Can't Commit to E-Cigs?

Trouble Committing To E-Cigs? Try These 10 Tips!

Vaping is alright, he thought, taking a puff from his eGo and exhaling periodic wisps of vapour.

The tobacco flavours sometimes had a musty, sweaty feet odour about them, but it wasn’t too bad. And the hand-to-mouth aspect was comfortingly familiar.

But something was still missing.

There was an ‘itch’ he struggled to scratch through vaping. He’d puff and puff but it still lacked something. He always found himself wanting to light a cigarette to chase away the rising agitation.

He’d heard switching to vaping was easy, but his experience was different. Compared to choosing an e-cig, getting it to work without problems, getting some tolerable e-liquid, dealing with the coughing and coping with the whole notion of saying goodbye to tobacco, lighting up another cig just seemed a lot simpler.

Plus, he’d read in the news that vaping was as bad for you as smoking. Maybe it’s not for me, he thought, as he slid a cigarette out of his half-empty pack and placed it between his lips.

If the above sounds like your experience with vaping, you’re not alone.

Vaping works for many smokers, but it isn’t for everybody. Switching from the simplicity of smoking to the complex world of PG/VG ratios, nicotine levels, watts and ohms, clearomizers and strange, button-bearing boxes can be daunting, to say the least.

But don’t give up on vaping yet!

The truth is: switching a long-term habit for another one can be challenging. The people who are successful the first time are the lucky ones. Having some difficulty at first is very common.

Thankfully, there are plenty of things you can try.

We spoke to ordinary vapers who struggled to switch at first to find out what the most common problems are. We also got some insight from Louise Ross, the manager of the Leicester stop-smoking service, which offers support to new vapers.

So if you didn’t like vaping at first – or just struggled to stop using tobacco – here are 10 things to try.

1 – Get a Better Device (and a Backup)

10 Vaping Tips Better Kit

The most common reason vapers had difficulty quitting tobacco cigarettes was the type of e-cig they tried.

There are three basic types of e-cig:

  • Ones that look like cigarettes (called “cigalikes”).
  • E-cigs that are a little bigger, with a button and a small tank for e-liquid (“eGo” style e-cigs)
  • Full-featured, often large and sometimes complicated “mods.”

The problem is that not all these devices are equally satisfying. As Louise Ross commented:

It can also be about trying the wrong sort of device. People who have used a cigalike may well have found it unsatisfying; they need to try a E-Cig Mods for a better experience.

The starkest comparison is between cigalikes and mods.

One study by Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos looked at how much nicotine users got from using these two types of e-cig.

He found that using cigalikes for over an hour still didn’t match just five minutes of smoking. Mod users did get a cigarette-like amount of nicotine, but only after 35 minutes of vaping.

So, if you didn’t quite find the e-cig you tried satisfying, don’t give up on vaping yet. Try a bigger, more powerful device – like the Coolfire IV along with a good tank – and see if it gets the job done for you.

Also, make sure you have a spare (even if it’s just an eGo or cigalike) so you have something to vape while it charges. Otherwise you’ll have to go a few hours without nicotine, which makes not smoking much harder.

This story from E-Cigarette Forum user “Tedigram” shows the difference the right device can make:

I’d tried vaping twice before, first back around ’07-08 when it was mostly just cigalikes. I definitely cut my cigarettes per day by 50% or more then, but it wasn’t satisfying enough to motivate me to buy more juice once my initial samplers ran out, went back to smoking.

Tried again a couple years later, when the pen-styles were all the rage (I was on a Magma Inferno), same story. More satisfying this time, but not enough to motivate me to keep it up once the samples ran out.

And then this time, 2015. The gear had advanced enough that once I bought my Subtank Mini and iSub G (came with my MVP3 pro kit), it was done. Smoked through my final pack of tobacco, and that was it. Been pure vaping for just under three months now, and have absolutely zero cravings for tobacco.”


2 – But Balance Satisfaction Against Ease-of-Use

10 Vaping Tips Ease of Use

The only problem with the advice above is that not everyone wants a mod. They look way too complicated for many smokers, especially if you’re new to vaping.

Louise Ross agreed, adding:

“We advise people to talk to experienced vapers or good retailers, who can talk them through the process. Sometimes people are put off by the techie aspects, especially if they get e-liquid all over their hands the first time of trying!”

