E Juice? How long till it kills someone…

Update: This blog post was written five years. Research such as this suggest some of these fears over eliquid are not valid, although of course vapers should continue to ensure eliquid is kept out of reach of children.

One e-smoker, contributing to a discussion on an e-cigarette forum, recently speculated on the lethal nature of the e-juice he was carrying. (If you have no idea what we are talking about when we say e-juice, make sure you check out our E-Cigarette Glossary!)

A little 3cc bottle of TW’s unflavoured 36mg, put into an unsuspecting person’s drink, would be quite an assassination tool. Good thing I like most people!

To be honest, while we are keen proponents of the e-cigarette, e-juice, makes us nervous.

There are several times when alarm bells ring.
1. When ejuice is not contained in a child-proof bottle. Most responsible retailers put eliquid in a child proof bottle, but not every retailer is responsible. Allegedly, one child in Israel has already died after drinking ejuice from a bottle without a child-proof cap.
2. When eliquid is produced in a concentrated form and needs to be diluted before use. Sure, you’d have to be an idiot to use it neat – but there are plenty of idiots out there.
3. When eliquid is produced by amateurs. We were once offered eliquid by a man who produced it in his shed from pesticide-grade nicotine, and there has also been one close call in the US when a highly concentrated eliquid was sold.

True, eliquid is relatively safer, at least for an adult. But let’s not forget that Nicotine, in its pure form, is one of the most lethal poisons known to man.

(Update, new research suggests this is not the case.)

While relatively few people get nicotine poisoning via a cigarette – most of the nicotine is burnt in the process of smoking – tobacco gatherers regularly get sick from nicotine leaching from wet tobacco leaves onto their skin.

The symptoms are not nice – they include vomiting, palpitations and tachycardia.

A serious case could be followed by coma and death.

Somewhere between 30 and 60 mg of nicotine are needed to kill someone (see Inchem’s page on nicotine – update: new research suggests that the actual lethal dose could be 20 times higher), and hopefully, with its unpleasant taste and sharp odour, a drinker would notice it before it killed them. As the e-juice carried by smokers is not in a pure form, fatalities in adults are pretty unlikely.

However, it takes far less nicotine to kill a child (around 10mg). In fact, recent stories in the news suggest that nicotine cartridges alone could be lethal.

With over twenty children a year already suffering from nicotine poisoning after eating cigarettes (which surely can’t taste that good) and e-smokers already complaining that nicotine liquid solution is not safe, it doesn’t take a massive leap of the imagination to see e-juice posing a threat to kids…

Update: Dr Murray Laugesson, one of the strongest defenders of the electronic cigarette, has also pointed out the dangers of the e-juice. You can see his warning here.

With our own range of eliquid, we’ve taken precautions to minimise the risk of nicotine poisoning by using pharmaceutical grade UK produced nicotine and ensuring all our bottles have child-proof caps. For further peace of mind, our eliquid is also tested in-house and in government approved laboratories for impurities and nicotine strength.

Also see: Eliquid: How much does it take to kill you? Essential knowledge for all vapers.

57 thoughts on “E Juice? How long till it kills someone…”

  1. The person who wrote that obviously doesn’t know that the concentrations of nicotine in e-juice are not strong enough to kill anyone unless you consumed quite a bit…

    IMHO, they are safer than the nicotine gum which is much more appealing to children

    1. Oh dear lord, the grammar/typos/punctuation. It didn’t even make it past the 1st sentence

      Oh, and before you go calling other people idiots, make sure you’re mistake free. A saying I heard as a kid was “remember, every time you pour t a fish get, there are 4 more pointed back at you”.

    2. On reading this I’m really surprised… Nicotine in it’s isolated, pure form as used in vape juice is not dangerous, it’s not the poison we were led to believe in the past. Science has proven all those myths wrong. On the contrary one would have a hard time trying to kill anybody with nicotine. I only know of one person who successfully committed suicide with nicotine. He had to take it intravenously. Drinking it doesn’t work because one would vomit long before the deadly dose. All in all nicotine is not even nearly as dangerous as cigarettes. And no one ever demanded child-proof cigarette packs!

  2. There are lots of poisons and contaminates in our modern society. Responsibility and prudance are the key to using E-Juice safely and they should have child proof caps and be kept away from children, just like we keep poisonous cleaners and other household items that are dangerous for kids out of their reach. If a child is harmed by E-Juice it’s not the Juice’s fault…IT’S THE PARENTS!! Alcohol is also poisonous yet I bet many of us have it sitting on the counter and they don’t even have childproof caps!

    1. Crazy Beaver Juice

      Too many of you fellow vapers are jumping all over this as incorrect. Lets get real here people.

      I own Crazy Beaver Juice and our main product is e-juice with nicotine. It is a dangerous substance and it can kill a child, I have a toddler and I am certain he would gladly consume e-juice given a chance.

      That is why I always keep ejuice and my e-cigs locked up where he cannot get them and all our juice has child-proof caps as an added safety measure in case someone is careless. I also advise customers to always keep them locked away out of the reach of children and pets.

