Reads: Aspire Pockex Overview and Tutorial.

Aspire PockeX – Review and Tutorial

At a Glance

The PockeX is a super simple and compact device that is easy to use.

It features an innovative top coil swap system which makes filling a doddle.

A powerful 1500mAh internal battery combined with low resistance 0.6ohm coils mean that the PockeX can produce lots of flavour and vapour.

In this post, you’ll find out how to use the Aspire PockeX, as well as what we like and don’t like about it.

Available today for £22.99

The Aspire PockeX is a brand new all-in-one e-cigarette. Small and sleek, the PockeX has the power to punch above its weight.

The Aspire PockeX will appeal to people wanting a no nonsense device.

In the Box

  • 1 x Aspire PockeX
  • 1 x 0.6ohm coil (installed)
  • 1 x 0.6ohm coil (spare)
  • 1 x Micro USB charging cable
  • 1 x User manual

Key Features

  • 2ml tank capacity
  • 1500mAh built in battery
  • Leak free filling
  • No spill coil swap system
  • Pyrex tank

PockeX box contents


The Aspire PockeX is a compact device. Measuring at just 117mm (L) x 19.7mm (H), it’s shorter than most smartphones.

The coil screws straight into the top of the battery, with the tank and mouthpiece fitting on top.

No new shapes here, the PockeX takes the simple and proven cylinder form along with a well placed tactile firing button. Charging is handled at the bottom of the device by micro usb.


The Basics

The Aspire PockeX uses the tried and tested on-button-operation and is super easy to use.

You can do 2 things with the fire button. Fire the device, and lock the device. There’s not a lot to get wrong!

There is a 10 second auto cut off which stops the battery for firing for more than 10 seconds at a time.

You can use the PockeX in passthrough mode, but you won’t be able to stand it on it’s base while you charge.

Aspire PockeX Kit Black, Silver & Rose Gold

Changing the Coil

  1. Unscrew the top cap.
  2. Unscrew the coil and remove from the tank.
  3. Screw a new coil into the tank.
  4. Refit the top cap.
  5. Wait for 5-10 minutes for the wick to soak up e-liquid.

After you’ve changed the coil, do not over tighten the top cap. If the top cap is too tight, when you remove it to refill the tank, the coil can unscrew as well.

What Aspire won’t tell you is that the PockeX is compatible with Nautilus X coils

Aspire PockeX coil


Filling the Aspire PockeX is super easy. Simple remove the top cap assembly and you’ve got access to the tank. Once open, fill the tank to the max line on the outside of the tank. The max level mark is quite small and can be missed. It’s next to the viewing window on the painted section of the tank.

Locking and unlocking

To lock or unlock the PockeX, press the fire button 5 times. The fire button will flash 3 times to indicate when the device is locked or unlocked.

Battery charge level indication

When using the PockeX, the fire button will change colour depending how much battery life you have left.

  • Blue: Over 30% power remaining
  • Red: Less than 30% power remaining


Airflow on the PockeX is fixed. We’re big fans of adjustable airflow but by doing away with adjustment, Aspire have managed to keep the PockeX super compact. The airflow is medium and suitable for direct to lung inhales or loose mouth to lung inhales.

Aspire PockeX spare tank


The Aspire PockeX works really well with the PockeX in black, or rose gold…
Yes, this sounds a bit silly, but the PockeX is designed as an all-in-one solution and is not compatible with other batteries.

Works with Aspire Nautilus coils

However, what Aspire have not mentioned in their launch material is that the Aspire Pockex is compatible with the Aspire Nautilus X coils. The PockeX comes fitted with a 0.6ohm mouth to lung coil and a spare. For mouth breathers, being able to fit 1.6ohm Nautilus X coils is a comforting relief. Please note that although it works, for the best experience with the PockeX use the included 0.6ohm coils.


What We Like:

  • Compact design
  • Easy leak free filling
  • Drainless coil swapping

What we don’t like:

  • Slight rattle from firing button

The Aspire PockeX is available on ECigaretteDirect for £22.99

Confused about e-liquid?

If you’re not sure about what e-liquid to put in your PockeX, check out the post below on PG vs VG and how it affects your vape.