The key is to find the right balance between ease-of-use and a satisfying experience.

Now, not everyone find mods too complicated. When you get right down to basics, most of them just offer a way of adjusting the power you send to your atomizer.

There are other options if mods seem too complicated, though. eGo-style e-cigs with variable voltage strike a nice balance, and they don’t cost much.

The best tip from Louise and the vapers is to head down to your local vape shop and ask the staff for some advice.

Planet of the Vapes forum user “MarleyJo” shows just how valuable this can be:

“I looked online for quite a while for information on vaping but got so confused by it all. Kept looking but didn’t really know where to start. Got quite frustrated really as I had a feeling vaping could be for me.

In town one day I passed a new vape shop. Bit the bullet and went in confessing I was a total newbie. They let me try juices and look at mods and tanks. Also spoke to some of their customers who were very helpful.

Came out with a mod, tank and juice and started vaping as soon as I got home.

Never touched a cig since.”


3 – Commit to Vaping and Let Yourself Get Used to It

10 Vaping Tips Commit

This one may be a little hard to swallow, but it’s a valid point, none-the-less: you do need motivation. Although it isn’t ideal, it was actually the second most common answer we got from vapers.

Vaping isn’t a “magic bullet” to stop you from smoking. And the fact that vaping is so different from smoking means that it can take some getting used to. In short, without willpower, it’s easy to fall back into old habits.

A few years ago, an E-Cigarette Forum poll asked vapers why they had difficulty quitting. The number one response vapers gave was needing to get used to vaping.

In other words, you need to persevere to get used to vaping. And that perseverance comes from your desire to switch.

UK Vapers forum user Juice Head explained the problem perfectly:

“When smokers watch vapers they are fooled into thinking it’s just the same as smoking. It must be after all it looks the same. Fact is, it’s not and for a few weeks or even months in some cases vaping is simply not as good as smoking.

This is where the willpower comes in. Yes you’re getting your nicotine but you’re still missing all the other nasties that you’ve become addicted to.

I’ve been vaping now for nearly three years but it wasn’t until after a good twelve months or more that I wasn’t tempted to try a cigarette.”

Juice Head

4 – Explore New Flavours

10 Vaping Tips Flavour

When you start vaping, tobacco-flavoured e-liquid seems like the way to go. I did this, and many smokers do the same. You jump right to a tobacco or menthol e-liquid to make the experience as much like smoking as possible.

But when you get used to vaping, something changes. The sweet and fruity flavours get more and more enjoyable, and the desire to have the taste of tobacco fades.

Branching out into different flavours can help to let vaping take on a life of its own. You might not feel like doing this straight away – it took me a while, too – but the sooner you can, the better.

Flavors allow vaping to offer something that smoking can’t. In turn, this contributes to something many vapers find: eventually, cigarettes just start to taste nasty.

The best story about this comes from E-Cigarette Forum User “jlb:”

“Turns out, my key (besides a satisfying setup) was to get away from tobacco flavoured e-juice. So I started looking for tobacco with other flavours mixed in. Kept moving tobacco flavour out and other flavours in. One day I ran into Sweet Dreams, a strawberries and cream with no tobacco. And that was it. Kept finding other flavours and never looked back. Can’t stand tobacco flavours anymore.”


5 – Get Support from Other Vapers or Quit-Smoking Services

10 Vaping Tips Support

Getting support is a huge help when you’re making the switch. Whether it’s from other vapers, friends, family or stop-smoking services, support spurs you on.

Louise Ross drove this point home clearly:

“Support is really important, in my opinion. Any behaviour change that involves losing an aspect of ‘normal life’ can be hard, especially when the rewards have to be hard-won, and it’s the encouragement from others that can make the difference between success and failure.

Besides, other people (whether it’s vapers or stop smoking advisors) will have good ideas that can be added to your repertoire of good tips that keep you going during the tricky times.”

Encouragement from your friends and family boosts your motivation and helps you through the tough periods. And if you need help navigating the often world of devices and atomizers, other vapers can help make sure you come out with something you love.