      These juices smell like candy, deserts etc of course they have an appeal when little ones find them.

  3. Seriously? Well here is one for you… children can choke on dimes and die.

    Should we ban all coins?

    Cars kill people every day, should we stop driving?

    I don’t need anyone to protect me, or my family from the horrible danger of nicotine poisoning…

    How about you do something positive with your time and educate all the morons in the world? Start with the kid that tried to liquid cool his xbox in a bucket of water and almost died.

  4. MORON – go look in your medicine cabinet, then under your sink, and then in your garage. You will find at LEAST 20 or 30 more bottles of STUFF that will kill you just as dead. If you have e-cig juice in your house, treat it with the same respect that you would give bleach, borax, weed killer, anti-depressants, blah blah blah…. get the point? (yes, a tiny bit of borax will kill you very dead)

    Your “KIDS” jab is especially stupid. I have kids. I am smart enough to put all the above listed poisons out of reach or locked up. Anybody so stupid to not do that, shouldn’t have kids to begin with.

  5. Oh hi Aurelle, I see you have bothered to read the post this time.

    you said before “The person who wrote that obviously doesn’t know that the concentrations of nicotine in e-juice are not strong enough to kill anyone unless you consumed quite a bit…” – while it takes about 60 mhg to kill an adult 10 mg could kill a child.

    Brando – I do actually see your point. However, part of what worries me is that e-juice doesn’t always come in a safe container – and while it’s easy to say its the parents’ fault if they do swallow nicotine, my kids certainly seem to get everywhere.

    Anonymous – have the guts to leave a name.

  6. James:
    Do you have bleach in your house?
    Is it in a child save container?
    Do have any kind of cleaning supplies in your house that are just as deadly in small dosages to children? How do you store them?
    The amount that can kill and the container it comes in is a moot point when it comes to children, like you said “they certainly seem to get everywhere” SO, I believe it is the adults responsibility. Gee, I dont know what happened, it must have been that the bleach was not in a safe container, so my kid drank it. Is that still not the adults responsibility? Take some responsibility for yourself and let the responsible people take care of themselves.

  7. It’s simple. Keep all poisons away from children. Period. Saying that e-juice is any worse to have in the home than the prescription and over the counter medicines, cleaning supplies, kitchen utensils, etc. that we all own based on the fact that it could kill a child is highly illogical. Parents don’t get rid of all their kitchen knives when they have children– they don’t quit taking their blood pressure meds– we keep those things safely away from the children! Just as we protect our toddlers by not allowing them to run into the street where cars can kill them or pick up snakes, etc, etc, etc.

    I read a very good suggestion once about how to be even more vigilant– keep your juice in a small lockbox and wear the key around your neck on a chain.

  8. One more quick thing– nobody is stopping a parent who wants to take extra measures from pouring their e-juice into a child-proof container, even if it didn’t come in one. Electric outlets are very dangerous to small children, and I think most parents deliberately put child-safe “caps” on them. (But just like with medicine’s child-proof caps, you better still watch them and protect them because they can be more clever than one might think!)

  9. hi all,

    yes, e-liquid could be very dangerous if it got into the hands of a small child. but as other sensible people have suggested, you simply need to keep it out of their reach…….problem solved!

    i review electronic cigarettes on youtube and speak regularly with many different suppliers. i would like you guys to know that nearly every e-cig company i speak to are now bringing in safety measures such as child proof lids to make sure that e-liquid will be as safe as possible. one company called TECC (theelectroniccigarette.co.uk)even have all their cartridges now sent out in child proof containers.

    the correct steps are gradually being put in place by e-cig companies to ensure total safety, but ultimately the safe and appropriate use of liquid nicotine is the responsibility of the user.


    scott / igetcha69 on youtube

  10. I’ve yet to see a child proof package for regular cigarettes and they are something that is more likely to be left laying about with no thought given to the dangers. Personally, I have no children in the house, but plan to keep my supplies in lockable box.

  11. Intersting debate! Is it difficult to measure the exact quantity desired into the e-cig cartridge though? The cartridges I have come iwth a meaured acceptable “dosage”

  12. I would no more over indulge on an ecig than I would on a tobacco cigarette. Everybody’s nicotine tolerance/habit varies. When users body reaches an acceptable dosage of Nicotine, your brain says, “ok, I’ve had enough for now, I am satisfied”.
    Would I smoke a whole pack of tobacco in one sitting?, of course not. It would make me physically sick. Same holds true to an ecigarette. Many people who do not have a Nicotine habit, seem to look at this in an non-logical view. You can’t vape an extra amount of ecig, and then just suddenly die, that concept is ridiculous. As with tobacco, you get physically sick first.
    Even if the amount of Nicotine in cartridges were controlled, what would stop me from inhaling 4 or five instead of just one? People need to look at this with common sense!
    Responsible adults, should have every right to make their own decisions as with any drug. whether it be tobacco, alcohol, prescribtion drugs….etc,etc, etc.

