Help stop Facebook deleting pages without warning or explanation!

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As I wrote before, on Thursday 29th August our Facebook page TheSmokersAngel was disabled.

We lost all contact with over 14,000 friends and customers.

  • We had no warning.
  • We had no explanation, before or after the event. (However, an agency we work with did have one short reply which you can see here.)
  • Facebook continued to take money for adverts which pointed to our page, even AFTER the page had been disabled.

180,000 Fans – Lost in a Minute


During our research, we found other pages have been deleted without warning.

For example, Sitesell’s facebook page was removed with ‘no warning, no recourse, no explanation.’

Other Facebook pages which have been deleted include The Cool Hunter, which had 180,000 members – all lost in a minute. And a group campaigning against the pub smoking ban was deleted in 2008 – losing all 800,00 members.

Update: In the comments below Steve Bell has also pointed out how a non-profit group with 800,000 members campaigning against the ban on smoking in pubs was deleted without warning, explanation or notification.

Sign The Petition


As many of our disappointed Facebook page users have suggested, we have now set up a petition, asking for Facebook:

  • to give warning to page admins before a page is disabled
  • to explain why a page has been disabled
  • to give page admins a chance to make changes to a page that has been disabled so it can be reinstated

We believe it is unfair for businesses and Facebook Page admins to invest time and money into Facebook pages only for them to be deleted without any warning or explanation.

We also believe these changes will benefit Facebook hugely. When business owners can be confident that Facebook pages won’t be deleted without warning or explanation, they can have confidence about investing time, resources and money into creating a community on Facebook.

If YOU think the same, please join us in our Facebook petiton.

Click here to sign!

And please, please share this post using one of the buttons below so this petition can reach more people.

If you want to continue to connect with us, we have set up a community page. We won’t be putting any links to discount codes or products, as we can only imagine this was why our page was deleted, but we will answer questions – and hopefully once again have fun talking to other vapers! Check it out here!

15 thoughts on “Help stop Facebook deleting pages without warning or explanation!”

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  2. It is shameful for Facebook to remove any pages without a care or thought simply because they may not agree with the sites language, agenda or any other reason they deem acceptable.
    If they are accepting monies from these companies/people then they have an obligation to follow through with letting them post on FB.
    We have heard that many of these sites are geared towards “vaping”, helping people get off of cigarettes and steering them to use a much safer alternative than tobacco. You’d think FB would be bright enough to have read all those studies about how and why vaping is a safer alternative but perhaps they are as ignorant as the FDA and Ellen Hahn and actually don’t care if you are saving your lives by being smarter and using these products.
    Shameful whatever the reason.

  3. I have always disliked facebook and so never joined your page. However I completely respect the right of others to freedom of speech and expression. Interestingly, this is also the cornerstone of The American Constitution, I believe. This is, quite simply, corporate censorship and as such, distasteful in the extreme.

  4. Thank you for your support, Phil and Lisa!

    Lisa, I agree with your sentiments, but I think there is wider relevance for all page owners. When a Facebook page can be deleted without any notice, and with no chance to make any changes (for example, to comply with updated terms and conditions) how can anyone invest time, money and resources into a Facebook page with confidence?

  5. This is tantamount to a first strike and now it seems war is being waged on the e cigarette community and commerce! This is a wake up call to duty!!!

  6. Sorry to hear about your facebook page/fan loss. This is exactly why we tell clients that your website is the corner stone of your “owned media” strategy. Businesses who invest in facebook or any other social channel should do so with a full understanding of the risks. It can be easy to be lulled into the illusion that you control your facebook page, but in reality, without notice or justification, your page, your fans and all the funds invested to acquire can be gone in the blink of an eye as your story points out. Having a website and opt-in email lists are the foundation of an Internet marketing strategy as these are within your control. Facebook should be component for most business’ Internet marketing strategy, as long as they invest with their eyes wide open. Understanding and abiding by the terms of service is critical but is no guarantee that you will not get shut down. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Yet e-cig companies are stoll appearing in the sponsored section of my Facebook homepage. Today’s is for ROK e-cigs. It does not make sense.

  8. Rok’s ads are pointing at their website – their original Facebook page was deleted on the same day as ours (we discussed the situation on the phone), although I believe they have started another one. Many ecig pages are still up, so the policy seems to be applied rather haphazardly.

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  10. Facebook blocked/deleted my page 3 days ago on 9th April. My page was having more then 1 Million followers. They did it even without a warning and even they didn’t mailed me when they blocked my page. And now I’m trying to contact Facebook support team for past 3 days and no one bothered to reply me. It’s ridiculous the way Facebook support team works. They never replied you. Here is link to post on my website I have created about deletion of my Facebook page.

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