You know youre a vaper when

You Know You’re a Vaper When…

1. You’ve always got your head in the clouds… of vapour. Tweet this!

Vapour cloud 2. You can smell things much better now than when you smoked. Tweet this!

3. You have more e-liquid than food in your cupboard. Tweet this!

4. You forgot your wallet, keys and phone – but remembered to pack your e-cig. Tweet this!

5. You try to turn any electrical item on that you own with five clicks. Tweet this!

6. You know Ohm’s law so well you could teach it to high school students:

VAPAGE Premium Vaping and E-Cigarette Outfitters #Vapage #ecig #ecigarette #electroniccig #electroniccigarette #vape #vapor #vaper #vaping #bestecig #vapelife #vapecommunity #vaperings #rings #smoke #nosmoke #quitsmoking #stopsmoking #notobacco #notar #nochemicals7. You’ve resorted to carrying around an extra bag just for all your vaping equipment & juice. Tweet this!

8. You spend more time picking what device and e-liquid flavour you’re going to use that day than you spend getting ready for work.

9. You dread vaper’s tongue more than you dread seeing the mother-in-law.

10. You no longer smell like an ashtray, instead you smell delightfully of fruit or desserts.

11. None of your other electrical items are charged because all your sockets are occupied with e-cig batteries.

And when you have to choose between charging your phone or your e-cig battery, the battery always takes priority.

Charge batteries over phone12. You’ve picked up a pen and tried to vape it, before getting a mouthful of ink and realising it’s not your ecig.

13. You have nightmares about running out of e-liquid. Tweet this!

14. You can’t stand the taste of tobacco cigarettes anymore. Tweet this!

15. You’ve been in that situation where your e-liquid  has leaked all over your trousers and it looks like you didn’t get to the toilet in time.

16. You get blamed for the weather forecast being ‘foggy’. Tweet this!

17. Vaping terminology has become a second language to you. If it’s not already, check out this blog post.

The Secret Ecig Language of Vaping18. If anyone tells you e-cigarettes are bad for you, you respond with a pre-prepared argument, debunking anything they say. Take a look at our post ‘How to Win the Vape Debate‘ for ideas.

19. Every YouTube recommended video is an e-liquid or mod review. Tweet this!

20. You head to Vapefest and realise you’re friends with most of these people online.

21. You’ve fallen asleep at some point with your e-cig dangling from your mouth.

22. When you see another vaper, you salute each other:

That look you give... when you see a fellow vaper23. Your inbox has been taken over by e-cigarette vendors. Tweet this!

24. You’re hardly recognisable in your profile pic due to the vapour cloud you’re blowing.

25. You’ve made your own ecig holder for your car, and think that there may be a gap in the market for this.

26. You struggle at anything that requires the use of two hands, as one of your hands is always holding your ecig.

27. You proudly carry your e-cig proudly on a lanyard or holster. Tweet this!

E-Cigarette Lanyard28. You stalk your postman as he makes the rounds, anticipating the moment when he reaches your house to deliver your vapemail.

29. You have an e-cig to match every outfit in your wardrobe. Tweet this!

30. You become very annoyed when people tell you to “stop smoking” – IT’S NOT SMOKING, IT’S VAPING!

31. You almost get body cavity searched at the airport because security mistakes your e-cig for a security threat.

32. You keep your e-liquid and e-cig next to you in bed so when you wake up you can “wake and vape.”

Wake and Vape HaloOr you purposely put your ecig out of reach for when you wake up, as motivation for you to get out of bed.

33. You no longer trust anything the media says… or politicians (did you to begin with anyway?)

34. You can’t find a lighter to light the BBQ. Tweet this!

35. You know quite a few vape tricks. Tweet this!

36. You can’t see your computer screen right now because of all the vapour.

Vaping problems computer37. You plan your holiday destination on whether vaping is banned there or not. Check out our post on travelling with your e-cig here.

38. You see anything tube shaped and begin to wonder how you can turn it into a mod.

39. You begin mixing strange combinations of flavours together like a mad scientist, because you’ve got bored of the pre-made flavours.

40. You know you’re a vaper when you can relate to almost everything on this post. Tweet this!

Which of these apply to you? Let us know in the comments!

Thank you to ECF and Vaping Underground for the inspiration behind some of these ideas, check out their threads for loads more signs that you’re a vaper!

2 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Vaper When…”

  1. Tthere’s a subcategory of vapers with their specific “you know you are…”

    ladies and lads, meet

    VAPER OF A CERTAIN AGE (sorry for shouting, some of us are a bit hearing challenged:)

    Anyway, you know you’re a vaper of a certain age when

    1. you’re looking for your e-cig all over the place. (You don’t need to fear causing fire anymore. People may think you’re sclerotic, but thing is – you are carefree!)

    2. you tell yourself you need to finally buy those square shaped innokins – your eGos and EVODs rolled off the table. AGAIN. Because you forgot you’d placed them there. Carefree again, yeah.

    3. Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin have miraculously entered your everyday language. After decades of using the same substances in toothpastes, soaps, creams, lotions. And not giving a fig.

    4. People are – surprisingly – listening to you. Even younger people. Not just that, they are actually acting upon your advice.

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