PG vs. VG: A Vaper’s Guide

Q’s & A’s

How to Replace the Glass on an Aspire PockeX

In the comments below Jodie asks how to replace the glass on an Aspire PockeX. Here’s what to do.

  1. Make sure your tank is empty.
  2. Turn the PockeX off.
  3. Unscrew the drip tip and coil as if you were refilling usually.
  4. Pull the old tank off and push the new in.

If it’s broken, it’s worth getting some tissue paper and cleaning around the seal and the contacts before pushing the glass in.

How much e-liquid should you put in a PockeX?

On the PockeX there is a line on the glass with small letters saying Max. You can fill up to this line but try not to fill beyond this.

88 thoughts on “Aspire PockeX – Review and Tutorial”

  1. Hi guys just received my aspire Pockex first attempt from the traditional E cig that I have been using for many years. So far so good the look and feel is great and I have already worked out that it is very cost effective. Many thanks for introducing me to this kind of vaping.

  2. Help! I just bought this for my boyfriend and it seems to not be vaporizing? Also it makes a gargling sound when you hit the fire button.

    1. Hello Laken

      The gargling is caused by a flooded wick. Excess liquid has entered the atomiser head, and blocks the pathway for the vapour and inhibits vapourisation.

      If your boyfriend flicks the worst out, then takes a few gentle draws, it should clear right up.

    2. I got one two months ago and the liquid I use with it its not soaking into the coil took it back to the shop and he gave me a different liquid that is more vicious and a new coil because both that come with it had burnt out when I use it in the shop when I got it back it was fine later that day it did it again I have to unscrew the top a little and then tighten it again to let the liquid through but then it floods the coil don’t know if you have any suggestions as it is getting annoying now as I either get liquid spitting at me or burning using so much liquid as well because of it

      1. I only used mine a few times. Then a few days ago I pressed the blue button . The button lit up but no vapour came out. I’ve tried changing the coils bit nothing happens. I have had it a few months but not use it often. Really hope I can get it working again. Please can you give me some advise.

        1. Hi Emma, I sounds like the same problem I mentioned in another comment. It’s highly likely that terminal connector that connects with the coil in your tank has been pushed in. You might be able to pull it out with some tweezers, if you have some small enough.

  3. I found the instructions very poor had to work it out for myself. Didn’t know until I read on here that you have to leave it 10 minutes to soak up the oil, now my menthol liquid tastes funny, not nice at all, have just drained liquid out and will try again.

  4. Should there be a constant red light while it is charging? Mine has a red LED for 5 minutes, and then it turns off, so I don’t know is it charging now or not?

    1. Hi NBA

      Ideally yes, the light should remain on whilst charging. I would recommend trying another micro USB cable, to see if that’s the issue.

      If not let it run flat and fully charge (2hrs would be plenty), then see if it lasts as long as per usual. If it doesn’t I suggest bringing the item back to one of our stores for further assistance.

  5. According to aspire the coil stays in the top cap when removing for filling hence why the max line is so low and so you can change coils without emptying the tank.
    Cheers J

  6. I’m new to this, as in I just got mine today and it’s my first time using such a device. What do I do if I want to change flavors? Is there a specific way to go about doing it?

    1. Hi Kayrock, it’s simply a matter of filling your tank with a different flavoured e-liquid. I’d recommend using Halo e-liquid, as it’s the right vg-pg ratio for the coil. You can use a different tank or to wash your tank out and leave it dry for 24 hours first if you want to keep the flavours completely separate, but that’s not essential.

      1. i got my Aspire PockeX and washed the coil as i added a different flavor but did not like it,as i am new to Vapouring,so can i just reuse the coul after blowing out any water and making sure its as dry as possible to use straight away or do i have to have 24 hours to dry ?

  7. Hi, just got mine the other day & have just refilled the tank for the first time. I have used a different brand & flavour of e-liquid. My e-cig has now started flooding into the drip tip and it gurgles. I changed the coil and I’m still having the same issues? Does anyone know how to fix this or what I’m doinf wrong? I’m quite new to vaping. Thanks

      1. This was a great tip! I just got the Pockex as a move toward cigarette cessation and wondered why I’ve notice the slightest amount of condensation inside the tip. Had no idea I should start my inhale before hitting the button! I tried it and it actually makes the mouth to lung action feel better, too!

