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I Tried Some of the Most Bizarre E-Liquid Flavours So You Don’t Have To

I still vividly remember vaping Voop Juice for April Fools ’ Day in 2015. I’d never considered vaping cheese and onion or garlic e-liquid before, and – probably unsurprisingly – I never have since. It was an affront to every one of my senses and I doubt I’ve ever been the same since.

But the world of bizarre e-liquid flavours is far from limited to one-off April Fools’ jokes. If you’re getting bored of the same old strawberries and cream, the dull desserts and the tired tobaccos, there are a few companies out there still pushing vape juice into the world of the surreal.

And I’m about to taste-test seven of their weirdest flavours.

I won’t lie to you: these juices are not for the faint of heart. To be frank, it would probably help if you had your tastebuds surgically removed prior to vaping them. And if you vape them in the same room as somebody else they will probably leave and never come back. You’ve been warned.

1 – Butter Vape Juice

Starting off on a relatively inoffensive note, you can get butter e-liquid. This isn’t a “buttery something” or a dessert with a hint of butter; this is straight-up butter. If you want to blow a cloud of cholesterol, this is probably the closest you’ll ever come.

The second sentence of the blurb says it all: “Surprisingly it tastes good.”

You’d be forgiven for not believing them, but it actually has 4/5 stars from 14 reviews, with people praising the creamy and slightly sweet taste of the juice. Some say it tastes more like butter, others insist it’s more of a margarine, but most of the reviewers at least think it’s a good addition to other juices.

My favourite review of the juice comes from “ohai,” (ohai Mark) who writes:

If [American chef and general butter fanatic] Paula Deen vaped, this would be her all day vape. It’s more butter than margarine, but not quite real butter either. Creamy, delicious and simple, I can imagine it would be good with all kinds of things, but I tried it plain, and I really enjoyed it.

But I feel like “Spiderman” probably has the more accurate take:

Literally, like eating a stick of butter. Great in theory. I love butter, but on things like rolls. But by itself, I started to feel nauseated by the flavor after a few hits. It is just like eating butter. Probably better to mix into other flavors than to use by itself.

My Thoughts on Vaping Butter

This is definitely better than I was expecting. It’s very rich, and despite the fact that the butter flavour is pure – almost painfully so – the sweetness of the juice actually makes it more like a standard e-juice than you’d think based on the name. The creaminess also kind of helps, but all of that aside, you do get a distinct sense that you’re consuming pure butter. I’d fall more on the side of butter than margarine, for the richness and creaminess alone. It’s actually not bad.

Sliced block of butter

2 – Roast Chicken E-Liquid

That’s right. Your prayers have been answered. All of those lonely Sundays lying in bed looking at the ceiling and just wishing that somebody had the forethought to have made a roast meat into an e-liquid so you didn’t have to go through the whole process of cooking to get your chicken fix. Well Freedom Smoke USA went and did it.

They claim it’s “perfectly seasoned,” but frankly that does very little to allay the concerns that getting the flavour of chicken – not to mention roast chicken specifically – into e-liquid form may be downright impossible or just so weird you’d never want to vape it again. If you’re really feeling adventurous, you can even get an extra flavour shot put in it.

The main downside for intrepid vapers is that nobody who has tried this monstrosity has posted a review before, and so very few people even know what it tastes like. Is it vegetarian friendly? Is there a gravy e-liquid we can mix with it? Why didn’t they make gammon instead?

We may never know.

But when it comes to the taste, we will finally have an answer.

My Thoughts on Vaping Roast Chicken

The first sign that this flavour was going to be a step down from butter is that Freedom Smoke USA had seen fit to cover the seal of the bottle with electrical tape, probably to spare the postman the horrors of what was contained in my order. The smell from the top of the bottle was surprisingly fine, but the flavour, my god. It’s somewhere in between the kind of synthetic chicken flavour you get on crisps and the taste of chicken skin, except you left it in the oven for too long, and the salt-and-herb-encrusted skin has become completely blackened and burnt. You’d eat it anyway, but afterwards you’d take a long hard look in the mirror and ask yourself what’s going wrong with your life.

