ECigarette Direct CoolFire IV TC100 Tutorial

Innokin Cool Fire IV TC 100: Review + Tutorial

By Martyn Rowlands from our Hereford Store

Despite having a brand new and extremely accurate chip in this latest incarnation of the Cool Fire series, the Innokin Coolfire IV TC100 is a well priced mod for the quality and performance you get.

The casing (shared with the previous model) is very sleek and attractive for a device of this stature, as most competitors are either much bulkier, boxier affairs, or even downright ugly in comparison. Meanwhile, the TC 100’s bevelled rounded edges and go-faster stripes offer a hint of a retro look.

The TC 100 is a big leap forward for the CoolFire as a device, with ample power for anyone other than the most extreme cloud chaser. Each of the common temperature control coiling options are covered with the excellent new Aethon chip, and (for an inbuilt battery device) a whopping 3300mAh capacity.

This is a product for those who are serious about their vaping.

Update: The Coolfire TC100 has now been discontinued. For a newer model, see the Innokin Coolfire Z80.


At A Glance

  • Massively increased power range
  • Ultra fast firing
  • Precise control in TC or VW Mode
  • Compatible with variety of TC coils
  • New Aethon Chipset

Coolfire Iv TC100 Box contents


    • Complete range of T.C. Modes (SS, Ni200, Ti).
    • Total T.C. Dry Hit Prevention & Quick Calibration.
    • UltraFast response: .2 seconds from Click to Vapor!
    • VDC power output with ClearWave noise cancellation.
    • Precise Coil Resistance Reading (.00000).
    • Uniform coil heating eliminates hotspots.
    • 25 – 100W Temperature Control RampUp preBoost.
    • High quality stainless steel 510 threading.
    • Spring loaded gold plated connector pin.
    • Integrated charging safety protections.
    • Ultra-low standby power consumption.

Jargon Busting!

Dry Hit Prevention: When the wick is dry, the chip reads the rise in temperature (liquid, of course, would keep it cooler), and drops the power accordingly to prevent burning.

Quick Calibration: Fairly straightforward this one! When placing an atomiser on the device, it gives you five options to select, Same/Ni200/TI/SS/VV, to aid selecting the correct setting for the type of coil you intend to use.

Clearwave Noise Cancellation: Many mods, including the original CF4, emit an electronic buzzing when firing towards the top of their range. This buzzing is caused by PWM (pulse width modulation), but you don’t get this problem with the TC100.

RampUp preBoost: The higher the wattage in TC mode, the quicker it will reach the desired temp.
Innokin Coolfire IV TC100 Colours

Using the device


When using TC coils, it is especially important to calibrate correctly to have accuracy from the chip during usage. Both device and atomiser need to be at the same ambient temperature (sat side by side for several minutes before attaching), as the device uses it’s own internal temperature as the base line, it doesn’t read the actual temperature of the coil.

As an example:

If you were to fire the atomiser, detach then reattach, the temperature would be quite high, yet the device would set the base temperature to it’s internal measurement. This would then cause the atomiser to get significantly warmer than the readout would suggest.
Innokin Coolfire IV TC100 Side & Screen

Turning The Coolfire On/Off

To turn the device on or off, press the fire button three times.

A great feature of this device is that each time you screw on an atomiser, it will ask you whether it is the same atomiser as previously attached, and offers a range of options if this isn’t the case.

The options are:

  • Same coil
  • Ni (Ni200)
  • Ti (Titanium)
  • SS (Stainless Steel 316L)
  • VV (Wattage)

The settings are all fairly intuitive, as after selecting the wattage setting you then have to choose between 6-100 watts, and with the temperature settings (Ni/Ti/SS) you are offered adjustments between 150-315c or 300-600f. (Going over 600f brings you to 150c, and over 315c takes you to 300f).
Innokin Coolfire IV TC100 White

Adjusting Paramaters

Once you have your tank installed, adjusting your parameters is easy enough. Simply hold down one of the adjustment buttons (plus or minus) until the display flashes, finding your preferred power/temp setting, then firing to lock the setting in.

Compared to other devices where you need a certain button combination to lock the settings in, for me, this is much preferable.

If you select the wrong coil material during installation of the tank, holding plus and power together will shift on to the next setting (upper left corner of display). SS > VV, VV > NI and so forth. Alternatively, just remove the tank and replace it – it will then ask you to select the mode you want – just click plus until you get the mode you want.

Also, whilst in temp control mode, to adjust the wattage/RampUp you simply hold minus and power until you get the familiar blinking of the wattage displayed (lower left corner).