    1. Hi Nicola

      Are you 100% certain that liquid is coming out of the button, and not running down from the bottom of the tank section and finding it’s in to the surrounding gap of the button?

      On the rare occasion the bottom seal can be ever so slightly off centre, allowing a little liquid to seep out and run down the battery. If it is definitely coming out of the button, return it immediately.

      If you bought it in store, and are not 100% sure it’s coming through the button, I would bring it in with the relevant receipt, and our staff members will be happy to assist in rectifying the situation,

  8. Rebecca Mcguire

    I have had a pocket x aspire for over a year my over tank smashed as i dropped it. I have just recently replaced it with another. My new one im having some problems with as it is just tasting of burning all the time. I have changed the coil and prepped it with the second one that came with it and no luck. I have used different liquids and i am starting to think it is my new purchased pipe. Please some one help…

    1. Hi Rebecca, if you do smash the tank there’s no need to get an entire new one – you can find replacement tanks here: There’s a number of things which can lead to burning coils including not letting the e-liquid soak in or vaping too heavily (in which case you might need a tank more suitable to heavy vaping) – you can find our guide to resolving burning coils here: Hope it helps!

  9. I smashed the glass on my aspire pockex just under a week after buying it. If I return it will I get a new one under the warranty or is it only factory defaults that mean you can get a replacement?

      1. My husband dropped his. Broke glass. I just need to know if metal replacement tube comes with glass ? Or do I need to find replacement glass?

  10. I got one two months ago and the liquid I use with it its not soaking into the coil took it back to the shop and he gave me a different liquid that is more vicious and a new coil because both that come with it had burnt out when I use it in the shop when I got it back it was fine later that day it did it again I have to unscrew the top a little and then tighten it again to let the liquid through but then it floods the coil don’t know if you have any suggestions as it is getting annoying now as I either get liquid spitting at me or burning using so much liquid as well because of it

  11. Yes, this Pockex is great for me now I have adjusted it .. A heavy small cigar smoker .. got some Havana cigar liquid .. plenty nicotine with 50/50 mix and a very close cigar flavour.
    Still, the draw and ‘noise’ put me off somehow … it needed to be really quiet, and I mean quiet, for me to accept it as a substitute.
    I changed to a 1.2 Ohm coil, and put an air adjuster ring around the very narrow air input slot so the draw was more that of the cigars I smoke …. Now it is very quiet, and a direct draw is just right.
    I started by using a narrow strip of masking tape around the air slot and cutting a small gap until it was as I wanted it.
    Might be of use to anybody who wants a substitute ciggy .. obviously not for non inhalers or cloud producers.

    1. In the last few weeks my Pockex’s have been getting through coils every 3 or 4 days….expensive!! Dont understand why because I rarely fill tank up beyond lines and if I do, pour a bit out if needed, and when replacing coils let them soak/stand for 15 mins at least and also dont feel I’m vaping so heavily that it justifies changing coils this frequently. Have had these machines for about 6 months. Help please!!

  12. Hi,

    I got mine three days ago and just charged it for the first time. Now it is not working even though it is fully charged. When I press the blue button it lights up but then nothing happens. Any ideas what I should do?

    1. Hi Holly, it’s worth checking that the coil is installed correctly and that battery terminal is connecting with the coil. You could also try increasing the power (slowly!) until it works. If that doesn’t work I’d take it to the seller for them to troubleshoot.

  13. Hi I just brought my pockex new and it arrived fully charged which lasted a day now that I’m putting it on charge it stays flashing red for over 5 hours and when I take it off charge after this time of charging its is blue when on and then turns orange? Help please

    1. Hi Samantha. The PockeX has two colour lights for the battery indicator on the button. There’s a second light on the bottom of the device that will glow red or green when your plugged in to a charger. Is it the light on the button or the bottom of the device that is orange after charging?

    2. Hey, have just ordered aspire PockeX from you. Can you confirm if coil needs to be primed before use or can it be used straight away (once left in tank to soak in liquid for 10-15 mins)? Thanks!

