SWITCH To ECigs 2012: Your Smokeless Year AND Ten Chances to Win an E-Cigarette



Thank you to everyone who has entered the competition – all 165 of you! The competition is now over, and the winners are:

Kim Straub
Michael Allison
David Langley
Nigel Bachmann
Denis Moyes
Adam Williams
Matthew Fairley
Andrew Burton ·
Pepz Antonio Ricthie
Janice Channern

If you won a prize please contact [email protected] stating whether you would prefer a standard e-cigarette kit (great for beginners) or a refillable kit (ideal for experienced vapers). I will try to get in contact with all the winners in case you miss this message.

If you haven’t won a prize, don’t worry – we’ll be running another competiton soon!


Millions of smokers resolve to quit smoking every new year.

Unfortunately, the vast majority fail.

(Are you one of them?)

Indeed, one smoking cessation study found that only 0.8% of subjects managed to quit for more than a year!

But if you want to go smoke-free, rather than nicotine free, there are alternatives that carry a fraction of the risk of smoking.

And one of these alternatives is the electronic cigarette.

Your chance to win an electronic cigarette and make 2012 your smokeless year.

A Is this your turn to win a prize?

All you have to do is take a few seconds to tell us:

  • why you need an electronic cigarette
  • or, if you already use an e-cigarette, tell us why you would recommend it to a smoker
Leave your comments either:
  • in the comments below this post
  • on our facebook page here
  • on our google plus page here
  • or on twitter (add @thesmokersangel to the tweet so we can find it!)

The Prizes

 You get your choice of a vape starter kit (great for experienced vapers) or a cigalike kit (ideal for people new to e-cigarettes).
And the number of prizes depends on the number of people who enter.
  • Under 20 entries: 1 prize
  • 20- 49 entries: 2 prizes
  • 50 – 99 entries: 5 prizes
  • 100 or more entries: 10 prizes
So please share this competition – remember the more entries we have, the more chances you have of winning yourself or a friend an electronic cigarette – and possibly a smokeless year!

42 thoughts on “SWITCH To ECigs 2012: Your Smokeless Year AND Ten Chances to Win an E-Cigarette”

  1. shiralee mowbray

    In love my ecig and would never go back to the real thing. I have managed to convince a friend to give them ago, she has been trying to give up for some years, no smell, no yellow fingers and more money in my pocket, absolutly brilliant. Happy New Year to all you vapers.

  2. After 40 years of smoking and numerous attempts to quit, I am on day 3 of my final attempt to quit. Final because I will beat it this time. E-cigs are a Godsend. They are the crutch I have needed to enable me to give up. I have had the odd craving for a proper cig, but the e-cig has dealt with that very quickly. Whoever invented these things – I thank you, my wife thanks you and my kids thank you

  3. Have started using electronic cigarette and havent had a real ciggie or felt the need for one, for days now. The electronic ciggie was just going to be a tool to cut down, but I dont think I will ever feel the need to smoke real ciggies again. It may sound over the top – but they have changed my life.

  4. Been on e.cigs for 10 weeks now.Not had a real one since.
    Positives:No morning coughs
    Breathing is easier
    No smells
    No ash trays
    Cheaper than real cigarettes

  5. I would reckomend Ecigerettes to any smoker. They are just as good as the real thing
    They smoke great, look great, and they don’t stink

  6. Hi, I’m a heavy smoker between 30 and 40 a day, but now I have found my Halo e-cig, I have managed to cut down to about 15 real cigarettes a day!! I hope to stop completely this year and just use the Halo.

    Cheers for all your help guys.

  7. I am 20 years old I started smoking at the age of 13 and have now realized it costs to much so am soon starting the halo e cig and hoping it will get me off cigerettes completely so I can start loosing weight and exercise so I can be active with my young boy when he wants to go up to the park for a run around

  8. Hi James, as you know I’ve been vaping now for almost three years.
    The health and financial benefits are immeasurable.
    As for NRT and smoking cessation groups, I attended one of these groups about five years ago. It was run by the NHS and everyone in the group (15 people) had to use some form of NRT for 6 weeks and attend the group once a week to have their carbon monoxide levels taken to prove they hadn’t smoked. I used the gum, which tasted awful, but I put up with that, but to be honest for every waking hour of that 6 weeks I craved a ciggy. However, I survived the 6 week period, after which the NHS washed their hands of me, and I had to fend for myself. Needless to say, I started smoking again after about a week.

