The Best Pod Vapes – Compared

Check out the key features of the most popular pod vape systems available today.

Pod systems have taken the vaping scene by storm this summer, with exciting new offerings from all the top brands. We’ve even seen seasoned box mod users (like me!) reaching for the new pod systems in place of 200w cloud machines.

The rise and rise of pod systems could be down to the number of new nicotine salts hitting the market. Why? Well nicotine salt e-liquid is perfect for the tight draw, mouth to lung vaping encouraged by pod systems. You can now get all of the salty headrush goodness with none of the flavour restriction.

Nicotine salts also enable vapers to enjoy stronger nicotine without that harsh throat on the back of the throat. They’re also great for any vaper who finds PG too harsh, and high VG eliquids too thick for high resistance mouth to lung vaping. For more info check out our comprehensive blog on nicotine salts.

In February, Lee Johnson provided a comprehensive introduction to pod systems and all their benefits. There are so many new devices to choose from, so what better time to give a warm welcome to the new pod systems of summer 2018.

Aspire Cobble

The Aspire Cobble is the first of three brand new pod vaping systems from the famous vape maker. The Cobble has a 700mAh battery, but Aspire are holding their cards to their chest, and have not released power output. All we can say is it’s enough!

Aspire Cobble - Marble

The Cobble features a refillable 1.8ml capacity so you can choose your own e-liquid flavour, and comes with a viewing window for you to quickly check juice level.

Aspire Cobble - Expanded View

Charging is handled by a micro usb port on the side, with an indicator light to show when the device is in use. The light is also used to indicate charging level whilst charging.

The cobble caught our eye with it’s unique designs, and stands out against a sea of transformer looking mods. It’s rounded design feels really nice in the hand. Just don’t put it down on the beach…

Aspire Breeze 2

The Aspire Breeze 2 is the second version of the popular Breeze pod system. The update brings some much needed improvements including the fiddly filling system and the somewhat lacking battery in the original.

Aspire Breeze 2 - Blue

The new Breeze 2 has an easy to fill e-liquid pod with 2ml capacity. The battery has been boosted from 650mAh to 1000mAh. Using Aspire’s u­tech coil system, the device improves on the original Breeze’s airy draw for a properly tight MTL drag.

Unlike other pod systems, the coils in the Breeze 2 can be replaced, instead of requiring an entirely new pod, while the new design also allows you to replace the coil without having to empty your tank. Hallelujah!

Aspire Breeze 2 - Filling

The design is… difficult to describe, but it has some serious presence. Like the original, it comes with a cover for the mouthpiece.

Aspire Spryte

That brings us to the latest of Aspire’s new pod systems; the Spryte. Full disclosure: I REALLY like the Spryte. I haven’t put it down since I nagged our product manager into selling me two of them straight out of the delivery!

Putting my objective specs back on; compared to the Breeze 2 and Cobble, the Spryte looks a bit puny. Don’t be fooled. It’s potent 900mAh battery and 2ml refillable and replaceable pods combined with the size make this a great little device.

The body of the Spryte has a cuboid profile with rounded edges. It’s angled base allows the Spryte to be stood in italic.


Airflow is adjustable via an adjustment ring under the coil housing. You can open it right up and direct lung inhale on the Spryte, but we’ve found that it really shines when you close off the airflow for mouth to lung vaping.

The mouthpiece has the profile of a dodgy exhaust on a 90’s Vauxhall Calibra, in that it’s flat and wide. Your bottom lip will sit comfortably in the curve between the top of the tank and the mouthpiece.

The Spryte uses (replaceable) Aspire BVC coils that are available in 1.8ohm, 1.6ohm, or 1.2ohm nic salt options. It’s available in four different colours; two vibrant colours and two darker shades.

Innokin EQ

Innokin EQ - Silver

The attractive new Innokin EQ looks a lot like a mid 2000’s iPod Mini. Just like the Aspire pods the EQ features a 2ml e-liquid capacity and one button operation. The pod is refillable and replaceable. The EQ has a rubberised paint finish that is thin but enough to make it feel soft to the touch.