Louise Ross

6 – Take it Steady… Dual Use is A Good Start

10 Vaping Tips Dual Use

Going from a pack a day to no cigarettes at all isn’t easy. That’s why “dual use” (both vaping and smoking) is common with new vapers.

This might seem like a problem if you’re expecting vaping to be a “magic bullet.” You might think it means that vaping isn’t for you, but that isn’t the case at all.

Many vapers we spoke to didn’t completely stop smoking when they first started. They often cut down the amount they smoked, but didn’t stop altogether. And that’s still a good thing:  switching 100% might be better, but cutting down is great too.

The advice we got on this was unanimous, and David Ock from the E-Cigarette Forum summed it up like this:

“Don’t beat yourself up if you ‘slip’ and smoke. Count the ones you don’t smoke, and move on.”

“Del1977” from the Planet of the Vapes forum expanded with a bit of advice:

“Give the vaping a proper go, but, realise that a bit of dual fuelling isn’t a disaster. Smoke if you must have one, but sitting about watching TV, on the computer, during breaks at work and in the car e.t.c.: just vape away. Vaping becomes more enjoyable than smoking pretty quickly.”

Don't Smoke Pie


7 – Make Sure You’re Getting the Right Amount of Nicotine

10 Vaping Tips Nicotine

Nicotine is a vital aspect of vaping, but choosing the right level isn’t as simple as you might think.

It’s about balancing two issues:

  • Too little nicotine won’t satisfy you, so you may get tempted to smoke.
  • Too much and vaping can feel too harsh on your throat, again making you more likely to smoke.

For most pack-a-day smokers, 18 mg/ml e-liquids strike the perfect balance. But that may not be for you.

The best advice is to experiment. When you get started, buy a few e-liquids in different nicotine strengths and try them out.

“tj99959” from the E-Cigarette Forum found that striking the right balance was what made the difference:

“When I started, 24 mg nicotine made me sick, and 12 mg nicotine left me wanting, so I had to stay within those parameters. 18 mg did the trick.”

When we asked Louise about the reasons why some people use both cigarettes and e-cigs, she covered similar ground:

“That could be remedied by experimenting with different models, flavours, or by having a couple on the go with different strength liquids, for different times of the day.”

There are other options, though. Louise also pointed that some smokers combine vaping with traditional nicotine replacement therapy. This gives you two sources of nicotine and eases the transition.

But this all misses one key point: it’s not just nicotine in cigarettes that makes them addictive. Several other “alkaloids” enhance nicotine’s effects, and these aren’t present in ordinary e-liquid.

Some vapers said that it took “whole tobacco alkaloid” e-liquids to help them make the switch. These include the other alkaloids found in tobacco, making the transition easier.

Juliette Tworsey, in reply to our post on the Vapers’ Network Facebook group, said that “heat not burn” style tobacco vaporizers made the difference for her:

“A real tobacco vaporizer is what got me to switch over entirely. Now I’m a dual user…..of vapour products.”

Even chewing tobacco or snuff could be what you need to feel that satisfaction without lighting up a cigarette. Combining vaping with these other smokeless options might be your ideal approach.

(Check out the comments below for tonnes more useful information from Juliette!)

8 – Vape like a Vaper, Not a Smoker

10 Vaping Tips Vape Properly

Although vaping is basically like smoking, there are some important differences.

The biggest one is that vaping requires, longer, slower puffs than smoking does to get the most out of it. This was even confirmed in a study: longer, slower puffs got users more nicotine.

The problem is simple…

When you puff harder on a cigarette, you get more smoke, but when you puff harder on an e-cig, nothing happens. The ingrained habit to puff harder for more nicotine just doesn’t work when you vape.

So if you find yourself unsatisfied when you try vaping, try changing your puffing style. Try taking deeper, slower puffs and see if it makes a difference. See our guide to inhaling your vape for more info.

AndriaD, commenting on the E-Cigarette Forum, noted that this was the issue that was holding her back from making the switch:

“I wondered why it was so much harder in the morning, than at any other time, and I finally realized that, half asleep, I was trying to vape as if I was smoking – short hard draw, fast deep inhales – and I recalled reading here that trying to vape that way is just not very effective for nicotine absorption.

