Aspire Archon 150W - Tutorial & Overview

Aspire Archon 150 Watt: Everything you need to know!

If you’ve used advanced Aspire devices such as the NX-75 or the Plato before, then you’ll feel right at home with the Aspire Archon.

The Archon takes the excellent upgradeable chip from the NX-75, adds an extra 18650 battery, doubles the power to 150W, and places it into the sleek and classy looking frame of a Plato.

As the NX-75 was my personal favourite of all the vape mods we’ve stocked in my years with ECigaretteDirect, I was happy to hear that we were going to stock the Archon, and it hasn’t disappointed.

The Archon is available here on ECigaretteDirect for £49.99 – or you can try it for free in any of our shops!

Update: Unfortunately, the Aspire Archon is no longer available. Aspire fans might want to check out newer devices, such as the Aspire Nautilus GT Kit or the Aspire Reax Mini.


Aspire Archon 150W box contents

Who’s the Archon for?

The Aspire Archon is very much a device for advanced vapers, or for intermediate users who want to push their vaping limits. If you’re relatively new to vaping, we’d strongly advise going with an easier-to-use mod such as the Ferobox TC.

What’s in the Box?

Inside the box you get the Archon device itself (in one of three colour options), a micro USB lead, warranty card and the instruction manual.

It’s all very nicely packaged, as we’ve come to expect from Aspire, and the instructions are simple to understand yet comprehensive.

On the reverse of the box you get the Aspire ‘scratch and check’ (or scratch and sniff as I prefer to call it!) panel, so you can be assured that the item is a genuine product.

Key Features:

  • 150w power output
  • Temperature mode in Ni/Ti/SS pre set
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • Childproof lock
  • Lightweight construction
  • Dedicated power/temperature mode switches
  • Customisable in both power/temp modes also
  • 2A fast charge
  • 0.05-3.5 in temp mode
  • 0.1-4.0 in power mode

Aspire Archon 150W Design & Ergonomics

The Design:

Essentially, the Archon looks and feels identical to the Plato.

For non-Plato users, this means:

  • a C-frame design
  • all controls in the usual places
  • one piece removable back/sides to access the battery tray held in place by a neat fit and magnets

There is one exception, though; you have the option to choose your own 510 threaded atomiser to place on top, rather than using the inbuilt one with the Plato.

The body has comfortable contours, fitting nicely into the closed hand. Meanwhile, the zinc alloy and plastic construction means the Archon feels very light for its size.

The choice of finishes perfectly complement the inner plastic frame’s ‘Aspire yellow’ colouring, and gives the mod a clean and classy look.

Aspire Archon 150W Display


Basic Controls:

As you can see from the above image, the functionality is pretty straight forward where basic controls are concerned:

  • W button controls watt/volt/batt/CFBP options.
  • T button takes care of Ni/Ti/SS/TCR options
  • + and – adjusts parameters.

Locking Function:

To use the standard locking function simply hold the W and + buttons for 2 seconds.

To use the child lock function press W and – to bring it up.

Enter the preset code (000), and select the arrow key to change the code to your preference.

How to Customise the Logo:

Changing the logo on screen is also fairly easy.

T and – takes you to the menu, W deletes, T swaps upper and lower case characters. You use  then + and – to select the letters you want. (There is a maximum of 10 characters.)

Also, as a special bonus function, if you hold the power button whilst installing the batteries, the Archon will give you a lesson in Mandarin Chinese!

Either that, or this is how you select between the Chinese and English language options…

Aspire Archon 150W Advanced Features

Advanced Controls:

Things do get a tad more complex when taking advantage of the user adjustable settings, customisable firing button profiles (CFBP) and temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) modes.

The TCR modes gives users the option to use materials other than Ni/Ti/SS in temp mode, by inputting and saving the coefficient profile of a specific material into your device.

Aspire Archon 150W with Aspire Tanks

Customisable Firing Button Profiles (CFBP):

As with the NX75, the Archon  allows you to programme in your own power curve settings for 3 separate preset modes (C1, C2 and C3). Aspire calls these their Customisable Firing Button Profiles (CFBP).

This allows the user to fine tune the heat ramp-up to suit a particular atomiser or coil.

For example, some coils might vape well at 50watts once they get going, but could be slow to ramp up initially.

The CFBP feature allows you to alter the power delivery in 1 second increments.

So in the case of the slow ramping coil, the wattage can be set to fire at 60W for the first second (reducing ramp-up time) then drop down to the desired 50W for the remainder of the time.

You could even reduce this to 40W after 3 seconds to minimise the risk of the coil burning out from a long drag.

How to Use Customisable Firing Button Profiles:

Use the W button to scroll to one of the preset C1/C2/C3 profiles. Then hold the W button down for a moment to access the adjustment mode.

