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Innokin Coolfire Ultra Mod: Review & Tutorial

The Innokin Coolfire Ultra TC150 is a further step in power and battery capacity in the hugely successful Coolfire series. In this review and user guide, you’ll find out how to use the Innokin Ultra, as well as what we like and don’t like about it.

Update: The TC150 has now been discontinued.

For newer models, see the Innokin Coolfire Z80.

For older models, see the Innokin Coolfire IV.


Innokin Coolfire Ultra TC150 box contents

At a Glance…

The new Coolfire model is powered by a 21700b cell, as it gives both more power (a stated 30 amps) and also a larger capacity at 4000mAh –  more than the older and more traditional 18650 dimension battery cells. This gives the TC150 a great improvement in its capabilities, but at a very similar size. Few mods have a better battery capacity – although the Innokin MVP5 with its 5000mAh capacity is well worth checking out!

Although it appears to be the same design as the Coolfire IV Plus and TC100 models, the TC150 is slightly different.

Due to the larger battery cell, offering both increased power and capacity, the dimensions of the device are ever so slightly larger in height and depth. (Oddly, though, the section housing the battery (the slightly bulbous end) appears to be narrower.

Styling wise, gone are the standard go faster stripes and badge of the TC100, and instead we have am improved Ford Mustang-esque stripe with incorporated logo.

On the faceplate, the board that regulates the power is still the Atheon, and the display shows you exactly the same information.

There are slight changes here: The firing button loses the Innokin symbol for a standard power symbol, the charging port is what I would say is upside down (I have no idea how they should be orientated, but this isn’t what I’m used to!), and the adjustment buttons are now side-by-side rather than above each other.

Innokin Coolfire Ultra TC150 black mod

Innokin Coolfire Ultra TC150 Features…

  • Aethon Temperature Control Chipset
  • OLED Display
  • Ultra Low External Heat Generation
  • Dry Hit Detection and Prevention (TC Mode)
  • Pre-Boost/Ramp-Up Wattage Range: 25-150W (TC Mode)
  • Ultra Low Standby Power Consumption
  • Clearwave Noise Cancellation
  • Dimensions: length – 89mm width – 51mm
  • Spring Loaded 510 Threaded Connector
  • Built-in 4000mAh Battery
  • Wattage Range: 6.0 – 150.0 W
  • Temperature Control Materials: Nickel (Ni200), Titanium (Ti), Stainless Steel 316 (SS316)
  • Temperature Range: 150 – 315C / 300 – 600F
  • Minimum Resistance: 0.1ohm
  • Recommend Resistance for TC Mode: Ni200 (0.1 – 1.0ohm), Ti (0.1 – 0.5ohm), SS316L (0.2 – 0.5ohm)
  • Max Current: 30A
  • Max Output Voltage: 7.5V
  • Charged via Micro USB 5V/2A
  • Integrated Charging Safety Protections
  • Direct Current – Steady Power Output

Innokin Coolfire Ultra TC150 mod black with Aspire tank

How to Use the TC150…

Initial Coil Selection…

When first installing a tank, you will need to select your mode. To do this:

Attach the tank, then press the fire button to bring up the selection menu. This consists of 5 options: Same/Ni/Ti/SS/W.

If using a regular wattage style tank (as opposed to a TC coiled tank), select the W wattage mode. If using a TC coil, you would then select the material type of your coil, the initials standing for Nichrome/Titanium/Stainless Steel.

If you have simply removed your tank to refill, and have already configured it for the device, you simply select the Same option.

Finally, if you wish to change the coil selection on the fly without removing the tank, going from SS TC to wattage is the only real world change (or if you’ve selected the wrong option installing the tank), you should hold down the Fire and Up (+) button to scroll between the different options.

Innokin Coolfire Ultra TC150 mod black with protective sleeve

Regular Usage and Adjustments

Innokin chips utilise the 3 click on/off method, and this continues with the Coolfire Ultra, as does their adjustment method of holding down either the Up or Down buttons till the power/temp display flashes, then adjusting to suit.

As with previous versions, the extra info screen (showing the resistance to 5 decimal places, available voltage and puff counter) is accessed by holding the Up/Down buttons together. Holding them for 3-5 seconds then flips the orientation of the screen.

When using TC mode, the Dry Hit Detection and Prevention comes into play. This works on the principle that a wet wick will help regulate the temperature of the coil. A dry wick allows the coil to heat faster. The chip recognises this, and stops it heating to the point that the wick burns.

Pre-Boost Ramp-Up

To adjust your Temp Control vape to suit your style even further, Innokin have added a Ramp-Up option. This allowing you to adjust the initial power applied to your coils so you can choose between a gradual heating or a more instant hit.

To do this hold down the Fire and Down (-) buttons until the wattage flashes in the bottom left corner of the screen. Then use the Up and Down (+/-) buttons to adjust, before pressing the Fire button again to lock it in.

Innokin Coolfire Ultra TC150 black mod

What We Like:

  • Excellent build quality and great design
  • Easy to use
  • Dry hit detection and prevention
  • Integrated charging safety protections
  • Massive power means it is compatible with a wide range of tanks

What we don’t like:

  • Up and down buttons one piece means you can press both at the same time by mistake
  • At the highest power setting, the battery might not last all day.
  • Tanks with long threads might not sit flush on the device.

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