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Welsh Gov E-Cig Gateway Theory Destroyed By Its Own Evidence

But Instead Of Trusting Its Own Surveys, Welsh Gov Turns To Dodgy Foreign Studies

In its desperate search for evidence behind its claim that e-cigs are a gateway to smoking, the Welsh government has carried out a survey of 3,565 users.

But they failed to find ONE regular user who had been a non-smoker. And of the total surveyed, which included people who had just tried an e-cigarette, only 1% had never smoked.

In its quest to destroy the single most effective tool against smoking in Wales, the Welsh government desperately needs evidence to support its assertion that electronic cigarettes are leading people into a lifetime of smoking, an assertion that has been disproved by UK studies by bodies such as Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) and Smoking Toolkit England.

So when their own evidence says they are wrong, they are turning to foreign studies.

In the article linked above, two studies are mentioned. One surveyed 700 teenagers, and concluded that teenagers who use  are more likely to turn to smoking. Yet just 16 of those 700 teenagers had ever used an e-cigarettes. (Source: Pub Med Health).

A second study found that that teenagers who experimented with e-cigs were more likely to experiment with tobacco cigarettes. But as Clive Bates, former director of Action on Smoking and Health, points out, this proves correlation, not cause. After all, if you are the sort of person who likes to experiment with nicotine, chances are you will experiment with both cigarettes and e-cigarettes.

But that’s not all, as blatant lies are being told in Wales.

For example, they are being told that the e-cig industry is owned by Big Tobacco (I don’t know one e-cig company in Wales owned by Big Tobacco – do you?) and that e-cig users don’t realise there is nicotine in e-cigs. (Let me know if you thought your e-cig was nicotine free!)

What can you do?

The Welsh Lib Dems are currently leading the fight against a ban on e-cigs in public places in Wales.

They are currently asking us vapers to:

  1. Sign a petition. It takes a few seconds to help – so please sign and share!
  2. They are also asking for help to compile a list of e-cig suppliers. Click here to submit the contact details of your supplier. 

You can also contact your AM to share your concerns. You can find a list of AMs, where they stand on the ban and tips on what to say here.

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