  13. Good point about no childproofing on cigarette packs. And just as important, no warnings about ingestion on the packs either.
    I can't tell you the number of times my baby daughter got a hold of cigarettes and started eating them. Call me stupid, but I never really even put 2+2 together re. the potential nicotine poisoning.

    The nicotine juice I bought for my e-cigs is the first place I've even seen such a warning.

    My kids are older now and a bit wiser, and so am I. I am glad to see the warning on the nicotine juice bottles because it made me aware of the danger.

  14. We had a warning message from Dr Murray Laugeson. Dr Laugesson is a highly respected scientist who has done as much as anyone in support of the electronic cigarettes. In the warning he advises people to avoid nicotine juice. He also pointed out to us privately that it would take just one incident with a child and that would be the end of e-cigarettes.

    (You can read his full warning here: )

    Despite the aggression of some of these people, I can't really believe they would want a kid to die, even if their parents were stupid enough to leave e-juice lying around, but maybe from a selfish point of view they would consider that it would only take one stupid parent to put an end to e-smoking.

    It's also great that the better manufacturers now provide warnings and safe bottles, as we do with refills. However, there are still many dodgy manufacturers and suppliers out there who are only interested in a quick profit.

  15. It would take about 2/5 a teaspoon of 18mg/ml e-juice to kill an adult through skin contact, about 10 drops for a child. If you have it and kids you should lock it up since a spill can be deadly. It does not have to be ingested.

  16. Patrick, I’m an adult male weighing about 180 pounds and I’ve even spilt 36mg juice all over my hands before. I just went and got a tissue and wiped it off; I suffered no noticeable ill effects. I’ve also had a few drops of it leak out of a cartridge into my mouth (yuck).

    It sounds like you’ve made an estimate based on the known toxicity of nicotine. But toxicity figures are expressed in terms of the amount actually *absorbed* into the body and I suspect you’ve forgotten to take account of the rate of absorption through the skin. So if you spilled 100% neat nicotine into an open wound perhaps that could cause ill effects, but maybe nicotine-spiked glycols aren’t absorbed through the skin of the hand quickly enough for brief skin contact with commercially-sold e-juice to pose a significant risk. At least, not to adults.

    All forms of nicotine need to be treated with respect, stored carefully and kept out of the reach of children, but if e-juice was even a fraction as dangerous as you claim, there would surely have been many deaths already and it would have been all over the news.

    Just keep it away from children.

  17. It would appear from his post that Patrick is labouring under the delusion that e-liquid is as lethal as raw nicotine. E-liquid is highly diluted and, to date, there have been no reports of users being harmed in any way from its use and certainly not as a result of spillage. Like Ralph, I’ve often spilled e-juice and simply wiped it off my hands and have suffered no ill effects whatsoever; I wonder how dangerous a similar spill involving a caustic drain cleaner would be. I have a cupboard full of potentially lethal substances the misuse of which would have far worse consequences than a tiny amount of nicotine diluted with a comparatively large amount of glycerine/distilled water/food flavouring.

    E-cigarettes are intended to be used by adults who are perfectly able to take responsibilty for their actions and who do not require nannying. It seems it’s perfectly acceptable for me to buy tobacco products that, we are told, are known to killi hundreds of thousands and yet it is not OK for me to use an e-cigarette that, to date, has harmed no one. It is also perfectly OK for me to chew gum containing liquid nicotine, to stick patches on my arm that are impregnated with liquid nicotine, to spray liquid into my mouth that contains liquid nicotine and to suck on a plastic tube contaiining cartridges that dispense liquid nicotine directly into my mouth (and tasts disgusting) and yet to inhale a vapour containing liquid nicotine is frowned upon as nicotine might possibly harm me? Give me strength!

    What is the REAL reason the e-cigarette is considered unacceptable?

    For 44 years I smoked upwards of 30 cigarettes a day and since I took my first draw on an e-cigarette10 months ago, I haven’t touched tobacco; my dreadful cough has gone and I haven’t felt this good since I was a child so how is the e-cigarette bad for me?

  18. You make bold claims of conjecture to suggest that e-juice is some highly poisonous assassination tool. e-juice is not some atomic radioactive liquid you are making it out to be. There is no difference between it and any other liquid not intended to be consumed. your article is written as some kind of conspiracy theory and you claim to be a savior to stop people from dying as unsuspecting victims all of which have no validity or empirical validity. If you are claiming that someone HAS ALREADY died then provide the evidence of such. If you are trying to claim that someone DEFINITELY WILL die if no action is taken and wish to claim it is a direct result of e-juice being sold in this country. then make such a claim outright and do not merely suggest it in context. You know darn well if you made such a bold claim it would be disregarded outright as insanity which is why you carefully word it as a “could be” possibility only to invoke fear and impose your perspective of the debate. In your same logic I could make the claim of some dish soaps and hand lotions that are left on the kitchen and bathroom counter being a dangerous concentrated alkaline that can potentially harm adults and kill children if consumed or are continually sold without child proof caps and government regulation.
    In reality, I suggest that there are people that believe that if they do not need it, then it is unnecessary. Add that to the instinctive disposition of (FIGHT OR FLIGHT) and you have people who will reach for any scenario where they are at risk. and will form a completely conjectural stance of victimization to give there fear a validation, and will then attempt to infect others with a mass hysteria to stand by them and fight for their cause and defend themselves, their friends, and their children from an impending doom. A doom of which was created by the imagination of the person who first took umbrage over an inanimate object that caused no threat by itself.