Again, using the W button, you can select 0.5 second increments to adjust the power output (using + and – to increase or decrease the wattage) to the maximum 10 second length.

Aspire Archon 150W Battery Sled

How to Use Temperature Control and Wattage Modes:

The temperature modes are pretty straightforward to adjust.

Holding T and + brings you into (and out of) the adjustment mode. This goes for all setting adjustment modes.

Pressing T then allows you to select which you want to adjust (presets or user customisable options).

Once in adjustment mode, you can select the initial wattage output, or in the case of the TCR settings, the TCR percentage, which you can then adjust in the usual manner.

Confused by TCR? Check out this post by Phil Busardo for an explanation.

Aspire Archon 150W Batteries & Charging

Batteries and Charging

Using a pair of 18650 batteries gives you two possible advantages over the NX-75 mod.

Firstly, you double the power.

Secondly, with lower power usage (within the range of the NX-75) you get double the battery life.

Inserting and removing the batteries is very simple.

Simply slide off the outer casing of the mod, and insert the batteries counter to each other as indicated by the + and – symbols inside.

To remove, just push the batteries out via a hole set in the reverse of the inner plastic frame.

As the batteries are set in series rather than parallel, it is recommended to charge externally so they get an even charge.

In addition, you should regularly swap the two batteries so they discharge more evenly over their lifespan.

Aspire Archon 150W what we like

What we like:

  • Lightweight frame
  • Powerful chip
  • Range of features
  • Removable/replaceable batteries
  • Upgradeable firmware

What we don’t like:

Doesn’t feel quite as robust as the NX-75 or Tesla Nano.

Independent Reviews

This is a new section we are trialling for our tutorials!

The aim is to get independent feedback from experienced reviewers. I’d love to know if you think this section adds value, so please do let us know in the comments.

Vaping V1ck

The Aspire Archon builds on the success of the NX 100 a truly functional mod that was limited in battery power and style.

The Archon looks and feels great with its slick design and smooth edges. The addition of dual batteries under a sliding C frame door is a fantastic improvement. The board is faultless with high wattage TC and TCR capability, the battery life is surprisingly long and it is one of the most pocket friendly dual battery mods I have come across. An incontestable triumph from Aspire at a very impressive price, it has become my all day carry I can’t put it down.

review score orange 4 icon
Look & Feel
review score mauve 4 icon
Ease of Use
review score lime 5 icon
Features & Functions
review score blue 4 icon

Devil Vaper

A compact, dual 18650 device by Aspire with a large and easy to read screen. The buttons are easy to find without having to look at the mod every time you use it. The screen also automatically rotates from left to right.

The menu system is extremely easy to navigate because of the W and T buttons which allow simple navigation of the warrant temperature control functions of the Archon.

There are many functions on the Archon including the usual wattage and temperature control, but they also include a bypass mode and custom fire button profiles which gives the user a chance to customise their vaping experience that bit further.

Overall, a great device, but you are restricted to 22mm tanks due to the overhang with anything larger.

review score orange 4 icon
Look & Feel
review score mauve 4 icon
Ease of Use
review score lime 4 icon
Features & Functions
review score blue 4 icon

Best E-Cig

I’ll be honest, I was a little intimidated when I opened the Aspire Archon. It has a lot of advanced functions, but once I’d read the instruction manual I realised it wasn’t difficult to understand. The extra vape functions give you the option to upgrade to more “complicated” forms of vaping later on, but you can pick it up and use it as a beginner too.

There are some really awesome tools, setting a password so your friends can’t steal your vape, for example, and I actually found it was a lot to fun to play around with. I used it for both mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung (sub ohm) vaping, and it delivered a decent vape experience for both. The button is easy to find with your thumb or fingers, depending on how you like to hold it, but it’s quite a bulky device. I have small hands, so it’s bigger than what I’d usually buy but it does look good, with a nice shape that sits well in your hands. Despite having as many functions as it does, it’s really not difficult to understand or use. For under £50, it’s a great all-rounder!

review score orange 4 icon
Look & Feel
review score mauve 5 icon
Ease of Use
review score lime 5 icon
Features & Functions
review score blue 4 icon

ECig Click

The Archon takes its name from the Greek meaning ‘ruler’ and without doubt this is one of the kings of the mods produced by Aspire. It’s an absolute gem with dual 18650 batteries pumping out up to 150 watts of pure vaping power. Add to that a customisable welcome screen – a five button set-up, which incidentally makes temperature control vaping a cinch, and x3 custom power curve settings and you have an absolutely awesome vape mod to suit beginners and die hard enthusiasts.

review score orange 5 icon
Look & Feel
review score mauve 4 icon
Ease of Use
review score lime 5 icon
Features & Functions
review score blue 4 icon

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