So, that night while watching TV, I practiced the long, slow draws, letting it hang around in my mouth and throat before inhaling, and then letting it emerge via my nose as much as my mouth. […]

So, the next morning, I consciously made myself vape that way. […] That was my very first smoke-free day.”


9 – Get the Right PG/VG Mix

10 Vaping Tips PG VG Mix

The “throat hit” you get from vaping can put some smokers off. It’s not quite the same as from smoking, and some smokers find it irritating rather than pleasant.

Throat hit is all about the balance between propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG) in your e-liquid. Nicotine and your power settings can play a role, but the PG/VG ratio is crucial.

If you find vaping too harsh on your throat, you may be sensitive to PG, and you need to try a higher-VG e-liquid. Similarly, you might not be getting enough of a throat-hit, so more PG might be what you need.

Trial and error is the best approach. Test out some different mixes and see what works for you, using the throat hit as a guide to what you’re looking for.

A 50/50 mix is the most common, but you may need to tip the balance in one direction or the other to make vaping work for you.

10 – Focus on the Harm Reduction Benefits of Vaping

10 Vaping Tips Benefits

If you need motivation to try vaping again, focusing on the harm reduction aspect can really help.

Several vapers said that focusing on the risks of smoking helped them stay motivated. Remember why you want to switch, and use that motivation to push you to give vaping another try.

Additionally, the media’s focus on potential risks of vaping may be putting you off. The risks of vaping are routinely exaggerated and the benefits are often downplayed.

The result is that it’s easy to think “if vaping is just as bad as smoking, I might as well just smoke.”

Public Health England noted this in their report. It’s part of the reason they firmly stressed the point that vaping is at least 95 percent safer than smoking. If the choice is between smoking and vaping, you’re definitely much better off vaping.

We asked Louise Ross for her number one advice for smokers trying to switch, and she responded:

“Don’t be scared off by newspaper stories about the possible downsides, we can say with certainty that e-cigs are at least 95% safer than smoked cigarettes. People have told us that using a vaporiser to stop smoking was a revelation!”

Experimentation is Key to Switching to Vaping

Vaping isn’t for everyone (because nothing really is), but don’t base your verdict on one or two experiences.

Loads of vapers don’t switch at first. But before you give up on vaping, experiment with the options available to you. Explore the different devices on offer, taste tons of e-liquids, and – above all – focus on learning to enjoy vaping as much as you can.

Exploring the options might seem like a lot of work, but it’s definitely worth it when you hit on the winning combination.

We’d like to thank Louise Ross and everyone from the E-Cigarette Forum, UK Vapers, Planet of the Vapes, Vapers Network and Vapors Lounge who shared their experience and made this post possible. If you’re interested in hearing more advice from vapers, the threads linked above contain all the responses we received.

For even more tips, check out these 7 Tips for Switching by Nathan from

19 thoughts on “Trouble Committing To E-Cigs? Try These 10 Tips!”

  1. I tried cigalikes back in the day and it cut my smoking in half, but I was missing a lot of satisfaction and eventually set the hardware on a shelf and forgot about it. Then a friend of mine started talking about his vaping setup. I was ready to try again (and being ready is important in any kind of decision like this, the “I want” part), so I asked him a bunch of questions and went with his recommendations.

    Bought a Nautilus Mini, and iStick battery. Started with a tobacco flavor, 18mg, and dueled for a while. I’d vape until I just had to have an actual cigarette, smoked one, then went back to vaping. It’s been a year now and the last time I had a cigarette was while taking someone to the airport. I smoked maybe half of it before stubbing it out. I still get cravings occasionally for the real thing, but I know the taste is going to be awful. I keep a throwaway cigalike on hand just for those moments, actually.

    These days I vape mostly Pearberry from Coval, but I also like Azeroth. You have to try a number of different flavors to find what suits you best and keeps you at that, rather than backsliding.

    Talked about it with my doctor and he’s pleased I switched. Having knowledgeable help is key to getting the right hardware. Recognizing that you might not go cold turkey. Recognizing that yes, vaping is not the same as smoking and you do have to inhale differently. I went from far shorter puffs to a longer inhale over time as a kind of natural progression.

    In the end, I’m happy with vaping. I even got my mother to switch and she’s totally on board with the same setup I have. I can’t see going back to smoking. And hey, vaping? So much cheaper!

