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Jac Vapour Series B DNA 75W – Review & Tutorial

Introducing the Jac Series B DNA 75W

Update: The Jac Vapour Series B DNA 75W has now been discontinued. For current alternatives see our regularly updated Best Vape Mods post, which reviews the best mods currently available and matches them to different needs and requirements. 

At a glance

The Series B from Jac is a seriously impressive regulated mod built around the tried and tested DNA chipset from Evolv. With power up to 75W and precise temperature control Jac are on to a winner.

Feature Score
Power Range 
Look & Feel 
Build Quality 
Ease of Use 
Advanced Features 
Although on their website Jac Vapour build it up as a mouth-to-lung vape aimed at beginners, with a simple change of the coil to the 0.5DL coil (sold separately), it offers the flavour and cloud production to satisfy the needs of a more experienced vaper.

What We Like

  • Tried and tested DNA chipset
  • Incredibly easy to use
  • Packed with advanced features
  • Customisable screens

What We Like… Less

  • Battery cover can be a little tricky to replace
  • Some features only available through escribe software

Key Features

  • Maximum power output 75W
  • Highly customisable temperature control modes
  • Tracks your vaping history
  • Custom ramp up

Jac Vapour Series B DNA 75W

Jac Vapour Series B Overview

The Series B is a high performance regulated mod featuring the highly acclaimed DNA75 chip from Evolv.

The Series B is not fussy; Clean styling and a compact size means that the Series B does not feel like a brick in your hand like some of the other DNA mods on the market.

The super simple 3 button operation disguises the advanced features available on the Series.

What’s in the box

  • 1 x Series-B DNA-75W Box Mod
  • Micro USB Charging Lead
  • Product Manual
  • Compact ergonomic design
  • Custom firing profiles
  • 6 Month Warranty

Jac Vapour Series B DNA 75W and box

Series B Performance

The 75W of power offered by the Series B is enough to power most tanks. Only the lowest resistance cloud chugging tanks leave you wanting for more power.

The Series B really shines in temperature control mode, and offers an almost unnecessary level of customisation. This is not a bad thing; advanced features have not been added at the expense of a reliable device.

Series B Design

The Series B’s styling is unfussy and clean. It’s 3 buttons are mounted on the front of the device, with a super clear OLED screen between the power and adjustment buttons.

The Micro USB charging port located below the adjustment buttons, but this does not interfere with passthrough charging.

The battery cover is magnetic. The magnets are strong enough that the battery cover will not fall off. When replacing the cover, locate the ridge on the cover with the groove on the body on once side and allowing it to snap into place.

Jac Vapour Series B DNA 75W with XXX battery

Series B DNA 75W Tutorial

1. The Basics

First step is to install a single 18650 battery. It does help if it’s charged… Next, fill your tank with your favorite vape juice and screw the tank on to the top of the device.

5 Clicks of the fire/power button will lock or unlock the device.

With the device unlocked, the up and down buttons will adjust the power setting (in 5W increments).

IMPORTANT: If you are using a temperature sensing coil, you should set the wire type on your device before use. If you don’t do this you can cause damage to your coil.

Jac Vapour Series B DNA 75W and box

2. Adjusting power settings

With the device unlocked, press the power up or down buttons to change the power level. If the power is locked, hold both the power up and down buttons to unlock.

3. Locking the power setting

To lock the power setting, hold the power up and power down buttons together until the message “POWER LOCKED HOLD UP DOWN” is displayed. Repeat to unlock the power.

Jac Vapour Series B DNA 75W with zenith tank

4. Selecting wire type

With the power setting locked (see above) and the device unlocked, press the power up or power down buttons twice. This will show the wire type menu. Press power up or down to select the desired material. The options available are below.

  • Power Ctrl Watts – For kanthal or non tc coils
  • Relaxed Nickel 200 – For Ni200 tc coils. Relaxed ramp up
  • No Preheat Nickel 200 – For Ni200 tc coils. No pre heat/ramp up.
  • Preset 1 Nickel 200
  • Preset 2 Nickel 200
  • Preset 3 SS316L – For stainless steel coils. Supports TC mode
  • Preset 4 Titanium – For titanium coils in tc mode.
  • Preset 5 Nickes 200

5. Enter or exit stealth mode

With the device locked, hold the power button and power down button together until the message “Stealth Mode” is displayed on the device. Repeat to return to normal mode. If you’re vaping in stealth mode, remember to lock the device before exiting stealth mode.

Jac Vapour Series B DNA 75W

Lock coil resistance

When in one of the TC modes, you can lock or unlock the resistance of your coil. When locked, the coil resistance will not change with temperature differences.

With the device locked, hold the power button and power up button together until the message “Hold to lock ohms” is displayed. Repeat to unlock. When the resistance is locked, a small padlock will be displayed next to the resistance on the device.

7. Adjust desired coil temperature (temperature control modes only)

When in temperature control mode, lock the device by clicking the power button 5 times. Once locked, hold the power up and power down buttons together until the temperature select menu is displayed.

Press the power up or down buttons to adjust the temperature. Once your desired temperature is selected, press the power button to exit the temperature select menu, and press the power button 5 times to unlock the device.

Jac Vapour Series B DNA 75W

Series B Advanced Features: Evolv Escribe software

The Series B is compatible with Evolv Escribe software* developed for the DNA chipset. The Escribe software allows you to fine tune your settings and access features not available through the on screen menu.

There are four main menus available in the Escribe software:

General – Adjust coil material profiles. Name, power settings, preheat and wattage resistance can be configured separately for each profile.

When you load the profile on the device, your settings will be recalled each time. If you change the settings on the device, these will override settings made in the software.

If you want to create a profile with a fixed resistance and power setting, you can check the boxes in escribe to lock ohms and power before uploading the profile to the device.

Theme – Here you can change the screen displayed for different statuses, eg the Welcome screen. You can upload custom images for each screen (mono, 128×32)

You can get new themes for DNA devices from the Evolv forums, or create your own.

Each screen can be swapped individually.

Screen – Here you can change the screen orientation, and change the information displayed on the screen if the device is charging or in use.

Materials – Allows you to configure the custom coil materials available for use in custom profiles.

The software is only provided for Windows, but there is a beta available for Mac users.

This section of the guide needs to be completed with description of the main functions available through escribe software, and screenshots showing the feature locations.

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  1. You have done an excellent review Tom! Everything is well written, step-by-step, and quite informative. I always look for new things and I’m definitely gonna try this! I look forward to reading your upcoming reviews and tutorials. Thanks!

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