    About 3 months later a large A4 sized envelope dropped through my letterbox.
    It was a fancy certificate issued by the NHS congratulating me on being a successful quitter, and saying I could now join the growing number of people who have quit with the help of the NHS Smoking Cessation Program.

    2 years after this I discovered E-Cigs and I’ve not had a “real” cigarette since.
    I have personally converted around a hundred smokers to this healthier option.


  9. I’ve been a heavy smoker for the last 37 years. In Feb’ of last year I purchased some cheapo e-cigs off the web. I found almost instantly that my fag consumption had reduced to a trickle but the refills and batteries were pretty rubbish & their origins were a little dubious. It was then that I decided to buy only well indorsed products from the UK. In fact, recognising a good business opportunity when I see one, I set up with a ‘Try before you buy’ policy in my shop and at markets in our area.
    So, not only has my health improved, I now find my business snowballing into profit and will, at last, have something to smile about when I see my accountant next. Win Win! The additional bonus to this is that I’m now making a living out of helping others to make the ‘switch’ from something that could kill them to something a great deal healthier.. Another win!

  10. Dear all,

    Buying E-cigarettes was the best decision of my life. I have tried so many times to quit by willpower or using nicotine replacements but i always failed. The e cigarette is the only method that made me smoke free for about 3 months now. Everytime i speak with a smoker i try to convince him to try this alternative. My boyfriend( a nonsmoker) is over the moon now that I have stoped and my lungs stoped hurting. I am truly pleased with the results. I bought kits for my parents also and i cant wait for them to quit also. I regained my independence, my freedom,my health,i broke the vicious circle,i am not a frustrated smoker anymore.My only regret is that i did not start to use them earlier.Buy the e-cigarette, it will be the best decision you could ever do regards to your life.

  11. It is my intention to replace my Nicotene intake from cigarettes to E cigarette for the rest of my life and i would really appreciate the opportunity to do this

  12. What an excellent product, with wonderful customer care.
    Now encouraging my husband to try the e-cigarette to help him quit.

  13. FREEDOM!!!
    Ordered Halo pack on 29/12/2011, it arrived 31/12/2011 !!! Incredible speed of delivery. Are E-Cigs’ any good?
    I have smoked hand rolled for over 30 years, tried stopping and failed. Charged my Halo for the 5 hour recommended and put a cartomiser in. RESULT! I have not touched a ‘real’ cigarette since 2pm on New Years Eve 2011 and I don’t even notice. I even still roll real ones them for my wife and I don’t care a jot!! INCREDIBLE PRODUCT, INCREDIBLE COMPANY. Many, many, many thanks

  14. All the satisfaction of smoking – but with minimum of risk to my health. I wont be looking back! Two friends now trying ECigs with enthusiasm.

  15. I have been using my eciggi since September. I have tried many different products in the past but have always gone back to smoking the main reason was because I put on weight.
    well 4 months on with a holiday and Christmas in between and I havent put on any weight and am still using my eciggi. Not had one real ciggerette.
    I dont smell of smoke, I dont feel like a social outcast, I dont have a nasty taste in my mouth during the day and I dont have stains on my teeth.
    This is the best way to stop smoking.

  16. E-cigs are the best thing I have ever done when it comes to giving up smoking. I have tried patches, cold turkey and all sorts and E-cigs are by far the best yet. I am also more certain than I have ever been that I will never go back to ‘the dreaded tobacco cigarettes’.
    Whats more is that unlike patches and the other options available I dont actually count the days since I gave up and dont have to take each day as it comes or have to stuggle with that ‘nagging craving’, not ever. It really is that easy.

  17. A Great way to start the New Year!! No more stale smoke smells around the house, no more chesty coughs and the money saved has to be the biggest saving I will make in 2012. Im fed up having to stand outside in the freezing cold to have a cigarette and this way I can keep warm whilst I puff away! I keep thinking where’s the catch but so far there isnt one. A brillian idea and very inexpensive. Thank you

  18. iam 60 years old and have smoked cigarettes since i was fifteen. i never tried to stop in all those years. last year i finally admitted to myself the damage i was doing to myself. still i would’nt stop.i knew someone who like myself smoked heavily and also like myself enjoyed a cigarette but she had suddenly stopped using an ecig.on the 25th november 2011 at 8.15 pm i smoked my last cigarette and have been vaping ever since ,if i can do it believe me anyone can.