  2. Thanks for the mention James!

    There is one small, but important distinction that needs to be made.

    The juice(s) that I was referring to are NET juices, not WTA. I have yet to try any WTA liquids (though I may in the future, especially if science figures out a way to filter out the harmful WTAs from the beneficial and anti-inflammatory WTAs), which from my understanding are mainly used as an additive because they are mainly flavorless and used to replicate the effect(s) of actually smoking via whole tobacco alkaloids. NETs, on the other hand, are not a significant source of WTAs. Here is a somewhat brief explanation on the difference between the two via the E-cig Forum:

    Natural Extracted Tobacco, or—more correctly—Extracted Natural Tobacco.
    NETs are usually made from macerations of chopped or ground tobacco, meaning suspensions in PG, VG, or a mix of those two base liquids, that are steeped (cold-process) or cooked (heat-assisted), then filtered. Occasionally small amounts of PGA (pure grain alcohol) are added to the suspension/maceration.

    Cold-Process macerations take much longer. The maceration steeps at room temperature from a week or two up to two months before filtering. The flavor extracted from a cold-process maceration is often “softer” and slightly more nuanced.

    Heat-Assisted macerations take only a day or two to make. The suspension/maceration is simmered over low heat for some number of hours, then allowed to cool before being filtered. The flavor produced by heat-assisted extractions tends to be more potent and intense, but may sacrifice some subtlety.

    Other methods for extraction include Steam-Distilled (SD), Alcohol-based, and Carbon Dioxide Gas (CO2).

    NETs produce copious quantities of extract from very small amounts of tobacco. A maceration using 15 grams of natural tobacco (less than a single pack of cigarettes) yields enough extract to make 500-800mls of NET eliquid.

    Whole Tobacco Alkaloids-

    Whole Tobacco Alkaloids (WTA) are entirely different from NETs, and the two should not be confused or assumed to be connected. NETs are about flavor and mouthfeel; WTA is flavorless. The processes of deriving WTA from tobacco leaves are designed to reproduce in vaping similar physical/psychological effects on the nervous system (in terms of calming and satisfaction) that occur when smoking tobacco. WTA is often considered an aid to smoking cessation for new vapers still struggling to give up tobacco in any of its smoked forms, although some vapers may continue to use WTA liquids even after quitting. By contrast, NET liquids are for vapers who appreciate the taste of authentic tobacco, either unprocessed or cured, as opposed to the artificial “tobacco flavors” produced in eliquids by synthetic, lab-based flavorings. Natural tobacco extracts do not produce significant or even measurable amounts of WTA. ”


    When I really need the full on tobacco experience, I still reach for my real bacci and vape it, though the flavor from a good NET also does the trick for me. I suppose that it depends on the time of day…lol…Everyone is different:-)

    It’s refreshing to see someone from the vaping community come out in support of more than one form of harm reduction! Good work!

    1. Hi Juliette,

      I wrote this post actually – originally James was listed as author though (I think that means I must be getting the house style down, lol). You’re more than welcome for the mention, of course, thank you for the input 🙂

      And thanks for the clarification on NETs vs. WTAs – I’ve never tried WTAs myself, to be honest, but I enjoy a good NET liquid from time to time too.

      I think the position of the quote from you in the article made my intention a little unclear – I was referring to you using a real tobacco vapouriser rather than WTA juices. I assume vaping tobacco gets you the other alkaloids too, so I put your quote below the WTA discussion because it’s another approach to solving the same basic issue. But looking at it I can see why it might look like I was implying you use WTAs.

      And thanks very much – one of the things I really wanted to do with the post was talk briefly about other forms of harm reduction too, so I’m glad it was refreshing to see 🙂 As far as I’m concerned, the important thing is switching to something safer. “Standard” vaping did it for me, but if other smokers need something else to help them quit I’m 100% in favour of it, and think it should be encouraged more widely in the vaping community.

      Anyway – thanks for the comment, and my apologies about the confusion!

      1. Yep, that was an error! (My excuse is I was away at the e-cig summit!) That’s now corrected, as I always want to attribute posts written to the author who wrote it – no ghost writing on this blog!

