The 5 Best E-Liquids for Clouds in 2022 (UK)

When I first started vaping I didn’t even think about clouds. 

What was important was the draw, the nicotine, the hit on the back of the throat

But like many vapers, what I wanted from vaping started to evolve. As I started using more powerful devices and different e-liquids, I started to notice larger clouds forming. 

I enjoyed seeing clouds of vapour slowly dancing across the room, catching and illuminating the subtle rays of sunshine.

(Sometimes I’ve also got a little carried away with my clouds and set off the fire alarm!)

If you’re like me, vapour is an important element of vaping. 

But flavour’s important too. 

So, with a little help from our in-house experts, we’ve listed our favourite e-liquids to help you achieve the big, flavourful clouds you crave. 

Woman vaping big clouds

5 of the best e-liquids for clouds

Tropika | Twelve Monkeys Classic 50ml
VG:PG  90:10 

With its unusually high 90:10 ratio, Twelve Mokey’s Tropika is the highest VG e-liquid we have on sale at E-cigarette Direct. A tropical fruit blend that will create some serious clouds, this is a cloud chaser’s dream juice!  

Twelve Monkeys Tropika

Boulevard Shattered I  Wick Liquor 50ml
VG:PG 80:20

Wick Liquor’s Boulevard Shattered not only tastes great but also produces big clouds!  A fruit punch mix is cooled with Matanuska Alaskan crystals to create large vapour plumes with an icy aftertaste.

Wick Liquor Boulevard Shattered

Double Drip Coil Sauce
VG:PG 70:30/80:20 

UK e-liquid makers Double Drip have developed their high VG ‘coil sauce’ vape juices specifically for sub-ohm vaping. The range goes up to 80% VG blends in dessert, candy and fruity flavours for creating big, satisfyingly sweet clouds. 

Double Drip Coil Sauce

Element Shortfills 
VG:PG 80:20 

Element’s shortfill range is high on the VG scale with a ratio of 80:20. With so many different flavours available, the Element range has a cloud-creating blend for every kind of vaper.

Element Shortfills

Koi Shortfills 
VG:PG 80:20

Koi shortfill blends are based on the flavours of traditional Japanese desserts. With 4 exotic flavours to try at 80:20 VG:PG, they are perfect for sweet-toothed vapers who want large clouds full of flavour. 

Elelement Koi Shortfills

High VG nicotine shots

You’ll notice the vape juices listed are nicotine-free shortfills – which aren’t ideal for all vapers, especially if you want nicotine in your e-liquid. If you want to add nicotine, you’ll need to mix in a nicotine shot

For cloud chasers who also want a nic hit, using a higher VG nic shot such as Plusnic’s 100% VG Nicotine Shot in your shortfill will maximise cloud production even further. 

You can also learn more about creating clouds in our How to Get Massive Clouds of Vapour post. 

What causes big clouds?

VG:PG ratio

E-liquids use two primary ingredients -Vegetable Glycerine (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG). VG creates more vapour so when it comes to producing clouds there is one basic rule – the higher the VG, the more vapour produced. Find out more about VG: PG Ratios.

Devices, coils & vaping style

Whilst the vape juice you use is important in cloud production, there are other factors that affect how much vapour you produce. The device and coils you use, plus the way you vape, will all contribute to cloud size.

For producing large clouds, high powered sub-ohm devices and lower resistance coils (sub-ohm vaping) are needed. When it comes to inhaling technique, Direct-Lung (DL) vaping will generally produce larger clouds than Mouth-to-Lung vaping. 

Learn more about vaping styles in our MTL vs DL guide.

Why do vapers like big clouds? 

A smoother vape

As cloud production comes from the VG in e-liquids, the liquids that produce large clouds come with a high VG to PG ratio. As VG is a much smoother liquid than PG, high VG liquids provide a much smoother vape. 


Bigger clouds are produced by large amounts of e-liquid being vaporised at once. Along with more e-liquid comes more flavour –  meaning the bigger the clouds, the more flavourful the vape. The higher VG e-liquids that create large clouds usually contain more flavourings. Due to its thickness, VG doesn’t mix as well with the flavourings – so manufacturers will usually add more flavouring to compensate. 

Nicotine Hit

Much like flavourings, larger clouds will provide a more intense hit of nicotine. As more vapour is produced, the amount of nicotine per puff is increased – meaning a bigger, more intense hit of nicotine. 


The lower resistance coils and higher-wattage devices needed for producing clouds mean a lot of power is produced – which generates more heat as a by-product. This means that big clouds are a good option for those who prefer a warmer vape.


A lot of cloud production preference is down to the status they provide. Some vapers like to show off their huge clouds of vapour which have become something of a status symbol in the vaping community. You’ll regularly see vapers on social media showing off their clouds. 

For some, clouds can be VERY serious business. ‘Cloud chasing’ competitions are popular across the US, with competitive vapers competing to create the largest, most interesting clouds possible. These competitions have become so popular that the winner of the World Vaping Championship is awarded $100,000!  

Finally, always remember to follow vaping etiquette! 

While cloud chasing may be fun and enhance your vaping experience, it can be a bit of a nuisance in public. Blowing gigantic clouds in public is frowned upon so it’s best to use common sense and keep it sensible.

Our Vaping Etiquette Guide will help you avoid any vaping-related faux pas. 

Have you tried any of these e-liquids? What did you think? Let us know in the comments. 

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