    In essence it is an evolved version of how primitive cultures breathed life into a poltergeist or “cursed” relic. either out of mental boredom or to take blame off of themselves if the crops did not grow that year.

  19. In all fairness I think a lot of these scare comments are probably from representatives of tobacco companies. Think of all the revenue they are already losing in regards to the e-cigarette. Think of how much more they will loose if it really catches on. The other thing is the government taxes on smoke products is a multi million dollar market. Don’t think that they want to let that go to easily, and it would be a little more than obvious if they just started taxing e-cigarettes like regular smokes. So the scare tactics is the most logical approach at this point.

    Just my two bits.

  20. I agree with some of the comments above, in that there are many things that we partake of in our daily lives that aren’t great for us, but it all still comes down to choice. My uncle switched to e cigarettes and after some time passed, he actually began to smoke less. He still smokes, but he enjoys the e cigarettes.

  21. I’m not too concerned about VG, thats used in fog machines even around kids. Nicotine is about as harmful as coffee. My main concern is the flavoring which is mostly artificial and is not known if vaporizing of it is safe. On the other hand if you look at smoke from real tobacco, that is some heavy burning shit to breath.

  22. I was bothered by the same thing, but they have websites that sell cold pressed/organic VG e-liquids. I don’t get headaches anymore and it tastes much better. Organic vanilla extract as the ingredient in my vanilla flavor is a little less troubling than artificial flavoring, which is not something I even eat let alone want to smoke.

  23. i agree with most people about dangers around the house but there are gazillions more dangers than e-juice so lets stop the scaremongering you moron it is a good thing that people are using vape sticks to try to give up smoking as medical professionals have said that it could reduce deaths from smoking dramatically so why not try to encourage it rather than trying to put people off the only people that should be discouraging it is the government as they stand to lose billions in tax revenue so wait for the day that e-juice is taxed like everything else apart from them everybody else should encourage smokers to switch so in conclusion vape on and keep sucking that juice

  24. I’ve been vaping for two and a half years now and am healthier than I’ve ever been. No coughing, colds or other traditionally thought of smoking-related illnesses. I’m not in the least concerned about any negatives regarding e-juice and neither are my numerous vaping friends. I’ve recently converted my 40-a-day smoking son to e-cigarettes and he’s getting on just fine despite initially believing the nonsence spouted about the perceived dangers of e-liquid. Happy vaping people.

  25. What a joke! mmmm, that drink tastes so nice I think I’ll drink the rest of that yummy tasting 36mg e-liquid cola drink. Go get a life man ffs!!!

  26. Im totally sick of people sticking their nose in. I have only recently got my first e cig (12 weeks ago) and I have smoked a total of 0 cigarettes since! Personally I’m really proud of myself after 30 years at 20+ a day. Surely as adults we are capable of keeping our children safe within the house and surely we should still be allowed to practice free will. For years smokers were frowned upon in pubs, clubs and restaurants then we were sent outside – now we have e cigs and there still remains an element who are hell bent on pointing out some new concerns and issues trying to scare users into thinking that their actions are still unsafe! What in the world are we meant to do?? I think this subject like so many others has brought forth yet another group of do gooders who should perhaps concentrate on their own actions rather than other peoples. I would in fact be more worried about taxation in the future as although the government seems to want the country to become smoke free lost revenue would be a huge issue for them and ultimately us!! Let’s face it whatever the subject there will also be a small voice in the background shouting out the error of everybody’s ways. In fact when I told my doctor I had gone onto an e cig she said that was great and I should use it for as long as I needed because it was doing NO harm to my health at all! Obviously she felt I was mature enough not to drink the stuff!!

    I’m just so fed up with scaremongers delivering empty information with no substance – for all those who have converted to ecigs – well done! You are improving your health and probably extending your life – let the scaremongers and busy bodies get on with it cos personally I’m not interested.

  27. Hi
    Just got an ego t for fathers day but was allowed my my wife and daughters to use it last night at a party we attended.
    Normally I would nail 10 to 15 cigs in one night but I smoked one.
    Vaping has already saved me £5 in one night.
    Works for me.
    Bloody scaremongers never happy. LOL
    gonna get into mixing my own juice though to keep the cost to a minimum.

  28. @Keith: So glad you’ve found that vaping suits you. The eGo-type devices are super, especially for the beginner, although I’m still using this model 2.5 years on. Do let us know how you get on – you’ve made a great start.