I’m sceptical as to whether you’d pick up chicken in a blind taste-test, but with foreknowledge it’s kind of accurate enough. That said; I would not buy this again. I didn’t even finish the stuff I’d dripped onto my coils.

Roasted chicken

3 – Garlic E-Liquid

Given that one of the Voop Juice liquids was garlic, I feel a special kinship for this weird flavour. While the grotesque cheese and onion burned an indelible impression onto my mind, the garlic wasn’t necessarily bad, just incredibly bizarre. Like you would imagine, the flavour was intense, but it was quite close to genuine garlic and the overall experience left me more baffled than disgusted.

The Voop Juice version might have been a one-off joke, but others are here to stay. Freedom Smoke USA’s version is described as “a full flavoured kick that will knock your socks off,” and from experience, I can imagine this being quite an accurate description. Again, it has no reviews, so we can’t be sure what this version will be like before buying, but there’s only one way to find out…

My Thoughts on Vaping Garlic

The smell from the bottle is overpowering. If I was a smarter man I’d have ran at that point. After dripping – more nervously than I ever remember having done before – and taking my first puff, it was actually less awful than I was expecting. Still awful, don’t get me wrong, but less awful than the smell. It very much has the flavour of roasted garlic, which in real life I absolutely love, but in vapour form it’s almost powerfully bizarre. Probably the strangest aspect is a popcorn-y note, which I didn’t trust on first taste so much that I defiled another RDA with the same damn flavour.

The chicken is worse, but this is still pretty damn terrible. Also I’m lucky I live alone because the room note is disastrous, like you’re trying some arcane medieval ritual to ward off vampires.

Garlic cloves

4 – Bacon E-Liquid

The world’s love for bacon is hard to overstate. If you eat meat and you don’t like bacon, I wouldn’t even feel comfortable being your friend. It’s the best product from a wonderful, magical animal:

…and you can find versions of the flavour in everything from crisps to mayonnaise. So it’s not really much of a surprise that there is an e-liquid version of bacon from more than one seller.

Unfortunately (and expectedly), it doesn’t quite live up to the heights of the meat it takes its name from. Reviewers of VaporGod’s version say it has a burnt flavour, like you’ve pushed the meat to the wrong side of crispy. One reviewer couldn’t get further than three puffs without gagging, and another said it’s the only vape juice he’s ever thrown away. Even the enthusiastic five-star reviewer doesn’t seem like he’d buy it again. Overall it sits at 3/5 from eight reviews, and many of the positive comments basically amount to “but it’s BACON.”

My favourite review is from Darren Walsh, who wrote:

I was really excited to try this flavor, I mean, how can you go wrong with bacon! Huge let down, not only does it smell like a dog ate a pound of bacon and now breathing in my face (yep, tastes that way too), but my tank permanently tastes like that and all my kits/cases smell like it too!

My Thoughts on Vaping Fried Bacon

Despite my love of bacon I really wasn’t looking forward to this juice. Some things just aren’t meant to be inhaled. Although I tried the offering from a different company to intrepid bizarre e-juice reviewer Darren Walsh, his analysis is spot on. It doesn’t taste like bacon as much as it tastes like dog breath after eating an unholy amount of bacon. But not well-cooked back bacon, the streaky bacon you get in the US cooked to within an inch of its life so it snaps like a crisp. There was much more of a burnt flavour than bacon, and the bacon that was there was a shell of its former self.

Sounds good; doesn’t work.


5 – Black Pepper E-Liquid

In this cursed line-up of bizarre, questionable e-juice flavours, black pepper seems basically benign. But all it takes is a tiny step back to re-evaluate and you realise just how outrageous an idea this really is. We aren’t talking about a full savoury dish with cracked black pepper on top; we’re talking about pure pepper. You wouldn’t grind up some pepper and take a spoonful, so why the hell would you want to vape it?

