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19 Top Celebrities Who Vape

Updated: March 2020

Feeling lonely and strange when you vape? Don’t be! There are now around 40 million vapers worldwide. That includes many famous faces who have been spotted with e-cigarettes. 

From A-list actors to singers and sports stars, vaping is becoming so popular among celebs that some have even launched their own vaping brands!  

Here are a few of the A-listers you can expect to see with an e-cigarette.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Oscar-winning actor Leonardo is one of the most famous vapers around and has become something of a vaping icon. 

Once regularly seen with cigarette in hand, he has been spotted vaping for several years now – even blowing vapour clouds on red carpets. With his devices evolving from simple cigalikes to high powered mods over the years, it seems Leo has really embraced vaping.

Leonardo Dicaprio Vaping
Leo even uses his vape at awards shows! Image Source

Johnny Depp

This major Hollywood star was seen using an e-cigarette in his film, ‘The Tourist’. In the film, his character Frank Tupelo, demonstrates how it’s actually an electronic device instead of burning tobacco.

In real life, Johnny Depp is actually a long-time smoker but made the switch to vaping after being introduced to them on the set of this film.

Watch Johnny Depp vaping an electronic cigarette.

Johnny Depp with an electronic cigarette.
Johnny Depp vaping in The Tourist. Image Source

Simon Cowell

Music mogul Simon Cowell has smoked for decades – even admitting to smoking up to 80 cigarettes a day! 

In recent years, however, Cowell has taken up vaping to reduce this number. Since the birth of his first child in 2014, he decided to cut down on the cigarettes and replaced them with more family-friendly vaping – making him a dual user.

While he can still be spotted with a cigarette, these days you’re just as likely to see Simon with a vape device in hand. 

On his new habit, Cowell said: “I have smoked for a long, long time and sometimes it is just habit. But these things do help.”

Simon Cowell Vaping
Simon Cowell Vaping. Image Source

Jack Nicholson

A-lister Jack Nicholson has been well known for his rock n’ roll lifestyle, including a long term smoking habit. But Nicholson is one celeb that proves it’s never too late to give up and make the switch to vaping. 

Now in his 80’s, the actor took up vaping in his mid 70’s and has been spotted using his e-cigarette at multiple public events and appearances. 

He may have played The Joker, but Jack takes vaping seriously! Image Source

Charlie Sheen

When the former Two and a Half Men star took to the road on his Violent Torpedo of Truth tour, he faced fines if he was caught lighting up in many of the venues. As a solution, he took to e-cigarettes to get around this. 

E-cigs seemed to make an impression on Sheen as he even launched his own ‘Sheenius’ and ‘Nicosheen’ e-cigarette brands (which have since ceased trading).

Charlie Sheen created his own vaping ranges. Image Source

Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams is well known for his wild ways. Since settling down with a wife and children in his 40s, the British singer resolved to kick his long-term smoking habit in favour of vaping to live a healthier life for his family. 

Take that traditional cigarettes! – excuse the pun.

Robbie Williams is another celeb vaping convert. Image Source

Lindsay Lohan

Known for her heavy partying and previous issues with substance abuse, Lindsay Lohan has reportedly been vaping since 2011. The ‘Mean Girls’ star has been spotted relaxing in the sun, brushing up on movie scripts and puffing on an e-cigarette.

Lindsay Lohan using an e-cigarette. Image Source

Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl is the star of the rom-com ‘Life As We Know It’ and has been vaping for over a decade – making her one of the first high profile vapers. 

She demonstrated her e-cigarette in 2010 – on the David Letterman Show, no less! She convinced David to try a puff and said that it was helping her to quit smoking for real.

Watch Katherine Heigl vape an electronic cigarette.

Katherine Heigl demonstrating her e-cigarette on the David Letterman Show. Image Source

Phil, Josh and Jake Harris

Josh, Jake and their father, Phil Harris, are famous for the Discovery show called The Deadliest Catch – but they were also partaking in another dangerous pastime. Phil died in 2010 from a stroke brought on by his heavy smoking habit. 

Josh has since switched from smoking to vaping and began promoting e-cigarettes in order to kick his own habit and help others with the same problem that ultimately killed his dad.

Phil, Josh and Jake Harris, Image Source

Catherine Zeta Jones

According to OK Magazine, the Welsh actor is using electronic cigarettes after getting hassle for smoking while her husband Michael Douglas was struggling with throat cancer.