  29. [email protected]
    this guys just brings up the fact that there could be enough nic in a bottle of e-juice to kill a child and you all lose your minds. OMG your all so pathetically addicted to nic!
    I to love my nic too but really folks, your assholes 100% assholes.
    grow the fuck up and figure it out for yourselves if you have enough brains left cause something diffidently shriveled yours.

  30. think you need to grow up and stop using that kind of language and you talk about others like your so pathetic
    i know something for certain wouldn’t be leaving my kids in your company anyway lol

  31. I actually spent the night in the hospital last night form nicotine overdose. I was mixing my own juice as I have done many times. I spilled some on my hands and washed up but not well enough. You really do need to be careful with this stuff. I was only using 36mg to mix. Please be careful with this stuff.

    1. I don’t believe you, Joni.

      Absorption through the skin is slow. Washing within a few minutes will remove almost 100% of the juice.

      There was a study recently done (sorry, I don’t have the reference handy), where the researchers studied the actual transport of nicotine through the skin. They found that, for an adult to get a lethal level of nicotine, they would have to immerse their whole arm in 100% nicotine for something like half an hour.

      And they were using older estimates of nicotine toxicity. Current studies seem to suggest that the lethal adult ingested dose is around one gram – if the full dose is retained in the body. That is approximately 10 ml of 100 mg/ml juice or 40 ml of 25 mg/ml.

      Of course, children are far more susceptible, but this nonsense of “a few drops of e-juice will kill a child” is just that – nonsense. Let’s make a rough estimate. Assume that 1/10th the adult dose would be lethal (it actually would be higher, unless the child was a baby) – so it would take about 4 ml of 25 mg/ml. Now a ml contains somewhere around 25 -30 drops, which means it would take over 100 drops to be lethal – which could hardly be honestly describes as “a few”.

  32. Everyone has their own view. Personally I started using an e-cig last August and haven’t touched a tobacco cigarette since. I have a 7 year old son (6 at the time) and instead of worrying about whether he would get his hands on it, I sat him down and explained that;

    1. It tastes disgusting (could vouch for that as I too have had leakage on my lips) and
    2. It could kill him!

    I also keep my liquid out of his reach and in child proof bottles. However, instead of worrying that he will climb up on a chair and worktop to get to the cupboard, I involved him in what I do with the e-cig.

    I believe that instead of worrying about the consequences we should look at educating our children.

    I realise this won’t work for all children but I’m comfortable knowing that my son will not try the liquid.

  33. It’s a cheap alternative to smoking. Let’s face it, until e-cigarettes are taxed to the point of being as expensive as real cigarettes, the lobbyists won’t be happy. Look at other forms of NRT. I tried a spray that cost more than my cigarette fix. One of the appeals of e-cigarettes is the price. I’d stick with the real thing if the cost was the same. Government , Big Pharma and the tobacco industry want our money, no more.
    I suppose I’ll have to go back to the dodgy pub salesman.

  34. arimatthewdavies

    e liquid contains nicoteen, so does tobaco which kills thousands of people per day !
    nicoteen liquid is not safe because it contains nicoteen which is a poison,, but the qustion is not how long before e juice kills someone, but rather how many thousands of lives would be saved if everyone who smoked used onley e liquid instead of tobaco.. while it will not be known for sure for years the full effects of e liquid..we do know for sure that pure vg is fda aproved and no evidence of vg causing harm other than minor iritation..people lets get real here ! tobaco is a known major killer, the hookah water pipe which is a vape has been a turkish favorite for centurys yet this country that vapes tobaco has far less cancers than countrys that inhale smoke..it does not take a rocket scientist to know vapeing is much safer than inhaleing smoke ! our attention needs to be focused on makeing e liquid dispensers more child proof,and closely guard the stuff..in time it will prove out that e liquid is a far safer way to get your nicoteen.. but you can expect those people who live off of tobaco profits and taxes and cancer treatments to kick and scream all the way because they know that their money tree is fixing to die ! help stop cancers and plain nasty smells by switching I did and Im glad I did….

  35. The most common form of nicotine poisoning (other than from pharmaceuticals) is by swallowing–specifically, babies or small children chewing on cigarettes. However, it is important to keep nicotine content in perspective: Although most smokers only absorb about 1mg of nicotine per cigarette, one cigarette *swallowed* contains an average of 1.63% nicotine. That means that a 10ml childproof bottle of 36mg/ml (aka 3.6%) nicotine contains about the same amount of nicotine as a non-childproof pack of cigarettes. Obviously, ALL of it should be kept out of reach of children, but a child somehow swallowing a milliliter of 1.6% nicotine e-liquid is no greater risk than swallowing a 1g cigarette containing 1.63% nicotine, and the most likely outcome is the body protecting itself by inducing vomiting.

