Cool Fire Z50 pictured with Zlide Tank.

Cool Fire Z50 Zlide Kit Preview

The Innokin Cool Fire Zlide series is unusual in that the tank was designed in collaboration with two well-known reviewers, Phil Busardo and Dimitris (aka the Vaping Greek).

After reviewing hundreds of devices, the two should be well placed to create their own. They worked together to meet the needs of the average smoker-turned-vaper – creating a tank that was simple, easy to use and delivered a quality mouth-to-lung vape that would satisfy the cravings of a smoker. The tank was often combined with one of the most popular of Innokin’s mods – the Cool Fire.

Today we’ll be looking at the incoming Z50 kit, which combines both the existing Zlide tank with the new Cool Fire Z50 Mod, and is one of choice for the Best Vape Kits of 2021. For newer models, see the Innokin Coolfire Z80.

Cool Fire Z50

The Cool Fire series has proved popular over the years. A simple to use variable wattage device, the mod turned out to be reliable, often lasting for several years, while the sturdy design gave some protection against knocks. The combination of ease-of-use and reliability meant I was still recommending some Cool Fire IV devices to friends years after they had been launched.

The latest version loses the brushed steel of previous models, replacing it with a smooth black metal inter-spaced with a single, gold coloured line. At this stage I can’t predict if it will be as long lasting as its predecessors, but like the original versions, the device certainly feels solid in the hand.

The battery comes with a 2100 mAh capacity, and unless you ramp it up to a high wattage or are a chain vaper you’ll have no problem getting a day and more of life out of it.

The mod comes with a wattage range of 6-50 watts, which means it should be comfortable delivering both mouth-to-lung or a restricted direct-lung hit, although if you are a real cloud chaser I’d recommend going for something with a bit more oomph, such as the Vaporesso PM80.

This is a simple device, with a fire button and up/down buttons to control the wattage, and a screen displaying the standard information such as resistance, battery, wattage and puff length.) There’s also a handy on/off switch at the bottom of the device, which, if you are less forgetful than me, will come very handy in preventing accidental firing in your pocket. (Or, as once happened to me, a Spanish doctor saying: “Excuse me, but I think your pocket is on fire.”)

Zlide Tank

The Z50 kit comes with the existing Zlide tank, which has come a long way from the original tank. At the top of the tank there are two red arrows to indicate where to push the device – and they don’t require a magnifying glass to see them. Push this to open and a valve will click into action, preventing any coil flooding. (You do need to remove the drip tip first, which tripped me up the first time I used it.)

At the base of the tank there is a ring. To replace the coil, simply unscrew the ring and pull out the coil. To replace the coil, push it in and twist it ever so slightly. (I experimented with this, and it does work even if you don’t twist the coil in.)

At the base is the airflow control. You can close this off for a restricted vape, or open it for a reasonable air-flow – although it’s not quite airy enough for a really full direct-lung vape.

The tank is compatible with the full range of Innokin Z coils, which gives you a good choice between MTL coils and the lower resistance mesh coils for more vapour. As with all tanks, it’s super important to prime the coil before use – see our video on priming coils for instructions:

Who is it for?

The Cool Fire Z50 kit is not designed for the techie, but I think that’s the beauty of it. There’s a vast cohort of vapers who don’t know – or want to know – about ramp up speed, temperature coefficient and the other technical aspects of vaping. It’s a solid device that works well, comes with some flexibility with the coils, and will suit most vapers who are looking a reliable mouth-to-lung device.

2 thoughts on “Cool Fire Z50 Zlide Kit Preview”

  1. I’ve read about this and have used there older mods tho love the idea of more control.
    As for the hype about vaping I’m a vapwr for the last 5 years and asthmatic it has not changed my lung capacity or courses any difference the best thing for me is it’s at least 75% cleaner then the cigarette.

  2. I bought my Coolfire Z50 one week ago.
    All it does is leak through the Ring that adjusts air flow.
    Any suggestions?

    Many trhanks

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