      1. Also if you can advise on best way to prime the coil and how much liquid to use to do so would be great. Thanks!

          1. Thanks James, that’s really helpful! So literally just 2 or so drops into top and side holes or should it be more? Would you recommend adding any liquid to the side part/ cotton itself? I seem to always mess up the pruning process so really want to get it right this time 😉 And then leave for 15mins after priming? Thank you!

  14. I have read through some reviews and they all say great for clouds. However mine feels really tight to get a drag out of and doesn’t produce much cloud at all, any suggestions?

  15. I got a pockex yesterday and I must say I am enjoying it. I was flicking between pods and mods for my nicotine but I think this unit will be my daily driver. Thanks Aspire.

  16. I just bought one because I needed a 2nd “back-up” device. I have a device with more features and needed something to have on hand should I lose or break my “good” one. I don’t care about clouds – I’m replacing cigarettes. I love the size and the fixed air flow and battery level is appropriate. However, I do find removing the top assembly a little messy for refill and have learned to fill it a little below the max line because once you put the coil back in, that line may present higher.

  17. Hannah Laffling

    When I purchased my pockex the people in the vape shop told me the highest strength liquid I could use with it was 6mg nicotine. I was previously using liquid with 18mg nicotine (I had an aio). When I asked why they couldn’t give me a clear answer but seemed to be saying it would burn out the coil if i used a higher nicotine strength liquid. I’m using the 0.6ohm coil.

    Is this correct? I would really like to continue using liquid with 18mg nicotine with my pockex!


    1. Hi Hannah, there’s no problem with using the Pockex with higher nicotine strengths. The shop staff probably meant that if you used the Pockex with a low resistance coil (such as the Pockex 0.6 ohm coil) you would be better off with lower nicotine. However, if you use a higher resistance coil such as 1.2 ohm (available here: then you should be fine with a higher nicotine level. Hope that helps!

  18. I’ve had my pockex for a year now, I charged it last night and the socket around the charging port goes green and everything is allgood, but now it won’t turn on, I pressed the button 5 times and it does nothing, it has never done this before and I’ve charged it through my ps4 which I have for a whole year, there seems to be nothing wrong with the battery either because it was orange when I plugged it in and went green when it was full my charged. I’ve never dropped it, over vaped or got it wet. What should I do ? How do I turn it on ?

  19. I got my aspire pocket x a week ago and when I press the button it turns blue but it does not blow no smoke or work what do I do?

  20. HI James. Hope you may be able to help me or tell me how ive mucked it up! I bought an aspire pockeX a couple of days ago and vaped just fine until today when I decided to wipe out the cookie butter liquid to replace with some strawberry sherbet laces liquid and now I can’t screw the tank coil cotton thing !! Not sure what it’s called !! into the Base in glass tube. I’m worried now that I have cross threaded it :-/ what is the next move? Rachel

    1. Hey Murt, unfortunately it’s really difficult to answer questions like this because it depends on how you use it. So for example, it’s going to last a lot longer for someone who takes a short puff every 30 minutes than for someone who takes a long puff every ten minutes or so.

  21. Hi just wondered… just bought one of these and first impressions are great! I just wondered though when you look down the mouth piece the chimney hole isn’t directly flush in the centre. It’s kind of to one side. Is this normal? I’m getting good hits.. all seems ok but I just wondered

  22. I love my Pocket X, I just upgraded and bought both the Pegasus and the Pegasus mini, with the Triton mini tank and Cleito tank respectively, but am having trouble with coils butning up, hoping its just a learning curve but thinking about switching back. My bf has ben using the Pegasus and the Cleito for months without problem.

  23. My pockex will be working just fine but when I fill it up, I make sure it isn’t over filled, it doesn’t wanna hit right any more. The last time this happened I just let it sit for like a week and then magically it started working right again. I have tried cleaning the air flow part and cleaning the mouth piece area. Turning it off then on again. Why does it do this.?

    1. Sounds like the thread is broken. You can get replacement parts – a drip tip base will probably do it. In future, it’s well worth doing a half turn till you hear a click and then screwing on firmly but gently.