But the reviews firmly disagree. It currently stands at a staggering 5/5 after 14 reviews, with an almost unanimous appreciation for the flavour coming through from the comments. Most of the more sensible takes talked about adding it into other ingredients, but a couple really stood out.

This, from Nate B., is so positive it almost reads like they paid someone to write it:

Black Pepper from EC is by far the best liquid I’ve vaped in over 5 years. No matter what else I’m trying out, I always keep a supply of Black Pepper at hand. You would think that it’s too novel a flavor to keep coming back to, but it’s just a nice, bold flavor that never gets old.

But Sharon, the most recent reviewer, turned the review into an opportunity to sing the praises of weird e-liquids all-round. It almost reads like a manifesto:

Ok, I know most people who clicked on pepper are just curious about such an “odd” flavor. But please try this so it stays available. I LOVE it, I’m an early-adapter of vaping and this is one of my top 5 flavors of all time. It does taste like black pepper but in a perfect-for-vaping way. I always need to be stocked in black pepper. Let’s support ejuice crafters who create unusual flavors. Vanilla is just so vanilla, amiright? Get some, you might really like it too 🙂

My Thoughts on Vaping Black Pepper

After the gauntlet of bizarre flavours I’ve endured so far, this is almost like sweet relief. The smell from the bottle is pretty much as you’d expect, a pure black pepper smell with nothing else really to speak of. The actual taste is pretty accurate too, with the key flavour being powerful enough (not in an unpleasant way) to make it easy to recognise. The execution could be better, though, because there’s a bit of a synthetic element to the flavour, so it’s lacking a bit of the depth and warmth of the real deal.

This really isn’t too bad. I would probably vape it for fun. Not often, granted, but it could have definitely been worse.

Black peppercorns and grinder

6 – Tuna E-Liquid

“A taste of the sea,” they say, showing a picture of raw tuna as if that will actually make you want to buy it. You know, rather than run for the hills and never visit the website again, deleting your history and any offending cookies for good measure, just in case Facebook takes it upon itself to start advertising avant-garde e-liquid on every website you visit for the next year.

I can’t help but wonder what depraved mind decided that any fish – never mind such a powerfully-flavoured type – would make a good e-liquid. It’s like the brain child of a vape juice mixer who had a horrendous accident and turned himself into a diabolical supervillain. If I ended up in Room 101, this would be my punishment. And it would be nicotine free, so I couldn’t even salvage even the slightest bit of pleasure from the experience.

It has no reviews, and in a different situation that would make me happy. I could tell myself that nobody had actually ever tried it. I could live in blissful ignorance. But that’s not what I’m doing here, is it? So here goes….

My Thoughts on Vaping Tuna

Shockingly, the smell from the top of the bottle actually isn’t that bad. Maybe because the idea that you’d open a bottle of e-juice and smell tuna is so alien that my body refused to accept it. The trepidation when I dripped it onto my coil was very real.

But then it was actually fine. If you wanted to vape tuna – first of all, get out – then you would probably be a little disappointed. The flavour is much milder than I was expecting, to the point where you wouldn’t be able to pick this out as tuna in a blind taste test. It has a faint taste of fish, but it’s very subtle and I can only assume that the twisted monster who decided to mix this juice had a pang of conscious in the production stage. “Well, we could produce the worst e-liquid ever conceived, but maybe we should just go easy on the concentrated fish flavouring.”

Tinned tuna

7 – Worcestershire Sauce E-Liquid

UK-based vapers will be familiar with Worcestershire sauce, and while Americans may be unsure about how to pronounce it (since it makes basically no sense) but may have encountered it from time to time before, but I can’t imagine anybody clamouring for it in e-liquid form. It’s a pretty difficult flavour to describe, too, a sort of vinegary, savoury flavour with a touch of sweetness that goes nicely in a stew.

Reviews for the vape-able version are surprisingly positive, with the juice standing at 4/5 out of six reviews. The bad news is that most of the positivity comes from the fact that it’s apparently a very accurate representation of the real deal, although one reviewer commented that she “always” has it on hand. Yes, always.