  36. its just typical that you will always get a person who make an statement without fully knowing the answer and that get a response from people who know the facts. we smokers have always been treated as sub humans by those who do not or have not smoked I mysel used to smoke anything between 20 to 40 a day and have beeen trying to kick the habit for the last 20 so years I tried everything gum sprays, patches, inhalers, pills and will power none have worked and I have tried to the point of illness taking over my life getting stressed to a point of pain I have listened to friends and family moaning at me nothing worked even knowing all the very harmful chemicals that gics contain did nothing to help stop me. then one day a friend gave me an e-cig to try for a week and within hours I was converted I have not had a cig or a craving for one in 4 weeks yes yes yes yes that how I feel. I am not stupid I have since done tons of research about what I am using now and know that they are no anything like smoking a cig I am a very happy vaper now and I am slowly going to reduce the nicotine level as I move along with my new found friend I feel better I think better I am no longer stressed I no longer cough throughout the day I no longer supply thie government with all the tax they was happy to take whilst doing nothing to help me kick the habit. after all if we all stopped then who would pay that extra tax? lastly I have now started mixing my own so I know what goes into it.

  37. Congratulations Steve. I posted two years ago in this thread and, as of yesterday 9th, I’ve still not smoked a tobacco cigarette. I feel perfectly fit and well and have suffered no ill effects from using an electronic cigarette (for want of a better name)in all it’s various forms,for the past three years.

    I use my e-cig for recreational purposes and not as a cessation device; however, I now use low strength liquid and am certain that should I wish to do so, I could stop vaping without difficulty. This is a statement I could never have made while using any other type of NRT as I found them all both unpleasant and useless for the purpose.

    The title of this thread asks how long it will be before e-juice kills someone: after three years I’m still healthy and there are thousands of other users who’ve been vaping far longer than I: to date I’ve heard of e-juice killing no one.

  38. Ejuice is relatively safe when it is manufactured properly by reputable suppliers and packaged in childproof packaging (when this blog post was first written childproof packaging was not mandated – now it is).

    Unfortunately, ejuice is not always manufactured by reputable suppliers – as was evidenced by a case in America when a supplier cocked up their eliquid and sold it in extremely dangerous strength – the chemist who reported the incident was made ill by the smell alone. Eliquid is also sold in concentrated forms (meant for dilution) and it’s not too hard to imagine some idiot buying it and using it without dilution.

    I use ejuice myself, but continue to think it is the industry’s weakest point, and one unfortunate accident could lead to the entire industry being jeopardised. That’s NOT a call for it to be banned, but for caution to be used in the manufacture, sale and use of eliquid.

  39. Yes James, I recall the incident and I recall it because, fortunately, it was such a rare occurrence. Thankfully no one was harmed on that occasion and lessons were, hopefully, learned. I don’t mix my own juices and have always bought from sellers I trust.

    I’ve read many times that the industry is not regulated – not true. Liquid nicotine is covered by the Poisons Act and the devices by Trading Standards (in the UK). To date no grounds have been found for the banning of either in the UK. To ban e-liquid would surely put into doubt the use of nicotine in gums, lozenges,patches, mouth sprays, inhalators etc.

    Individual organizations/people who should know better, have introduced their own bans on the use of e-cigarettes, mainly based on misinformation ie/ “they look like real cigarettes” (there are many that look more like penny whistles) or “we can’t allow them to be used in hospitals because they might set fire to bedding.” (has this happened to anyone, anywhere?) How many of these careless patients are suffering from smoking-related illness? We’re led to believe there are hundreds of thousands so one would think the medical profession would welcome the use of e-cigarettes rather than waste time running around looking for patients smoking in the toilets or broom cupboards. Frankly there is more danger from scalding with cups of tea than there is burning with an e-cig.

  40. “Frankly there is more danger from scalding with cups of tea than there is burning with an e-cig.”

    Yes, you are probably correct – in fact we argued much the same thing here: https://www.ecigarettedirect.co.uk/ashtray-blog/2012/02/exploding-electronic-cigarette.html . The problem is it will only need one incident for 1. enemies of the ecig to call for the device to be banned again 2. to put off lots of would be users of the e-cigarette. (We still get worried emails about the dangers of an e-cigarette exploding.) As the e-liquid incident in America showed, not everyone abides by regulations, and mistakes can happen 🙁

    As I said, I don’t want ejuice to be banned, and I do believe things have improved tremendously since the post was written in March 2009! but I am worried that this remains the industry’s weak spot.

  41. I’ve read all the posts so far with great interest. Yes… it is POSSIBLE that a child might die in the future from ejuice but from all available evidence it does seem very unlikely and all of us vapers know that even if that were to happen the total benefit would outweigh the tragedy. The problem would be convincing the authorities of that however. My instinctive feeling is that there are those out there who would push for an outright ban on e-cigarettes PURELY on the basis that blowing out something that looks like smoke might potentially glamorize real cigarettes and lead children to use them. I think it’s only a matter of time and e-cigarettes WILL be banned in most countries. Just look at Canada. Let’s face it, the anti-smoking lobby is powerful and they don’t like e-cigarettes. My philosophy – enjoy it while you can. Our days are already numbered.