  24. I have a popping sound and it spits when i go to hit it. I have to shoot it in the air so it doesn’t go in my throat it also sounds a lot louder than the last coil i used. Im afraid to hit it to long worried about sparks going in my throat. Any suggestions?

  25. I bought mine almost a year ago. I had to stop using it because it would get scalding hot when charging! I tried to take it back to the store I purchased it from a week later and they went out of business. So I am stuck with it. Pisses me off.

  26. Růžena Strnadová

    I have an Aspire pockex that I’m trying to get to work. It doesn’t fire or anything, yet the fire button lights up blue when I hold it down. Is it just a connection issue? How do I fix this? The battery is fully charged. when i press the button its only air going through..

  27. I got mine yesterday from a friend and it was charging fine but then it stopped working and every time I hit the fire button it blinks orange 15 times how do I fix this?

    1. Hi Izzy

      Here’s a few possibilities:

      1. Potentially the coil is screwed into the tank instead of the battery. Try removing the coil and ensuring it attached correctly.
      2. Try replacing the coil.
      3. Ensure the coil is not over-tightened.

      It could also be down to low voltage protection. Charging the device may fix it, but depending on the device age and treatment of the battery, it may simply need replacing.

      Let me know how you get on 🙂

  28. Joanna Woodhead

    I’ve had my pocketx x about 3 mths, it’s started to play up, the bottom half is red hot, I’ve charged it up and it red hit, and flt within 15 minutes, the bottoms still hot after unplugging it, it just seems to be wearing the battery down even though I’m M not using it and remaining hot

    1. Hi Joanna, while the Pockex does seem to get hotter than other devices, if it remains hot after you have finished using it I would not use the device again. I’d advise you to report it your supplier (you may get a replacement if it’s in warranty) and ideally return it to them so they can investigate the issue.

  29. Joanna Woodhead

    Also just going flat withing a few minutes it’s like the buttons been pressed continuously, I’ve even unscrewed the top half from the bottom half and the bottom half is still hot, even though im. Not actually using it

  30. I have dropped mine and smashed the glass. I have ordered a replacement glass but I don’t know how to replace it. Have you got a step by step or am I just being thick!

    1. Hey Jodie, Here’s what you need to do:

      Make sure your tank is empty, unscrew the drip tip and coil as if you were refilling usually, pull the old tank off and push the new in. If it’s broken, it’s worth getting some tissue paper and cleaning around the seal and the contacts.

      I’ll pop this in the blog post too in case other people have the same question.

  31. Best device ive ever had and can only say all positive things about the pocketx but just one question, i have been using same coil for 2 months now and its fine but is this normal as i am waiting for it to burn out… a regular vapour wh use to smoke 20 cigs a day?

    1. Hi Sheila, two months is good going! Usually you can detect the taste starting to go but I would consider changing the coil more regularly than 2 months just in case there are any burnt elements on your coil which your taste buds aren’t picking up.

    2. I have recently purchased a 5 pack of new coils but 2 so far have completely failed: the blue light is on but it is just air coming through; no heat seems to being generated. I have checked and refitted several times. The old one which I have still works fine, but not the new ones. Why is this?

  32. Hi I want to know what concentration of liquid I can put in my pockex. I use 50/50 ratio, but I wonder if I can use différent pg/vg ratio? Thank you

    1. Hey Caroline, it largely depends on the type of device you have. A small pen style device doesn’t work well with a high VG e-liquid. Ideally you want a device with lower resistance coils, with larger ports in the coil and a bit more power. The Aspire PockeX is a fairly versatile device, and with the 0.6ohm coil you should be able to handle higher VG e-liquids. To really get the most out of a high VG e-liquid, though, I’d suggest something like the Smok RPM80 or the Vaporesso PM80.

  33. i have an Aspire PockeX which has worked fine until today when it just stopped working, the battery and liquid are both full , any suggestions?

    1. Is it totally dead or does the light still come on? If the light still comes on it could be the connection between the tank and the battery. (This has happened to one of mine recently.) It might be worth giving it a clean, but it’s also possible that the connection in the battery has been pushed in. Sometimes if you screw the tank on tightly you can get a bit more life out of the battery before it gets pushed in completely.

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