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Lord’s Last Ditch Attempt to Save Vaping

Thank you to Ian Gregory of Abzed and The 100k Campaign for this guest post. 

In the House of Lords Lord Callanan has put down a motion which if passed would stop implementation of the TPD in the UK. This is a critical development.

Update: Organisers are now calling on vapers to email their MPs, and you can also find other ways to help here.

Why this is different

Lord Callanan: is a hugely experienced senior politician. In the European Parliament he both advised us how to campaign against medicalisation and led the successful campaign to block  regulation that would have wiped out e-cigarettes.  Nobody has been more effective at defending vaping than him.


Lord Callanan's motion.

Unless Lord Callanan is forced by pressure from Downing Street to withdraw his motion there will be a debate and a vote. Under parliamentary rules if the Lords agree to this motion the statutory instrument implementing the TPD in the UK will fall. Such procedures are called “fatal motions” because the regulations get killed outright and do not go back to the Commons.

(For geeks: the Lords have until 10 June to vote against this delegated legislation. That will be the end of the 40 days of “praying time” during which a successful motion can block the statutory instrument. This is the case even though the law has previously gone into effect as the TPD will on 20 May.)


The Lords are strongly against the TPD rules on vaping as was shown in last week’s debate in the House of Lords.

Government and Opposition

They know there are severe problems with the TPD’s rules on vaping. Government officials have acknowledged that they could increase smoking and the health minister told the Lords that he hoped enforcement would be more ‘Italian’ than traditional British.

The shadow minister said that he could not understand why e-cigarettes were included in the TPD and described opposition to vaping as “bonkers”. Two years ago his boss, Jeremy Corbyn, signed a parliamentary motion against the TPD rules on vaping.


As politicians see increasing vaper pressure they are already trying to be creative in finding a solution. Technically the EU could start “infraction proceedings” against the UK for not fully implementing Article 20, but this would prove bad timing. This is not the time encourage anti-EU sentiment!

Why we will succeed

There are more of us.

In 2013, despite huge pressure from the EU commission, vaper power helped swing the day.  At that time there were 1.3 million vapers in the UK. Now there are 2.8 million of us.

Political concern

Westminster and Brussels have reasons to be helpful. With top doctors such as the Royal College of Physicians coming out strongly in support of e-cigarettes, politicians are finally seeing the evidence that some of the rules are no longer fit for purpose.

As we saw last week, a majority of vapers want to leave the EU. Politicians (at least those who are in favour of the UK remaining in the EU) will not want to see vapers decide their referendum votes on this issue.

What you can do

If ever there was a day for vaper power this is it! Last time round, it was the letters and social media support that won so many MEPs to our cause.

So let us respectfully urge our leaders to use the opportunity provided by Lord Callanan’s motion to rethink the specific problems we have with TPD.

Tweet: send your support for the #LordsVapeVote to @Number10gov @jeremycorbyn @MartinCallanan. (Update: #LordsVapeVote is now trending on twitter!)

Petition: Here is one ready to go, and in just a few hours it has already attracted 1000’s of signatures. Add yours now: Petition to Parliament

When vapers work together they are an unstoppable force. If we do not take today’s opportunity presented by Lord Callanan’s  initiative then we could have to wait until around 2026 for the next Tobacco Products Directive to be implemented for even a chance of improvement.

So wait ten years – or tweet today like you have never tweeted before.


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4 thoughts on “Lord’s Last Ditch Attempt to Save Vaping”

  1. TPD should never have been enforceable in the UK. If the supermarkets can stick two fingers up to the EU and carry on selling standard lightbulbs then UK vape retailers should have done likewise.

    If TPD does ever get repealed, all the spineless retailers who cynically put their prices up when TPD came in and who enthusiastically took advantage of it as a money making excersize – can go to hell if they think I’m buying from them.

    If your a vape retailer, I want to hear three things. That you voted Brexit, that you fought TPD, and that you didn’t jack your prices up on people when it came in.

    I have a list of offenders. If TPD is repealed and the vaping industry recovers in the UK at some point, none of the companies on my list who tried to take advantage of me when I had nobody to stick up for me, will see a penny of my money and I hope you lost all your customers when they saw how cynical you played TPD.

    Retailers who voted Brexit, fought TPD and kept their prices down will get my business. So, if you’re think about setting up a vape shop when/if TPD is repealed, you’d better make sure you have a clean history because I will make it my business to tell people who you are. what you voted for, and what you tried to do to people when they were vulnerable.

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