Trouble shooting

I’ve had a hard time when it comes to this section, as the device is brand new to the market no one seems to have suffered from any quirks or malfunctions as yet. These things tend to surface quickly, so here’s hoping we have a fault free device!

Two things to consider though:

Due to the nature of the materials used in temp control coils, they fluctuate in resistance when heated (Nichrome and Titanium especially!).

The chip is programmed to know these nuances, and it is this which allows it to accurately heat the coils to the desired temperature, and likewise regulate when the desired heat is reached. This change in resistance may be seen as a flaw by vapers lacking this knowledge.

But, as long as there is no obvious rapid changing of the resistance (something more possible with a hand built coil not having great contact), then it should be regarded as normal.

Using SS coils you can use either SS or wattage mode, but when switching to temp from wattage mode the atomiser needs to be re-calibrated, or the temperature will be way off. I would suggest a good 10mins cooling period.

ECigarette Direct CoolFire IV TC100 ReviewWhat we like

  • Comfortable ergonomic shape
  • Great build quality, with a solid feel
  • Clear, bold screen, and familiar Innokin menu
  • Floating 510 pin
  • Accuracy of the new Innokin Aethon chip (Resistance to 5 decimal places)
  • Superfast 2A charging
  • Power to size ratio is excellent. Very few devices of this size, with this power and accuracy
  • For the techy lot the ClearWave (ever had a mod buzz when fired? This one doesn’t!) features work well.

What we don’t like

Not a lot! Personally, considering the brand new chip, I would have preferred it be the Coolfire V, in a new housing. Yet, using the Coolfire IV Plus body has saved on cost and helped keep the retail price low. If I was going to nitpick;

  • Some tanks with a longer 510 connection may not sit 100% flush
  • Buttons not as robust in feel as some other devices

26 thoughts on “Innokin Cool Fire IV TC 100: Review + Tutorial”

  1. I’ve watched videos
    Read reviews.
    This is a awsome device.
    Great vids&reviews. .
    Great $$$$$ as well.

  2. Hi im Josh davis I’m 36 I was a smoker for from the age of 16 to til about 2 years and some months im 6 foot 10 and I did weight over 400 pounds I cough couldn’t run play with my girls until I try vaping I started vaping I started with a cool fire 1 then i notice i could play with my kids and i lost the weight so i up grade to the 2 I evening still have it lol your mods are great they last build great I would love to win a cool fire thank for ur time

  3. Hi James. Thanks for this very informative guide it was the main reason that made me purchase the innokin tc 100. My problem is that I’m very new to this type of mod and all the settings are quite confusing. I’ve got a similar cheaper branded one without any settings or display at all but gives a much better flavour than the tc 100. I’ve tried both side by side with the same juice and the cheaper one definitely gives a better flavour. I’ve tried playing around with the settings but am not experienced enough to know what’s what. My question is what settings would you recommend for the best flavour. I’m using the original coil that came with it which I think is stainless steel. Many thanks.

    Cardiff, Wales

      1. Hello
        I cannot find your reply to Burhan’s question on your facebook page. Could you please advise as I have had my Cool Fire IV for almost 2 months and would love to know the best settings to get the best out of it

  4. I’ve been peering at the pictures of the TC100 to see if I could answer my questions for myself but without any luck. Despite being in the same case as the original CF4, it LOOKS as if two of the features which many people liked about the original may have gone – the On/Off switch on the base and the lanyard hole. Can you confirm if they ARE there on the TC100 or not?

    I’m a confirmed lanyard fan and carry my vape round my neck at all times, so the lack of one might almost be a deal-breaker for me despite all the other tempting features on the TC100…! Ah, life used to be so simple with none of these temptations and decisions to make back when I was a smoker – but trust me, I’d never go back to it now!!

    PS Full measurements (I can only find height at 86mm?) plus comparison of weight between the original CF4 and the TC100 would be great as well. I’m still very tempted by it…

      1. Hi James.
        Regarding the charging comment.
        In the information that came with my TC100 it says ‘Micro USB charging supports 2a quick charge’ I asked the guy who sold me the device if i could use the plug from my Samsung galaxy s6 and the lead from the TC100 to quick charge and he said it would be fine.
        Is he wrong?

        1. Hi Paul

          Thanks for the comment. The TC100 does support fast charging via a 2A charger, but I can’t comment on the suitability of a Galaxy S6 charger. Could you drop us an email at [email protected] so that we can provide you with more information?


  5. I have coolfire IV tc100 and been using innokin I sub ss BVC coil. Is this coil safe for this device. And what are correct settings? Thanks

  6. I have had my Cool Fire4 TC 100 for only 3 month and now it shows no details in the window and is not charging fully and it won’t vape, any ideas would be much appreciated. James Dixon

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