  42. I’m very late responding to this nonsense but somehow stumbled upon it and have to reply.
    I’ve been vaping for 3 years (I feel wonderful, thanks) and have purchased hundreds of little bottles of ecig liquid from a wide variety of reputable vendors.
    Ecig juice, NOT raw nicotine. Liquid raw nicotine is extremely dangerous, difficult to obtain and of no use whatsoever to users of ecigs.
    Ecig liquid is very dilute; it’s mostly water, food flavoring and glycol (a common, non-toxic household ingredient). Like nicotine gum.
    You don’t become ill if you rub nicotine gum on your arm (or apply a patch), or chew it and swallow the saliva, and you don’t offer it to your kids or you pets.
    I’ve spilled ecig liquid (once a whole bottle) on my skin – nothing whatsoever happens. (I use a medium-high level of nicotine – think patches, which can be purchased at various strengths).
    I vape as heavily as I smoked (I was a chain-smoker for many years) and the effect has been a report of totally clear lungs by my doctor, excellent overall health (much improved)and elimination of smoker’s coughing, breathlessness and all of the other noxious symptoms that accompany inhaling cigarette smoke (e-liquid produces a vapor, not smoke).
    I’ve read a lot of incorrect info on ecigs, but this one is the silliest yet.
    I came on board in Jan 2010 – I converse with many others in a forum (96,000 members) some of whom started vaping in 2007. Among those who have vaped for as many as 6 years NO one has been damaged by handling ecig liquid. Get real.

  43. I have been vapeing now almost 10 months I use a 50/50 vg,pg,carier and 42 mg strenth,I need less inhalations that way to get my nicoteen,I feel much better with all that smoke,ash,and rar out of my system,no more carbon monoxide,amonia,or nasty aditives.. while vapeing is not healthy like clean air,it certainly Is a vast improvement from inhaleing smoke! smoke any kind of smoke slowly well smokes your lungs like a piece of beef jerky! vapeing well may give you a sore throat from the pg, if so just use more vg! its great to know that your chances of lung cancer is greatly reduced,neither glycerin or nicoteen causes lung cancer.. someone may say vapeing still leaves me wanting a cigarette and thats true! but their is a full alkoloid juice use it and you will never go back to those nasty stinking cancer sticks!

  44. What no one seem to be mentioned is that nicotine is actually contained in some vegatables and other foods. Cauliflowers and potatoes to name a couple. So anyone out there worried about there kids and ejuice should perhaps ban their kids from eating chips. Lets be sensible about this everything in moderation is usually harmless.

  45. You know i read that Potatoes contain a nicotine concentration of 7.1 ng/g. And cauliflower, 16.8 ng/g, And green tomatoes contain 42.8 ng/g, So no more chips or mash for the kids hey, Ye right, I actually mix my own e juice, And i keep my nicotine liquid, In a safe place, And in a child proof bottle, And believe me my kids are never poorly, And are very safe, Im sure they would be in a lot more danger, From smoking second hand tobacco smoke, Some people are just snobs, And think they know everything, I say leave us the hell alone and let us vape if we like, its called, FREEDOM OF CHOICE

  46. Ridiculous.

    Just another attempt to make vaping sound like some creepy and dangerous phenomenon as tacitely opposed to familiar and safe smoking (hoho) or so cheap and efficient nicotine gummy bears…

    …And aaaas usual this kind of highly partisan information gets its well deserved flood of irritated common sense.

    Go vapers !

  47. How long before some dies from eliquid? A lot longer than it will take than for people to die from car accidents, eating fatty food, alcohol, or anything else.

    The fact you’re asking ‘how long until’, means you accept NO ONE HAS.

    How long till a kid dies from a knife wound? Ban all knives. How long till a kid dies in a car crash? Ban all cars/

    The taste of liquid nicotine is so vile that any kid would start spitting it out the moment just a tiny bit found it’s way into it’s mouth.

    Seriously, get your worries in proportion here. There are FAR more things to worry about, than e-liquid. E-liquid is capable of SAVING MILLIONS OF LIVES.

    How long till you realise your argument is hopelessly ignorant and illogical? Probably as long as it will take for someone to die from e-cig juice.

