill-will, if he stubbornly refuses to listen (and the signs are that this will happen) then sacrificing his political career ( and credibility) may become the inevitable outcome he will have to face.

    He has gambled on an ideology and underestimated the opposition to his ideological ideas.

    I’m not finished with this fight yet. If anything, I am re-energised by it. The next 3-4 months are going to be a fascinating time.

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