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Breaking News: Wales Bans Ecigs In Public Places

Wales has announced plans to ban ecigarettes in public places today, despite the fact that several studies (such as this and this) have proved that ecigarettes do not cause passive ‘vaping’.

The excuse? That the ban is to protect the Welsh government’s denormalisation policy.

Denormalisation is a deliberate policy to stigmatise smoking and make smokers appear, well, abnormal.

But since the smoking ban was brought in in Wales, the rate of smoking has fallen just 1%.

Electronic cigarettes, on the other hand, work for 1,500,000 million people in the UK, and scientists like Professor John Britton of the Royal College of Physicians believe they have the potential to save millions of British lives.

The Welsh Assembly also made reference to the fact that nicotine is highly addictive, but failed to reference research that shows nicotine is not as addictive as nicotine combined with tobacco alkaloids (as in tobacco cigarettes).

The draconian regulations are no surprise though. Although the Welsh Assembly has called for a debate on ecigarettes, when we approached the Welsh Government offering our expertise to ensure that ecigarettes are as safe as possible, we met with a blank wall.

4 thoughts on “Breaking News: Wales Bans Ecigs In Public Places”

  1. Mike Richardson

    My wife and I heard about the public ban on vapihg in Wales, on our local radio this morning (Radio Bristol). Very disapointing, For it means we will not bother with our once a month shopping spree in Cardiff Centre anymore. Nor anymore Holidays in North Wales! We shall be staying Local for shopping (Bristol) from here on. Then holidays and weekend breaks will be either in Devon or Cornwall. We like to take breaks when shopping, you know, a cup of coffee and a few draws on our Vamos. will not be able to do that anymore in Wales. So we go elseware from this moment on!

  2. Those people have yet to realize that if the e-cigarette renormalizes anything, it must be QUITTING smoking! Saying the “the e-cig will renormalize and promote smoking” makes about the same sense as saying “Drinking NA-beer in public promotes alchool abuse!”. How can someone who has clearly moved AWAY from smoking, using a smoke-LESS alternative to tobacco cigarettes in public, be considered ‘pro-smoking’ and seen as an advocate to tobacco use, is beyond my understanding…!

  3. Government Health Minister says the ban would stop the message that Ecigs are acceptable, and because he believes it is in the interest of public health to do so. And there I was thinking that quitting tobacco and switching to Ecigs was in the interest of public health….silly me!!

  4. Having used e-cigs for 2.5 years I wonder about the need to emit any form of vapour. Surely the throat hit is what its all about, So manufacture a vapourless one, and lets watch them try to ban that too.

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