Call to action from the European Free Vaping Initiative

EFVI Leaflet Plus Update from Pro-Vaping MEP Kay Swinburn

Lorien from the ECigarette Consumer Association kindly sent me a link to a leaflet to promote the European Free Vaping Association’s campaign to save ecigarettes.

(You can read more about what they are doing here, or see the original leaflet Lorien sent me here).

I’ve rewritten the leaflet for our customers (we have several thousand copies on order). We’ve put our details on as we’ll be handing these out in our shops and sending them to our customers, but if you want to adapt a copy for your own use just shoot an email to [email protected] and we’ll send you a version without the footer.

To download the leaflet, either click here or on the image below. If you’d prefer to use the original leaflet, click here.

Call to action from the European Free Vaping Initiative

Remember, you can also click through here to read and join in the EFVI.

Meeting with Kay Swinburne (MEP) and Byron Davies (AM) on EU Regulation of Ecigs

From left to right: Byron Davies (MEP), James Dunworth, Mike Rasbridge and Kay Swinbourne (MEP)

My colleague Mike Rasbridge and I also had a chance to meet with Kay Swinburne (MEP) and Byron Davies (AM) at our warehouse.

Kay Swinburne is a member of the Conservative MEPs, who have been staunch supporters of vaping, despite pressure to condemn it. We also heard from Kay how they tried to get the EU vote on ecigarettes split from the tobacco directive. They eventually succeeded – but only after the voting had started.

Unfortunately, this was too late, as it did not give them time to warn their allies in the EU. As MEPs had a long list of votes, many of them just followed their voting list, without even realising they were voting for onerous restrictions on ecigs.

In addition to discussing:

  • EU failure to follow protocol in ecigs
  • the lack of proportionality in the EU restrictions on ecigs which we believe makes them illegal

Kay suggested we focus on the fact that electronic cigarettes were included in a tobacco bill, which she believes is ridiculous as there is no tobacco in them. She also warned us to watch out for moves in the UK against electronic cigarettes.

4 thoughts on “EFVI Leaflet Plus Update from Pro-Vaping MEP Kay Swinburn”

  1. Nice work, James&co and thank you all for keepin on. I’d like to use this opportunity to stress the importance of signing the EFVI petition. We have time until November, but to collect one million signatures is a pretty demanding task. That’s why it would be good for website owners associated with vaping in any way to have a visible link or banner pointing to either EFVI petition or to any text with that link.

  2. Thank you.

    We take the view that the best time to speak to people about it is after they have switched to vaping. So what we’re doing is letting people know in newsletters, giving leaflets to customers in shops and sending out leaflets in orders, as well as blogging about it of course.

  3. That’s what I like about you all in ECD. You’ve done for vaping more than many, including me. My comment refers to other website owners and it’s just a suggestion. (That million sounds impressive. But I know there are so many of us)

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