  48. Almost everything ‘could’ kill a child, from a small sized item on their favorite bed time toy they could choke on to something under the kitchen sink, it’s about being ‘responsible adults’ when there are kids about. This comment comes from a parent who has lived 10+ years knowing if either of my children got hold of my medication it could, and when they were younger would have likely killed them with just a 5ml dose, a sweet tasting liquid, oddly they never once asked to taste WHY because I EDUCATED THEM about the danger. Being a ‘responsible adult’ I firstly educated them never to touch it explaining why and yes they did understand from a very young age, back then one was newborn so just grew up knowing that’s how it was, the other 7. Secondly took steps to make sure they never could-it’s not rocket science it’s common sense. I use the above as an example of how people don’t give children as much credit as they deserve and how we can prove the substances we choose to use don’t need to involve children or lure them into wanting to try it.
    Now on to eliquid if you’ve ever had the misfortune of getting some eliquid in your mouth as an adult with much less acute taste buds than a young child, your reaction is to spit it out. It’s always ‘the children’ argument ie it’s aimed at children, when in fact the labels on the bottles are some of the most boring uninviting things I’ve seen, and although young children don’t understand it all I’ve ever seen have a child cap, danger triangle and some a skull amongst other symbols to remind people to use with caution, list of ingredients in some and what to do incase of contact with skin or swallowing. In addition not once have any of these ‘medical experts’ made comparison to medications they endorse and use which, even to an adult can look like candy. In the UK if you receive ibrufen tablets prescribed they are bright pink, identical to smarties, sure the companies that create these should make them less ‘sweet look a like’ but that has never been an international concern that they look just like sweets, were just reminded ‘keep them out of reach To me that invalidates the argument using the child angle and the words pot and kettle come to mind.
    Every vaper I know, with or without children tends to store their liquids, and equipment in a similar way. The tanks and devices on shelves, too high for a child to reach, what vaper want’s their latest £35 tank pulled down and smashed by a kid, so of course they would be out of reach. The liquids are either in the same place, kitchen cupboards which could easily have a lock fitted, but being the top set it’s doubtful you’d need that, others keep them in boxes tucked away-so really what are the risks of a child getting hold of it.
    This next comment may not be popular, but I try to live in the real worrld (not saying the other commenters don’t) and think what might happen, with regard to every temptation facing teens in these times when so much is available for them anyway.
    When you move into the teenage years well there going to try this or that regardless, and lets not forget all the appealing alco pops we have, yet somehow we don’t have a world of teen dependent alcoholics as propaganda and scaremonger tactics would have you first think (and I say this as a total non drinker), perhaps they are not as inviting as these ‘experts’ would have you think, or could this not be the case again. You can only guide teens so far and hope for the best they make the right choices in life, and personally I’d rather IF my kid is feeling experimental they reach for a mod than a cig. I cant tell you how many times hypocritically smoking 40+ daily I would tell them they best not ever try it or there was no going back, and they would be as addicted as I was. Now this is in no way supporting teens to try eliquid, but IF they are going to, go off and try smoking tobacco, would people not rather they have an alternative, the option of 0% nicotine; which if there about to enter the ‘I want to try cigarette stage, cigarettes don’t, as we all know whatever brand contains nicotine and chemicals bla bla, at least there is a safer alternative and if you can’t remove the harm they intend to do at least guide them toward harm reduction – again this is down to us as parents and users of a product to be responsible with it, and realistic. We would be naive to think, as teenager’s they wont be interested in trying cig’s, alcohol, drugs, legal highs and possibly eliquid (vaping it not drinking it); so as above I am just glad there is a 0% alternative and they wont experiment with tobacco and become a part of the addiction cycle feeding billions into the industry. which I believe is the real issue, as when vaping was smaller, no one batted an eyelid. The tobacco industry and governments start seeing drops in tax/profits; suddenly everyone looses their minds.
    I do agree nicotine can be and is toxic and I have suffered these effects, and do you know where from? I started smoking age 9, by 36 I was on 40-50 a day of the strongest you can get, I made so many efforts to give up and believe me I’ve manage to give up what you would assume to be a lot more harmful than smokes, but could not kick the tobacco habit. I would stick on 2 patches, sometimes 3, pure desperation for it to work, whilst using an inhalator (not ecig) and after half a day light up, I’d feel so sick, spinning room, sweating and I knew why so would pull off the patches for an hour – still I could not put down the smokes. I tried disposable egigs in April this year to see if it was another waste like the inhalators or was this something that might work. I thought yeah this might be the thing. In June on my birthday I treated myself to a tank, battery and liquids. I have 2 packs of cigs lying about in the house, one in the car why? I NEVER PICKED ANOTHER ONE UP THE MOMENT I VAPED to me that say’s it all.
    Sorry to extend the rant, just noticed the PG is also used as antifreeze. Whilst it can be an ingredient in anti freeze, that does not mean if you inhale PG you are inhaling antifreeze, infact This myth was created by a 2009 FDA press statement regarding electronic cigarettes. The FDA tested 18 cartridges from 2 companies. Of those 18 cartridges, 1 tested positive for a non-toxic amount of diethylene glycol (approximately 1%). While diethylene glycol is occasionally used in anti-freeze, the chemical is not a standard ingredient in e-cigarette liquid and it has not been found in any other samples tested to date.

    The base liquid for e-cigarette liquid PG (the flavour carrier) Propylene glycol is considered GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the FDA and EPA. While it is also sometimes found in anti-freeze, it is actually added to make the anti-freeze less toxic and safer for small children and pets. Propylene glycol is a common ingredient found in many of the foods we eat, cosmetics we use and medications we take, including ashma inhalers.

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