Catherine Zeta Jones in Cannes
Catherine Zeta Jones. Image Source: Wikipedia

Kate Moss

This supermodel is no stranger to vice, but it seems that she may be taking a more healthy approach to life. Once never seen without a cigarette, Kate is now regularly seen with a vape device.

Aside from health, Moss’ reasons for giving up smoking was the impact the habit was having on her skin. Having built a career on her looks, this is a smart career move on the part of the model. 

If reports are to be believed, Kate seems to take vaping VERY seriously. One news story claimed she spent over £1000 sending a staff member to Ibiza to pick up her favourite brand of e-cigarettes whilst on holiday!

The British supermodel was once a heavy smoker. Image Source

Barry Manilow

After suffering from smoking-related health problems, Barry made the decision to switch to e-cigarettes. In an interview with the Telegraph, he was asked if electronic cigarettes worked, to which he replied “they do for me, my band and my crew, all of us who hated smoking but couldn’t stop.”

Singer Barry Manilow now vapes regularly. Image Source

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson is, of course, best known for playing the vampire Edward Cullen in the hit movie series Twilight. He has previously been seen smoking traditional cigarettes, but has been spotted with e-cigarettes since as early as 2012 and has now reportedly given up cigarettes altogether!

Vampire vaper Robert Pattinson. Image Source

June Brown – who plays Dot Cotton in Eastenders.

Eastenders icon Dot Cotton was always known for her chain-smoking cigarette habit. Dot was introduced to e-cigarettes on screen, but June Brown, the actor who plays her, also uses them in real life (although only when she can’t use her tobacco cigarettes). She was even spotted using a cigalike on the Graham Norton show alongside Lady Gaga! 

June Brown with her e-cigarette (and Lady Gaga!) on The Graham Norton Show. Image Source

Bruno Mars

After his mother passed away from a brain aneurysm, Bruno made sure to uphold the promise he made to her to quit smoking by switching to electronic cigarettes. 

On Mother’s Day 2013, he posted a picture of himself with an e-cigarette and the caption: “Day 1 E-Cig. Gotta do it!!!! This is for you mom” Since then, he seems to be very impressed with vaping, even investing in e-cigarette brand NJOY in 2013. 

With his voice being his fortune and smoking being linked to vocal cord damage, the Uptown Funk singer’s decision to give up cigarettes may also help his career longevity.

Katy Perry

She used a vape… and she liked it! Beer in one hand, e-cigarette in the other; Katy Perry was spotted relaxing with her friends and vaping away.

Katy Perry uses a refillable e-cigarette to satisfy her cravings. Maybe her brightly coloured outfit says something about her preference to try a range of e-liquid flavours!

Katy Perry Vaping
Katy Perry with an e-cigarette. Image Source

Ronnie Wood

If anyone knows about bad habits, it’s Ronnie Wood. With his lengthy career and reputation for living a rock n’ roll lifestyle, there isn’t much he hasn’t tried! However, vaping is the newest habit the rocker has taken up.

Although Wood once described smoking as being harder to give up than heroin, he seems to have kicked the habit with the help of e-cigarettes. After becoming a dad to twins in 2016, 69-year-old Wood took up vaping to aid his health. He can now be regularly spotted using an e-cigarette to satisfy his nicotine cravings. 

Ronnie Wood Vaping
The Rolling Stones rocker is now regularly seen vaping. Image Source

Zac Efron

Having previously visited rehab for drug-related habits, it appears Zac has made a better decision to switch to electronic cigarettes. 

He can be seen vaping in the film ‘Dirty Grandpa’ but, away from the screen has been spotted using a refillable e-cigarette, with what looks like a variable voltage battery, whilst driving around L.A with his friends.

Zac Efron vaping in LA. Image Source

Jimmy White

While it’s rare to see sports stars smoking, snooker players are an exception to this rule!  World Champion snooker player Jimmy ‘The Whirlwind’ White spent much of his career playing in smoke-filled snooker halls. Now the days of smoking in sports venues are behind us, former smoker Jimmy can now regularly be seen vaping between frames at contests!

Jimmy White has switched from smoking to vaping. Image Source

With vaping and its benefits becoming increasingly popular and celebs having a penchant for jumping on the ‘next big thing’ we wouldn’t be surprised to see more stars strolling around Hollywood with e-cigs in the near future. 

Are there any other famous vapers we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments. 

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