  3. To the Smokers out there – first congratulations on making a choice that will change your life! This is a great article, and as a former smoker who left a carton of cigarettes in the freezer for the first year “just in case”, I can attest to many of the points here. Good luck to you and your journey to butt out!

  4. We should remind potential users of the one extra nic level 36mg which not all outlets carry.

    I smoked my first cigarette when I was five, I was smoking as was quite a lot of my peer level friends quite often at ten and by 12 I was consuming 10 a day and became a chain smoker by the time I was 21, luckily I was in the forces so activities kept my smoking down but when people are cold, wet and hungry, usually they think of a hot shower and dinner, all I thought about was a cigarette and it would take two to get sorted for anything else.

    When I tried ecigs first, I went with a 6mg “chinese” early type where the battery had the atomiser built into the end and it pierced the little foil capsule in the push on “filter” and they were dreadful, I shopped around and found 24mg cartomiser types and that very nearly hit the button but I still craved cigarettes and then I found at last a company that stocked 36mg cartomisers and it worked! I literally sat there the first day just using my carto’s and I went thru a few and didn’t smoke a cigarette at all, I had found my “level” and suffered no cravings, after the second week, I gave my friend a totally full tin of tobacco, lighters and ashtrays and have never smoked again.

    Now I use exotic mechanical and electronic mods, I have a very large collection of the old Nemesis as I did a “Pokemon” and had to collect one of each type and now I am enjoying the joy of subohm tanks which nearly everyone seems to stock so heads aren’t a problem, I am still on 36mg but I tend to go for about four big hits in a day and a couple mini hits in between and I hardly use any with 100ml of juice lasting me months, I am nearly to the point where I am ready to start scaling it down by taking the 24, 18, 12, 6, 0 route but ecigs are my only vice apart from cats and three wheeler del boy vans so am not in too much of a rush.

    I think 18-24 is the ballpark for the 20 a day lighter smoker but for the heavier smoker, if 24 doesn’t work, do try the 36mg and do invest in better delivery atomisers like the current selection of bottom coil clearomisers which do deliver a very very good vape.

    1. Thanks, Ian. You’re quite right, and our MD found that the 36 mg was the one that did the job for her.

      A couple of points though. 36 mg will be illegal from next year because of new EU regulations. We were very alarmed when this was first brought out. Fortunately, advances in technology mean that vapers are now absorbing more nicotine than they used to and, perhaps because of this, there’s an incredible trend at the moment towards lower strength nicotine.

  5. Some of these postings sound very much like me, but with a difference

    I retired and found I was forking out a lot for my daily 20 fags a day, I just couldn’t afford it on a pension

    So it was on the internet and looking for an alternative

    The eGo was a suitable substitute, it was cheapish, so was the liquid, but it never really gave me the satisfaction a fag did, but I had to stick with it, I tried all kinds of e liquids, different strength, different flavours, none really did it for me, but I stuck with them

    I signed up to go travelling around the world in a big yellow truck, so I packed all my batteries and juice in my bag and set off, well the eGo didn’t last long, fags were less than a quid a packet in a lot of countries and I didn’t have to mess around with chargers and juice

    I could buy 100 fags for the price of 20 in the UK, it was no contest

    I travelled for 5 years, all over the world
    France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria,
    Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Tibet, Nepal, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Australia.

    Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Australia.

    I climbed Mt Everest, while it was an achievement, it was dam expensive for 20 minutes at the top, (3 weeks to climb it, 20 minutes at the top, 3 weeks to get back down)

    Then it was off to Africa
    Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, Guinea, Sierra Leone*, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon, Congo, Angola South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt

    I got Cerebral Malaria in Ghana and died twice, I was in IC for 2 weeks, but I was revived and finished off my trip (thanks to Oasis overland)

    I climbed Kilimanjaro while I was in Africa as well

    Then it was a few repeat countries
    Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Tibet and Nepal.Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

    Well now all this travelling has come to a halt and now its back to paying 8 quid a packet for fags, I cant afford them, so I needed another alternative, things have moved on since the eGo came out, so I have bought myself a Subox Kanger, battery, charger, juice

    I haven’t got to grips with it and have been on youtube getting tips and finding out how to use the darn thing (I cant blow out the volume of smoke or vapour they do though, how do they do that ?)