Another reviewer, Sarah, commented:

I only let it steep for a few days before trying it and I loved it from the first hit. The first thing that came to my mind was Gardetto’s snack mix. It’s a really good vape. I only order a trial size now I’m going to have to get a full bottle. It satisfies that craving for salty snacks without the sodium!

Again, though, the bad reviews seem like the most relatable reactions, such as this from Paul Peterson:

Oh god what did I get myself into. I can’t get the taste out of my mouth. I need to gargle with bleach now. With all of that being said, I despise flavor. Don’t let my misery turn you away from trying. Just don’t put it on a dropper like I did. It’s not even worth 1 star.

If someone made a Henderson’s Relish flavour I’d be all in. I’m from Sheffield so anything else would probably get me disowned by my family. But again, duty called, so I hit “Buy” and prepared to disgrace my heritage.

My Thoughts on Vaping Worcestershire Sauce

Well Paul Peterson, I saw your warning and roundly ignored it. I dripped this juice. The smell from the bottle was worryingly alcoholic, like you’d ground a beef stock cube into a glass of vodka. But the flavour was surprisingly accurate, genuinely like the real deal to the point where the first few puffs were almost enjoyable. But the key word there is almost, because after those first few puffs it was eye-wateringly awful, bringing with it a wave of nausea so intense that I’m planning my route to the toilet even as I type this. There is a sharp, highly acidic and salty undertone that my body is rejecting in a very powerful way.

If you like Worcestershire sauce – and when I say “like,” I mean, “are obsessed with the flavour to the point you’d drink a whole bottle of it neat” – then sure, this is probably right for you. If you’re a normal person I would stay as far away from this as is humanly possible. I just feel glad I didn’t actually vomit. It’s still sitting in my RDA and I don’t even want to touch it.

Although I’m tapping out from the tasting at this point, there are a couple more unique offerings that this post just wouldn’t be complete without…

Worcestershire Sauce

8 – Wasabi E-Liquid

This is a weird one because eating wasabi on its own sounds more torturous than actually enjoyable, so the idea that vaping it is a good idea doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. Veppo gave it a go anyway, though. They suggest you “try it with your favourite sushi,” and helpfully point out “no chopsticks needed!”

First off, don’t tell me how to vape. If I want to hold my mod with chopsticks that’s my business. Secondly, the idea is apparently so repulsive to vapers that nobody has even reviewed it. I can only imagine it would be like vaping mustard gas; more like a test of endurance you’d find on a Japanese game show or something Steve-O would try if they did a new Jackass movie.


9 – Crab Legs E-Liquid

Unfortunately (read: fortunately) this e-liquid has now been discontinued, but somebody, somewhere, decided that what they really needed in their life was vape-able crab legs. In the masochistic, “let’s vape the weirdest liquid we can find” world, it became something of a legend, but not for the reason you might hope. This isn’t a surprisingly nice type of bizarre, it’s a “what is wrong with people?” type of bizarre.

It’s been described as like “walking through a fish market on a hot, humid day,” and like “week-old shellfish.” But to really get a sense of how downright disgusting this juice must have been, we’d recommend the video review put together by the Zamplebox team.

Crab on some rocks

Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Click “Buy”

Maybe you’re looking for something different. Maybe you really are getting sick of all the fruits and desserts. You might think, “it can’t be that bad, I bet I could really get into vaping Worcestershire sauce!” or even “I bet this will be funny. I can show my friends and see how disgusted they are.”

If this sounds like you, I have one firm piece of advice for you: don’t. Just stop. Step away from the laptop and thank your lucky stars that you still have friends, because if you convince them to try one of these juices, you probably won’t for long.

Fortunately, there are a ton of juices we can recommend. Why not try Vampire Vape’s famous Heisenberg or Pink Man Juices, or check out the Nasty Juice ranges (they definitely aren’t nasty!)

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