  19. ever since I purchased my e cig from The Smoker’s Angel I haven’t touched real cigs, multiple benefits, I get to smoke at my desk, I don’t get cold or wet having to go outside etc….. plus I’m healthier!

  20. I love my e-cig and i would recommend it to every smoker out there. Not only does it not live a nasty smell, but thanks to them i can live longer and (hopefully) see my grandchildren one day.

  21. I have smoked cigarettes since I was 16 years old. I am now 56 … that’s 40, count’em, 40 years. I did not believe I would ever stop smoking tobacco. But then I purchased my first e-cig almost on a whim, just to see what would happen.
    And you know? I have not smoked a tobacco cigarette since. Not a single one! Nor have I noticed any cravings. I feel heathier (I’m a cyclist, so I notice the difference in my lung function as some might not), I can taste my food better, my home smells like a home not an ashtray, yet I don’t feel deprived, because I have the e-cig when I want that ‘nicotine hit’ feeling – which they really do provide amazingly enough.
    Don’t use them if you have a heart condition, nicotine is not good for your heart, but other than that, what’s not to like? I even find myself reducing e-cig use as time goes by, which is very nice indeed. Thank you Halo.

  22. Well here I am at 66, I’ve been a smoker since around the age of 13, I started when I was introduced to the dreaded weed by a friend round the back of the school bike sheds. All my pocket money went on fags as I was growing up, in those days you could buy a single cigarette, or 4 Domino’s in a paper packet.

    I am now using the Halo e-cigarette and quite frankly it is astonishing that for the first time I do not have that inner panic that results from not having a real fag,even my friends cannot believe that I have dumped the fags.

    My advice is try e-cigs,what have you got to lose.

  23. I have been using the Halo now for around 10 weeks. Initially when muy e cigarette was delivered i didnt intend to quit smoking regular cigarettes. I intended to “try” it after being under pressure from my partner to do so 🙂 However i was immediately impressed and have not smoked since. I feel much healthier and my sense of smell and taste has improved. I also no longer have to worry about smelling of smoke. I would recommend halo for all of these reasons. Not to mention the financial rewards of switching.

  24. I recommend and electronic cigarette because: Its the only thing that has worked for me and for other family members whom I have shown the product to. Inhalor, patches, gum, mints, champix – None worked, I smoked while using them. For the first time in 17 years I havent had a cigarette (13 months now). I was between 30-40 a day, costing over £10+ a day. Have used money saved to join a better gym, and performance improved dramatically and heart not sore anymore.

  25. I love Halo I’ve quit smoking with them (my uncle got me onto them). I was skeptical at first but after I tried it I knew I could quit easily with it. Every now and then I have a sneaky cigarette (especially on a night out) and now I just go back to the ecigs afterwards and suffer NO terrible withdrawals. I can breathe easier and I’m generally alot more healthy. I recommend them to every smoker I know and I’ve even joined the affiliate program (which I also highly recommend), and I’m looking forward to being a part of Halo for many years to come! Some freebies wouldn’t go ashtray either 🙂

  26. Am I a Dinosaur or what?

    I had never even heard of these types of cigarettes until a friend recommended I visit here today.

    My only excuse is that I am basically confined to my house after an accident a few years ago left me disabled.

    I’ve been smoking since I was a kid, now in my mid-fifties and would love to give it up or, at least, cut down.

    Not only that, being able to order online would save my wife her weekly ‘chore’ of standing in the queue buying my baccy.

    It’s been a real eye-opener reading the reviews and comments on here and I wish I had been told about these sooner.

    Unlike the stories you may read in the press, we don’t have a massive income that allows me to buy one of these kits straight away. So I will definitely make a plan to put some money aside until I can afford, not just the kit but some refills as well.

    I can imagine some reading this will be thinking “Just do it and you will save on NOT buying baccy”

    I can understand that but at the back of my mind is a voice saying “What if it isn’t for you? What if it turns out to be money wasted?”

    After reading the comments on here, I am sure it won’t be but I am by nature cautious and so will resign myself to waiting a month or so.

    Perhaps in a few months, it will be one of my rave reviews that helps to convince someone else to give up cigarettes and move over to the HALO?

    1. Thank you everyone for all your comments, sorry I have not been able to reply to each one indlivdually. Just wanted to say to Alex that I am very sorry to hear that you had an accident that confined to your house – all winner are chosen randomly but I do hope you are one of them!