    I don’t know if its going to do the job and get me off the fags, but at least it looks better than the eGo thing (which I have four of)

    I don’t know whether to start off with the high nicotine or a lower content, but I have lots of juice I bought a few years back (no idea if its any good though)

    Just as a footnote, I have to go for a lung function test soon, then a chest X ray, my doctor says I have white dots on my lungs, but I feel okay, a bit short of breath at times (maybe it is the fags catching up with me) then a run on a machine with tubes in my mouth and things stuck all over me

    Anyway, if I can find this page again, I’ll give you all an update on how things have gone with all the medical stuff and the Kanger Subox (I don’t think there is a link to receive any updates or replies to postings here)

    I am expecting great things from this Kanger Subox (if I can get used to it)

  6. The problem I have is that vaping is just so unsatisfying. It helped me give up cigs after 35 years, and then I weaned myself off nicotine by avoiding tobacco flavours and reducing to zero content over 4 months. But the flavours are just useless. I like apple or orange but I simply can’t find any juice that has any consistent flavour and doesn’t taste like nothing in particular after a few puffs. Perhaps the next step should be to stop vaping as well but I’m worried that I’ll turn to some other vice and pile on even more weight!

  7. One of my coworkers really wanted to commit smoking because of health problems, so she made the switch to vaping. It definitely was not easy for her, but she found that once she switched from a drug store bought pen to a better quality one she found online, the process was a lot easier. Sometimes switching the gear you use really can make the difference. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Very good article for those just starting out on this adventure.

    After 30yrs of smoking, I actually had no intention of quitting.. heck, I would even “pass” on most things (a visit to a zoo, or a concert for example) due to the no smoking policies. I just wanted to smoke. Then, a persistent cough led to a doctor sending me for test to find out if I had COPD. Scared enough now, I happened to watch a youtube video of vaping and it all seemed just clear to me now.. The next day I picked up a Kanger esmart and that was it for smoking (coming around to 7 months now). Ive played with other hardware, and I do like a Kanger Subbox mini for my ‘harder’ hits in the evenings, but my esmart is still my daily stick to carry around.
    Im not sure about the comments of needing a high nicotine hit. My dealer started me out with a tobacco flavor at 6mg and it’s been fine. I vape about 5mL a day. No desire for a cig, which did shock me.. although now, if I cant vape, I would probably have a nic-fit.. lol
    One nice thing with vaping, you can actually stealth vape (use no-flav with nic and low VG levels). Take a vape and hold it in for a bit before exhaling , the ‘fog’ will precipitate out and you have no “smoke” and no “smell” at all.
    Best of luck to anyone quitting those paper sticks.. vaping is the way to go, in my books.

  9. Was determined to stop smoking, am determined so jumped on.bus to my.local store to by Kangertech Nano box. So far so good. Nice device for women. Still getting to grips with nicotine content vg/ pg ratios and wattage on device.. started with 12mg being a 20 a day, but found it too strong on the throat, so tried 6mg but feels a wee bit too light…and now im learning vg/pg % plays a part. Will continue to trial to find perfect balance. And its Stoptober too!

  10. Very good and useful tips. I think that for me the biggest difference with switching to vaping did my boyfriend. He was a vaper already and he helped me a lot. Thanks to him I was able to get off dual using in two months and I think that’s not that bad. 🙂 He also helped me choose the best device for me. I wanted a cigalike but he explained to me that I’d do better with ego style e-cig and even bought me one. I still have it to this day, it’s a vape pen from vapour2 and yeah…it’s bigger than a cigarette but it’s still pretty small and I can fit it to my smallest purse without any issue.

  11. I have just switched to Vape bought a pen first £38.99 but was still smoking so have just invested in a Traget Mini £60 found a vape and save shop near to my house and they have been very helpful still smoking but less and know I can crack it. All these tips have been very useful, I am not sure if I am vaping the right way but will keep practising lol! Friend said not to inhale shop said to??

    1. Hi Sonya, I’ve never heard of the advice not to inhale! There are two ways to inhale, take into the mouth first and then inhale (mouth to lung) or to inhale directly into the lungs (direct to lung). We’d always recommend inhaling into the mouth first for beginners. Whatever you do, good look with cracking smoking – we all know how difficult it can be!

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