Passive (And Active) Vaping Causes No Harm Say Two More Studies


Last week we wrote about a very positive study on passive vaping which showed using an e-cigarette had no effect on the blood of users and non-users .

Now an All Voices articles discusses two more studies which show there is no reason for concern about passive vaping – or direct use of e-cigarettes!


The All Voices article announced that the ClearStream study has found NOTHING in the vapour of e-cigarettes that could cause harm to non-users or users.

We’ll have to wait a little while for the full results, which will be announced a major conference on nicotine and tobacco.

German Study

Meanwhile a German study also set out to investigate the vapour released by e-cigarettes.

When measuring vapour on exhaled breath they found:

  • 5 of the compounds measured were non-toxic
  • 4 other chemicals measured were within the safety exposure range with a margin of 90%

A detailed analysis of the study can be found on the All Voices article. 

Watch Out for the Spin

Despite the positive results, expect spin from people whose interests are threatened by e-cigarettes.

As before, this will probably take the form of highlighting chemicals found without pointing they are within safety limits.

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