Safe Travel for Vapers (Infographic)

“What’s wrong with that bag?” said the custom’s official. “Everything,” said his colleague. Bristol airport, 2016. I was travelling with two colleagues. Unfortunately, one had brought coil building equipment. As you’ll see later on, it was the beginning of a near disaster! Suffice to say, travelling can be tricky for vapers. Our extensive experiences (and […]

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The 10 Types of Anti-Vaper Featured Image

The 10 Types of Anti-Vaper

Do you know that feeling when something gives a huge number of people a bit of pleasure, and helps them kick a habit that stands a substantial chance of killing them, and all you want to do is criticise it and mock them for it? No, neither do I. But you can’t spend very long […]

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Heat Not Burn: A Suicide Product for Vape Shops?

Big tobacco companies are heavily promoting heat not burn (HNB) products to vape shops around the UK, in some cases offering cash incentives to stock their product. While this could lead to a short term profit boost, this could be a poor long term move for vape shops. How has the vape industry affected big […]

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Nicotine Salts for Vapers: What’s the fuss?

Millions of people now vape as an alternative to smoking. With Public Health England estimating that it’s at least 95% safer than smoking, it’s been a massive success. But many more millions of people continue to use tobacco cigarettes. Why? One reason is that while vaping replicates the hand to mouth experience of cigarettes, it […]

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Competition: Innokin Pocketbox

With 40w of power, easy to fit coils, and super compact all-in-one design, the new Pocketbox from Innokin is ideal for life on the move. Perfectly suited to beginner and experienced vapers alike, we’ve got three of these fantastic devices to giveaway! Find out more about the Pocketbox here, and for the chance to win […]

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Vaping and your DNA: What you need to know featured image

Vaping and Your DNA: What You Need to Know

And How You Could Help Science! Critics of vaping often point out that “we don’t have enough long-term studies” to really know how much risk vaping poses to users. While the Royal College of Physicians and Public Health England have famously estimated that vaping isn’t likely to pose more than 5% of the risk of […]

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Pod Systems: A new way to vape featured image

Pod Systems: A New Way to Vape

Vaping is changing. For a long time, e-cigarettes just kept getting bigger and bigger. We went from cigalikes to vape pens, from vape pens to tube mods, from tube mods to box mods, and since then the box mods have been packing more and more batteries into their bodies. There are many reasons for this. […]

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