The battery capacity is a solid 800mAh that will last most vapers all day, and heavy users between 4 to 5 hours on a single charge.

One interesting feature that sets the EQ apart from its competition is the new Plexus mesh coils. Instead of a standard coil, Plexus coils use a mesh heating element that provides massive surface area contact with the wick. This provides maximum vapour output and is particularly noticeable on a low power device like the EQ.


The EQ adds an automatic boost feature that increases the power from 13.5 Watts to 15 Watts for short bursts. To access boost mode, turn the device off (5 clicks) and then press and hold the power button. The LED indicator will go red once you’re in boost mode. Perform the same steps again to go back to normal mode.

Available in five sophisticated shades, one of the Innokin EQ’s only drawbacks is the slightly muted range of colours available.

Joyetech Teros

The Joyetech Teros is super compact and features fully automatic operation. No buttons, simply charge, fill and go. Built-in airflow sensors detect when you inhale and instantly activate the battery. It’s also the best selling pod system in our shops!

The no button operation of the Joyetech Teros has taken a big swing at traditional cigalike devices. Unlike cigalikes, the pod is refillable and you can choose your own flavour to use in the device. It’s 480mAh battery blows the capacity of traditional cigalike devices out of the water and offers the user more vaping time between charges.

The Teros’ compact body hides a refillable 2ml e-liquid pod and is a featherweight at under 60 grams when filled. Replacement pods are available if you manage to crack or damage your original pod. Coils are not replaceable on the Teros, but you can pick up a pack of 5 Teros pods for £11.99.

On the front of the device is a charge and use indicator light which lights up when charging and changes colour to show the level of charge while in use.

  • Green > 50%
  • Solid red 20 – 49%
  • Flashing red < 20%
Teros - Colour Change

The paint on the Teros body has been given a thermochromic treatment which changes the colour of the body when the temperature changes. We’ve found that the best way to show off your chameleon skills is to warm it up in your hand.

Mi Pod by Smoking Vapour

We first introduced the Mi Pod from Smoking Vapour in May this year, so it’s not quite as new as some of the other devices here. But don’t dismiss the Mi Pod, and here’s why…

It’s a popular device with a unique shape and internal pod fitting. The Mi Pod’s compact body hides a 950mAh battery which is huge for such a small device. That’s almost double the capacity of the other automatic pod system featured here; the Joyetech Teros.

Like the Teros, the Mi Pod is automatic; you don’t have to press any buttons when using the device. The 2ml pod is refillable, and the kit includes two pods in the box. To see just how easy it is to use, check out the video below:

It’s square front profile features an “M” cutout window for you to quickly check your juice level. Also visible on the body of the device is an LED to show when the device is charging and the power level.

On the side of the device is an engraving, believed to be elvish script which reads “one vape to rule them all”.

The Mi Pod is available here in four designs.

Pod vape tips and tricks

E-liquid Choice

Pod vaping systems are geared towards mouth to lung vaping. A lot of vapers find that MTL vaping is most effective when the devices are used with higher nicotine strengths. You can use both regular free-base nicotine e-liquid, or nicotine salt e-liquid in these devices.

Even though some coils are marked as specifically for use with nicotine salts, they still work well with both nicotine salts and regular eliquids.

Filling vape pods

The refillable pods fitted to pod vaping systems share very similar fill ports; a rubber stopper that you pop out of the bottom to fill the pod. These can be a bit fiddly when using e-liquid bottles with fat tips. The fatter tips can block the filling ports and when you squeeze the bottle to start filing, your e-liquid is dumped over your fingers instead of going in the pod.

To avoid this when filling your pod, make sure that the fill port is the highest point on the pod so that gravity works with you, not against you.

Breathing (inhaling technique)

You can direct lung vape on pod devices even though this can be a bit tight on some devices. You’ll get the most out of pod vapes with mouth to lung or gentle direct lung vaping. If you’re not sure about the difference between direct-lung and mouth-to-lung vaping, check out the guide here.

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  1. Purchased the Joytech Teros good for vaping the biggest disappointment is the pods mine has lasted barley 2 days now getting the burning taste so all in all the big let down

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