The Future of Vaping: Eight Revolutionary E-Cig Devices In Top Secret Development

Want to know what is going on in the secret underground labs at The Smoker’s Angel’s headquarters? We thought we’d give you a sneak preview of some of the devices which they are working on – and which you might be vaping in a few month’s time!

1. The ECigPod

ECig Pod.

Vaping – what could be more relaxing? Well how about listening to your favourite songs while doing so! The ECIG Pod will enable to you to vape along to your favourite melodies 🙂

2. E-Cig Mobile

A mobile phone - in an electronic cigarette!

When not vaping, you will be able to use your Smoker’s Halo ECigMobile to chat with other e-cig users in a 5000 mile radius.

3. The E-Cigarette Pen

ECig pen.

If you’re like me, you’re always losing pens – and e-cigs! But by combining birobility with your favourite vaping stick (and attaching it to one of our handy lanyards) you can make sure you always have a pen AND an e-cigarette with you. And as it looks identical to to an ordinary pen, it’s ideal for sneaky usage in non-vaping offices!

4. E-Cigarette Bling

Gold electronic cigarette.

The first pure gold electronic cigarette is on it’s way, with a diamond that sparkles when you inhale. Ideal for rappers and posers.

5. E-Cigarette Drug Delivery Device: No More Injections!

Nurse offers patient an electronic cigarette.

No more painful injections – in the future you’ll be able to inhale drugs via our e-cigarettes in a range of delicious flavours.

6. E-Cigarette Helmet

Vaping helmet.

The Smoker’s Halo Helmet will fit loosely around your head. Simply headbang the nearest wall to release a stream of delicious vapour. The helmet will also protect you from rain, and scare the crap out of people who would otherwise tell you to stop smoking/vaping.

7. The ECig Love Detector 

The electronic cigarette love detector.

We already know that e-cigarettes make us horny. So what better than a discreet E-Cig Love detector which will automatically detect when a member of the opposite sex is interested in you. A warning siren will blast out off the e-cigarette, the end will flash blue and exhaled vapour will automatically form first into a pink heart and then into a large pink finger pointing at the person interested in you.

Can you think of a better way to find romance? We can’t!

Best used with the e-juice e-confidence.

 8. E-Cig Assassin

Assassin with electronic cigarette.

Following the success of the Super Tank, we’re working with secret services around the world to secretly develop a harmless looking device which looks like an e-cigarette – but also blows out a lethal dart instantly killing the enemies of the state. It will also enable secret agents who smoke to enjoy their nicotine fix without setting off sensitive alarms when breaking into enemy headquarters.

Can’t provide more details, I am afraid, as this blog post would instantly self-destruct.

Also in development:

  • The E-Cig Miniature Rocket Launcher
  • The E-Cig Lie Detector
  • The E-Cig Poison Dart (developed with the help of Dayak tribal vapers who live in the depths of the Borneo jungle)
  • The E-Cig Torture Device (heats up at the end just like a real cigarette, also available in variable voltage for the more sophisticated torturer)

If you’re a secret agent (or even just an enthusiastic amateur/terrorist/criminal), please email now for  more details of our extensive range of products. If you’re an ordinary vaper, though, you might be more interested in the Aspire Nautilus Variable Airflow clearomiser – which may be a little less bizarre, but reflects the most recent and advanced vaping technology.

Also see: E-Cigarette Lager – the authentic fake lager for drinkers.

5 thoughts on “The Future of Vaping: Eight Revolutionary E-Cig Devices In Top Secret Development”

  1. sounds good james,bout time you sent out positive email about e ciggs and not spining they are going to be baned,keep up the good work.

  2. Alan, as we talk the WHO are meeting to discuss bans on tobacco harm reduction products (having already persuaded some governments to ban the devices on the basis of WHO recommendations). CASAA is fighting bans in the US on a state by state basis. We have narrowly avoided an EU directive to try and ban ecigs (a directive which could still be reimplemented) after allegations of corruption about the EU commissioner in charge of the directive, millions of pounds is being spent by lobbyists to try and ban the ecigs, and the MHRA is coming to a decision about what to do with ecigs in the UK.

    Yesterday I completed an interview with Chris Price from ECCA from the E-Cig Consumer Association of the UK in which I was astonished by the amount of corruption he detailed from industries worth BILLIONS whose livelihoods are threatened by e-cigarettes.Today I had an email from a director of another company who is trialling orders sent from outside the EU because he is pessimistic about the outcome of the MHRA consulatation. Our resellers in Australia are banned from selling e-cigs with nicotine, as our friends in Canada, while New Zealand is considering a ban on ecigs.

    And even if we are wrong about the danger of a ban, what can we lose by educating the public about why ecigs are safer – and should not be banned!

    I am astonished by the attacks by vapers on people trying to educate the public about ecigarettes. What on earth is the motivation behind these attacks – and what do you hope to achieve by them?

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