Image of Gollum with eliquid and ecig. Reads: When you only have a little bit of ejuice left.

26 Laugh Out Loud Vaping Memes

Every now and then it’s nice to take a break from heavy posts!

We’ve created some of these memes ourselves, while others I’ve found on the net. Not all are strictly memes, but if it’s funny I’ve put  it in!

I’m sure I’m missing some funny ones, so let me know in the comments below what your favourite vaping memes are!

1. My precious ejuice!

Do you ever feel like this when you are running out of juice!

Image of Gollum with eliquid and ecig. Reads: When you only have a little bit of ejuice left.

This meme was inspired by:

When you only have a little bit of juice left!

2. That Moment When You Take A Dry Hit

We took this photo when writing 14 common clearomiser mistakes and solutions. Dan bravely volunteered for the photo – and it seemed perfect for a meme!

Dan blows vapour and looks shocked. Reads: That moment when you take a dry hit.

3. Doge Vaping Meme

Nothing to do with me – Emily adapted this meme to Eliquid!


5. Anti-Freeze Meme

I believe this one refers to the claim (not often repeated now) that propylene glycol, one of the ingredients in ecigs, is an anti-freeze. (It is used as an anti-freeze – in drinking water.) Diethylene glycol was also found in 1 eliquid – see the full story here.

Reads: Say anti-freeze one more time - I dare you!

6. My Vape Was On That Death Star

Well, wouldn’t you be upset?

Starwars still of storm trooper - reads: "My vape was on that death star!"

7. Game of Ohms

Created, I believe, by Dudamis on Reddit!

Stack of ecigs with text: Game of Ohms!

8. How I Vape

Is this you too?

Cartoon of map vaping - and then obscuring computer with vaper.

9. ECig Perceptions

An oldie, but a good one!

Images showing different perceptions of vaping.

10. FDA Meme

Startrek image: Reads "FDA claims liquid ingredients unknown - has approved all 4 ingredients individually."

11. Join the resistance

One of my favourites!

Buddhists chant ohmmm.

12. Wonder why your ecig keeps disappearing?

Borrowers - the reason behind your disappearing ecig?

13, Ecigs kill… tobacco company’s profits

If anyone knows who created this, let me know!

Meme reads: Ecigs can kill the profits of tobacco companies.

14: Warning: Not everyone will appreciate it when you whip out personal electronic nicotine inhalation system…

Warns: Not everyone will appreciate it when you whip out  your personal electronic  inhalation system...

15. Speed Dating: Vaper Style

How a vaper speed dates.

16. Morpheus Vaping Meme

What if I told you… there was no variable wattage.

Reads: What if I told you... there is no variable wattage?

17. TPD/Vaping Meme

TPD wagon attached to the vaping ship.

As Professor Etter said:

“This phenomenon is just too large, and you cannot stop a tsunami just by waving a piece of paper. Unregulated products will be sold on the black market, which will be worse than the current situation (see what happens with illicit drugs).”

18. Game Of Thrones

Reads: Brace yourself, here comes the anti-freeze argument again.

This ones refers to an old anti-vaping argument, which argued that e-cigs contained anti-freeze. Sometimes this referred to propylene glycol, which is used as a non-toxic anti-freeze in drinking water! Several years ago, one e-cig (out of 16 tested) was also found to have traces of diethylene glycol (see here for more info).

19. You Want Sub-Ohms?

Reds: "You want sub-ohms? You can't have sub ohms!"

Can you handle sub-ohms?

20. Time to cut back on menthol?

It just may be time to cut back on menthol!

21. Vape Mail!

Walking to the mailbox, knowing I got vape mail!

22. That feeling you you get when you spot another vaper…

That feeling you get get when you spot another vaper.

23. That feeling when you find your new favourite juice

Reads: That feeling when you  find your new favourite juice.

24. That atomiser with that battery!

That atomizer with that battery?

25. I don’t always vape…

Reads: I don't always vape... oh wait, yes I do.

26. Vaping Science Meme

This was a brilliant meme we found on twitter, which was shared shortly after anti-vapers attacked the Public Health England after they endorsed ecigs as being at least 95% safer than tobacco cigarettes.

Vaping science meme: Suppress, mislead, deny, reject.

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