  27. Well, this is the first time in 12 years I have started a New Year smoke free, I have successfully quit now since May 2011. My e-cig helped me for the last part of the quitting process. My partner, however, is still struggling, although am pleased to report he is smoking only 2 ‘real’ cigs a day, the rest of the time he uses my e-cig. Hopefully this will be the year he finally says goodbye to real cigs forever, come on John, you can do it hun!! xxxxxxx

  28. Hey there folks

    As a passed smoker I know how hard it is to give up and I have not touched a fag in 4 years but I have been fighting the ever loosing battle trying to get my other half and my mum to quit. After reaping the benefits from stop putting toxins in my body I really wanted them to see the benefits but it always fell on deaf ears. Anyway after watching a film at the cinema with the very cool and good looking jonhny deep in it smoking an electronic fag I thought AMAZING that’s what I will try.
    After many hours on the Internet and reading lots of reviews I settled on the Halo it arrived quickly in time for Christmas and I got a free gift so I gave one to my partner and one to my mother. They just laughed when they opened it but I said look humour me and give it a try. And with in a day they had taken to it like duck to water. And now they are raving about it to there friends! I couldnt believe it! so even if you are a smoker or a none smoker trying to help out a loved one I highly recommend this product I know it will change their lives it has mine and my family.

    Thanks so much guys and keep up the great work


  29. I need an eCig because I really don’t want to smoke anymore.

    There are absolutely no benefits to smoking, you smell, you are damaging your health, you have to go outside and stand in horrible weather and often have to be unsociable and leave your peers for a puff and yet…. I still enjoy smoking.

    An eCig would mean I could carry on enjoying ‘smoking’ but remove the negatives and downsides of lighting up.

    I am certainly going to give the halo eCigs a shot – I am especially looking forward to trying out the vanilla cartridges.

    I will let you know how I get on!

  30. The physical health benefits are amazing.
    The mental benefits are even better.
    If done smartly can be used just about anywhere.
    I have on more than one occasion vaped on a bus without so much as a second glance.
    My father (a paraplegic) HAD to quit smoking, but after many years of smoking, he found it next to impossible to quit.
    Day one of receiving his e-cig was day one of two years smoke free.
    I have many people in mind I would like to gift with an e-cig and the benefits I believe they provide but the main person I’d like to give one to would be my best friend Mike. His breathing and energy levels are so poor that I think he needs this.
    Many thanks for bringing us the Halo. A great starter kit that I really enjoyed, Barry

  31. Although I was down to 5 cigarettes a day – my Doctor said ‘NO MORE SMOKING’ or I might be down for leg amputation as a result of arteries restriction – this was in June 2011 – since then I have NOT SMOKED “normal” cigarettes but experimented with E-cigs the best being those obtainable via The Smokers Angel – my initial craving has gone and I find this product 1st.class having tried many others – highly recommended for a welcome alternative…..


  32. I got onto the e-cigs about 8 months ago and haven’t looked back since. In the space of about 2 weeks (used both side by side during that time) I went from 20 a day down to 0 without cravings, stress, irritability, or any other side effects. As revelatory as this was, it was nothing compared with the effect it had on my wallet. Even the higher priced e-cigs are significantly cheaper than traditional ones and this is surely the easiest reason to switch to vaping, or at least it’ll seem that way until you notice how much your hair, clothes, home, fingers, and just about everything else stink of tobacco. In fact, the only downside I have experienced with vaping so far is having to put up with the smell of cigs that became suddenly so noticeable. Give it a couple of weeks tobacco-free and that clears up too, and from then on you’re good to go with a vast selection of products, flavours, and nicotine strengths to suit your own personal tastes.

    I’ve reduced the nicotine intake, saved money, removed nasty smells, stopped clogging up my computer, whitened my teeth, and probably aided my health thanks to electronic cigarettes and would recommend them to anyone from the casual every so often smoker to the hardcore 2 pack a day smoke junkie.

  33. After quitting cold turkey six months down the line was struggling, e cigs have saved me from going back to smoking, and made me a lot happier person!

  34. hi love to give up smoking have tired other brands but they always been let down so love to win one and try it out with out worrying about spending money to find out it dont work

  35. My father died of lung cancer last year and it was the hardest thing our family has ever had to go through. He give up cigarettes but it was too late. I’m entering this competition because my brother still smokes. The greatest gift I can give him is the opportunity to give up. He won’t try anything himself but if I give him a gift he will most probably try it and it may work. I can’t bear to think my brother could end up like my dad .

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