Answer our one question survey to win great prizes

Update: Thanks so much to everyone who entered the survey – we had over 300 answers, which is a great response! The competition is now closed, and I will be selecting and contacting the winners shortly.

Do you have a few seconds to answer one question – and get yourself a chance to win one of two great prizes at the same time?

All you have to do is tell us why you switched to e-cigarettes.

And you could win a Halo Tank system.

Click here to take the survey and get two chances to win the smoker’s halo tank kit!

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8 thoughts on “Answer our one question survey to win great prizes

  1. Same really as Annette Potter below or above lol and i must say smokers angel/ecig direct must be the number one company in the UK for customer service and customer satisfaction. Also gave up for my health, that being dental health as well as overall health not to mention to get rid of the stench from my clothes and home but i was amazed at how much i must have stunk to other non smokers, when waiting in the dental surgery as a vaper i bumped into our local builder who still smokes roll-ups and my god as soon as he entered the building you could smell it, it was god dam awful and i reflected back on how i must have smelt to others but we never really notice it ourself’s when we where smokers. Keep up the excellent work James and the team and keep the excellent products coming, hint hint=usb battery bypass 😉 Oh managed to talk our builder it to giving it a whizz so hopefully he will be ordering from you and gave a mini kit to a mate as a birthday pressie and they are now non smoker’s.

  2. Thanks for the endorsement, Richard! I’ve noticed the same – the smell isn’t something you really notice till you’ve quit. (Though I still love the smell of fresh tobacco – wish stale tobacco smelled as nice!)

  3. I quit because I don’t want to die young and of cancer and quitting smoking is a great way to lower my chances of those things happening.

  4. I quit smoking to save my life.
    I started smoking behind the bike sheds at school at 12 years old. I’d smoke anything, and by the time I was 14 I was completely addicted. That was nearly 50 years ago (I’m 63 now)
    Three years ago at Christmas time I nearly died after suffering 7 heart attacks over a 4 day period. I ended up undergoing surgery on Boxing Day 2008 and made a promise to the surgeon who saved my life that I would quit smoking.
    I wouldn’t have made it without the E-Cig, it has saved my life!

  5. After over 50 years of smoking I was chain-smoking roll-ups, feeling dreadful with obvious physical damage, and had consciously resigned myself to a horrible future because I had such a negative and fearful frame of mind. Then I saw a thread about electronic cigarettes on an eBay Community board, and a light switched on in my head when I read some of the responses – “What a brilliant idea, I could try that, I have nothing to lose except money”. Within a week I had gone from about 60 roll-ups per day to no tobacco whatsoever – that was over 3 years ago and I am still tobacco-free and have no fear of ever regressing.

  6. I quit do to prices, heaalth, my grampa,:)… After smoking for 35+ yrs and trying cold turkey, chantix, and every danged thing in between I had resigned myself to being a lifetime smoker. I actually enjoyed the act of the oral stimulation it brought. Then someone (my mom) had told me about e-cigs (again). I thought I may as well try it, after all what did I have to lose? I did do research first and got a pricey (learned that after the fact) kr808 kit off the internet. It arrived the day after Father’s Day. I had run out of smokes late Sunday nite and since I knew my kit was coming the next day I refused to go buy a pk. I have not had a cigarette since and have made my grampa very very happy in his 99th yr of life!!

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